05 March 2019

6 Eat to Live Meals My Nutritarian Child Eats

Find out 6 meals that my Eat to Live Nutritarian toddler eats and get a cheatsheet with all the recipes here: http://www.thewateringmouth.com/cheatsheets ...

hey guys Cheri from the water mouth here

doing a video about six meals that I feed my little toddler baby lovely wonderful daughter Isabella or ISA as we called her for short so she has to go to daycare tomorrow for the day cuz I have some appointments I have to take care of she's gonna be there from 8:30 to 4:30 ish depending on when she wakes up from her nap so that means she'll have breakfast lunch and hopefully several snacks during the day so what I try to do when I have to send her away to daycare we try not to do that very often but you know we're gonna do what we got to do so I try to just pack as much food give her as much food as possible and I allow that wonderful daycare lady to sort of pick and choose what she's gonna eat so she has lots of choices I'm gonna be sending about three or four different meals with her just to make sure that she gets variety and in case she doesn't want one thing she has choices but I'm gonna show you six things so you guys can see a few examples of meals that I give her and some of them are frozen and some of them I've already made and I'll show you those I'm gonna be putting all of these meals into a cheat sheet for you so you must sign up at the watery

mouse icon slash cheat sheets to get this cheat sheet it'll have all six recipes in there so you guys can have those for reference I'm gonna keep doing information about what I feed my toddler what I feed my growing child as a hundred percent new to Tyrion as we go so keep an eye out and here we go let's get into a thing that I keep in mind when I'm trying to feed her the thing that I learned during this time of feeding me and feeding her at the same time was that I needed to actually think that complete opposite of how I think for myself feeding her she needs more calories she needs high-calorie foods and I've done a lot of research and Furman's forum and all that and that's kind of what you're supposed to do reduce the veggies a little bit increase the amount of nuts nut butters grains things like that because the thing is my child is pretty picky too so when she wants to eat something you know she'll eat it and then she might not eat it the next day so I have to constantly be moving things around and making sure that she'll eat what I make for her pin so I can't be wasting time giving her

tons of that she's because she just won't get enough calories so when I'm feeding her what I'm thinking is three things I think grains fat and protein those are the first three things I think of and then I add in some fruits and vegetables she doesn't really have a problem getting and vegetable she likes them I've been feeding to him them to her since the beginning I imagine there's gonna be a time in the near future where she won't want them anymore but this is where we are now so that's not too much of a concern to get veggies into her more of my concern is making sure that she's getting enough calories with the fat and the protein so I always think that first so I'll think nut butters I think avocado she loves to just eat half an avocado at a time kind of a deal I'll think like you know use those as sauces I'll use nut butters and hummus and things like this a sauce for her for various things and then I'll think grains so can I add oatmeal somehow or can I make some kind of a pancake or something out of a grain or can I feed her some whole grains like make some wheat berries or oak grows or something

like that and feed that to her as well I love to use teff which is a very very tiny grain it's a little bit hard to find but it's super super small I'd love to use it in meals because it's easy to mix into things just add some extra calories and then every day I also try to give her some of my morning smoothie so she gets some really good greens and she'll usually only drink maybe a quarter cup or a half a cup max usually a quarter cup of the smoothie or less but I know she's getting in some really good greens that way and that's kind of all I can do I make sure the smoothie has not butter in it as well so she's getting like some fruit and some nut butter not just greens and she really likes it it's kind of our little morning ritual after I finished my smoothie making my smoothie we sit down at the kitchen floor and we have like a few little gulps of our smoothies together that's kind of how I work it so I'm going to show you what I made her already prepared a few meals for what she's gonna have for tomorrow I'll show you kind of how this works I'm going to show you the freezer meals as well I'm not going to tell you everything about

how I prepare them because you'll be able to learn that in the cheat sheet but I'm just going to show you what I'm sending for her tomorrow and then the other meals that I have in the freezer those everything's just going to be in the cheat sheet recipe style okay so this is what I'm sending for her tomorrow - one thing breakfast is here and she really only eats about half of this for breakfast or maybe even a little less but I'm packing double just in case because she likes it so this is one of those things that she'll tend to eat if she won't eat anything else this is just a meal well it's a baby oatmeal actually this is the brand Earth's past multigrain cereal that we use it's like a baby food kind of one boat spell and barley the reason that we give her this is because it's fortified with iron she was a little low on her iron a while back now she's in the perfect range because we've been giving her the cereal and being very kind of diligent about it now I really like this brand I really like this cereal but make sure you don't get the one with rice in it because rice has a lot of arsenic in it you don't want to be feeding that to

babies and also make sure if you're gonna get this brand get it at the store I've get it at Target or Whole Foods I think you might even be able to get it at regular grocery stores too but don't get it on Amazon because the brands and the manufacturers don't seem to be up to the right quality standards because you'll see a ton of ingredients in there that don't exist in this one that I just get at the store which is just barley flour whole grain flour spelt flour and then some of the iron right make sure you get this at the store so I basically mash up a banana with some nut butter and then I add the I add some berries sometimes to frozen or fresh or cherries or whatever so the banana is what sweetens it and then I add 2 or 3 tablespoons of that cereal and I add a little bit of soy milk fortified soy milk mix it all up and that's what this is so she has this for breakfast almost every day and she loves it meal number two okay so what else did I make her I made her some steamed broccoli she loves broccoli so I just steamed it real soft so she can eat it piece by piece and she's 16 months so she can eat this stuff by herself without needing it

