01 May 2019

6 pack Dad bad Supplement STACK

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I guessed that was a wart is May 1st

2019 that's an update on the dad bod some people ask what do I do for supplements or if I take any supplements so I guess so I'll make a video about that I'll show it will do again I'm like 511 175 pounds so let's check that out alright guys did I say that too fast alright guys time travel anyway um supplement wise I do take some supplements I know there's like an idea some people are like supplements don't matter whatever blah blah blah blah blah well you know dude um I have had you know quite a few health problems I've had Cetus which totally fucked me up you know if they ever watched my other health videos when I had seen if you know geez fucked I was collapsing for six months after that Dave took me a year to work out again and you know I've also tested positive for Crohn's disease before or some you know stomach wiesen I'm pretty fucked up and you know I've done you know lots of health tests before I've done like neutral valve test T which check all your vitamins and all that kind of shit dude and um you know it's really like sometimes I'll say like

I'm like I'll be like some vitamins will be kind of low and some vitamins will be kind of high so you know dude I don't know I guess just my stomach just doesn't digest everything correctly anymore so saying that yeah I do take some supplements so whatever the case that's into what I take I do take Turin sometimes I know there's actually a joke that taurine is actually like complete bullshit because you should be getting enough touring in your diet just from eating meat and I think there's a joke that some that some like protein powders are just spiked with taurine because it's so fucking cheap but I've actually been somehow low on touring before again how that is possible I'm just gonna blame my stomach being fucked up you usually take one of these a day cuz I know it says women's health but supposedly it's good for you so fuck it I'm comfortable with my central I take some I do take some I feel with zooming well trust mix of biotin I take some biotin it's supposed to be good for hair I take vitamin D from that you know if I'm gonna be out in the Sun I'm gonna take it or something but it generally speaking to cheat by the movie cuz I

have actually been blowing bindery before so again probably cuz I'm sick and inside a lot I'll take a flaxseed or a cane because it's supposed to be good for you now um I don't want to show my name but I get you know prescription-grade basically Lovaza fish oil lamp because the house stuff so I'm gonna tell you here this shit is almost like $1,000 the prescription like thank Jesus Christ dude I think in June that cost me about forty five dollars but I give it cuz I'll stuff um you know fish oil wise I'm gonna be on the student my body always fucking hurts dude I am always in so much pain dude so excuse me I just ate my amazing breakfast that I've probably showed you guys in another video um I don't know if I've actually felt any difference like pain wise or body wise but again who knows I've been taking it for so long right with fish oil and all that kind of shit but I will say I actually feel like my eyes are not as bad and I have seen some studies that actually say it actually can help your eyes so I don't know about body pain but in terms of dry eyes and everything like that um cuz you know I take her stasis and everything from my arms dude um some

children's that kind of shit but um I'll say it I actually do feel that maybe it is doing something from my eyes body wise no geez I'm not really that I noticed but you know at least prescriptive drinks beneficial it'd be good for your eyes maybe I think I do take iron because my iron has been kind of fucked up because I just take this but I do have some fucking ferrets as well that I will take um I don't want to show this I don't look for my name's on my prescriptions they take patriotic ends I don't know if that counts as a supplement or zette I count as a prescription I wonder that helps them digest my food it's my body sucks B vitamins arm I do take B vitamin on days that worked out so generally three times a week and not depending on on my body is doing for vitamin wise I'll take like usually this is take three a day but I'll usually take one of that and then it will take another I'll take one of these G and C women's because again I'm comfortable with my sexuality I actually just think the woman's one because it has better stuff for your hair and yeah I'm trying to keep my hair dude so I'll

take one of those in one of those or some bullshit like that dude on I also got some zinc in here sometimes I take a little extra zinc I've taken this sometimes I take this do I notice a difference um I don't know I mean I know the studies are pretty suspect on this stuff like some studies say that you shouldn't even be digesting it because your stomach should take it I don't know I feel like my skin looks a little more red sometimes when I don't know but I take that very rarely I take that because I just don't have money to be spending on this kind of shit all the time when I take a bit of skull - um there are studies that actually say this all actually does work and I take it because it's supposed to be good for you so there are some studies that say that work so I do take that um like I said before I take a Metamucil to keep me a regular you know actual affair I do have some magnesium - oh I forgot two other things you have some magnesium in my would you call it pantry as well but man fuck I probably look at it okay I think Metamucil to keep me regular even though I have a lot of diarrhea but let's get that fiber again I said for

casing protein I don't they take casing generally when I when I want to like lose a little bit of weight because you know just take away a little bit of food a little bit of extra casein protein because it fills you up and whey protein I take a mocha cappuccino because it's the best tasting flavor that I've tasted and I mix that with this because this is supposedly good for you as well thanks about 34 casein protein all kissing protein and I've ever tried any flavors absolutely fucking disgusting I plug my nose whenever I take it I think it's fucking disgusting dude you actually can mix a little bit of this like this and it makes it a little bit less clumpy but I mean at the end of the day you're plugging your own you knows anyway because the shit is fucking disgusting effect that is that thing in here indeed oh fuck if you're good take magnesium I learned this the hard way uh what's up for the magnesium citrate thing because uh if you were prone to diarrhea like me yeah that shit as that shit is not the best kind of maybes and be taken cuz that's a fucking diary dude I want to forget about this I do take this in on days

that I work out too because it supports my fucking sexual dad bod so I take that you know a few times a week maybe but anyway besides that's pretty much it much together like looking for fucking prescription shooters on bullshit but yeah so I do take supplements um some people say supplements don't matter whatever but you know even with taking supplements sometimes my vitamins are just levels are fucked up you know what I mean it's like I guess my body just sometimes it just some Partin need a little it digest some vitamins and it doesn't digest other kind of vitamins I don't know and I've tried taking supplements and just still seem to do the same thing you know what I mean so whatever I try to keep somewhat normal levels I suppose you know as much as I can with that reason because something that's are a lot of money T you spend about you know whatever it could be a lot of money so I'm gonna take a tug alias I don't take that one says to take like three a day but I'll take like one and maybe something else you know long that's pretty much when I do supplement ones own you know dude and