really chopped up then I make like a concoction usually of I pretty much always send this with her some days she wants that some day she doesn't this is broccoli kidney beans and made some kidney beans for the week and so I just kind of been taking him out chopping him up and putting him in here so it's broccoli kidney beans and then what I call her nut butter sauce it's literally just some butter and soy milk thinned out and then I just mix it into the food she loves not better sauce than most sometimes I put hummus in it sometimes I put tomato sauce sometimes nutritional yeast but usually if it's just nut butter sauce she'll always eat it I find that she'll sometimes she wants plain veggies and then sometimes she wants the ones with sauce and she's really hungry for a meal like I have it's been a couple hour like three or four hours since her last meal she'll usually eat it in the sort of mix like this this way she can get some really good fats and she can get you know veggies of course but she can get the beans as well so good protein and

fat so there's that meal sometimes I let her feed herself you know sometimes I feed her okay so we've got those three I was send a lot of fruit with her to have some just blueberries that the daycare will chop up for her and to have a couple of bananas just in case I don't know how much she'll eat or what she'll eat then I also always send just some nut butter sauce anyways this is the same sauce that I put in this mixture it's just peanut butter and soy milk in case you want some sauce around and then here's my other my favorite favorite meal to give her I mentioned about these before actually in the challenge these are just old meal and banana pancakes these are high at the high nutrient ones I put in a little bit of kale and I put in some hemp seeds for her super super easy recipe and I love these second it's freeze them and take them out little by little saves me a lot of the time when I don't feel like sitting her down and having a full meal or whatever like I can just give her a pancake every once in a while sometimes it's just easier you're just you don't feel like doing a full meal so this is what I'm sending with her for food tomorrow this is gonna

be plenty she probably won't only half of whatever I send the other thing I'm gonna send is a whole avocado to a whole ripe avocado just have to get one we don't have any right now now here's a few other meals that I send with her on occasion these are freezer meals so this one is sort of a bean ball it's like it's meatballs but it's made of beans and veggies and flour and oatmeal I think so I'll give you a recipe for these so I make a ton of them and then I just put them into a ziploc and freeze them and then when I want to use them i just microwave them for a minute and then she can eat them just like that sometimes we dip them in the nut butter sauce sometimes she doesn't like these sometimes she does but have to say even if she doesn't like them I like them because I just have them in the fridge and then sometimes if I just I'm feeling lazy and I don't know if I didn't have like beans drained or made or something like that I just pull out a few of these and just eat them with my salad and there I've had my beans for the day so this is a real easy way and they're like not even processed right like I just kind of mashed the

beans with the veggies and then baked them that's it those are a really good option let me show you a couple other things that I keep in my freezer another thing that I do I forgot to mention this but if I have soup in the freezer ready-made sometimes I'll just feed her soup or I'll add a bunch of nut butter to the soup or you know whatever if I have any extra veggies in the fridge or whatever might add some fresh veggies to it so sometimes I'll do soup for her that's the one I forgot to mention but here's another meal that I made these are kind of weird there you can see them they're like little patties or like little tofu patties and they're just really easy to freeze but basically what they are is tofu and vegetables kind of blended together a food processor style and then you bake them in the oven into these little like quiches they're kind of like little mini quiches and they're okay she doesn't love them but what I have done is actually chopped them up and put them in that little mix that I make for her in this meal here like I can make any mix of plant-based foods in here like I could do lentils or any you know any kind of being any kind

of vegetable any kind of nut butter sauce this is so this is really really kind of versatile and then I just some day she'll eat it some day she won't but it's really easy to get you know lots of good plant foods and in one meal and I just chop up those sometimes I chop up those tofu cake little quiche things and I'll put them in here too so that's one way that that works and then the last thing that I have in here to show you guys is I made a bunch of chickpea pancakes the other day I had a bunch of veggies to use up and I just made can't see them very good but it's made some chickpea pancakes these are just while basically pancakes made with chickpea flour and so I froze them and I can just microwave them and have her eat bits in it so sometimes she'll eat it just like a pancake and we don't usually put sauce on pancakes or anything we just eat them you know little bites like that and then sometimes I like will add some avocado to it or something so it has a little or some nut butter sauce or something like that and then that's kind of how I feed her those pancakes but you could also chop those up into small pieces and put them into this mixed meal

as well along with you know some extra beans or whatever different kind of sauce it's kind of it you guys those are a few meals that I make for my daughter six of them to be exact and you guys can see what I'm sending with her so that's how I do it as I said you guys there's gonna be a cheat sheet for this available so sign up at the watery must come slash cheat sheets you can get all six recipes here in there make sure you guys subscribe to my youtube channel and click the like button if you like this video let me know down below do you have any other meals that you love to feed your children who are lambaste you know eaters or when they are eating healthy it's food when you can get them to eat healthy plant-based food let's share down below so we can all kind of talk about this a bit and of course if you guys like this video you can also help me out by checking out my patreon channel which is where all the cool kids are hanging out I have tons of patrons on there that are helping me to make more videos for you so if you appreciate what I do if you find this content that I gave you for free all the time every week helpful if you think it adds to

your life adds to your journey please consider donating a little bit to help me out so I could make more of these videos so I can actually maybe get to a living wage at some point that's kind of my first amazing goal here and the reason that I do patreon is because I don't want my channel to be full of a bunch of ads for other people's products I want this to be about us and what we're doing you guys supporting me is gonna allow me to be able to make more videos for you and keep this thing going indefinitely so let's do this okay thank you so much for watching if you can't tell I'm getting over a cold that I got from my lovely daughter this is my life right now and we it is where it is so thanks for bearing with my sort of hoarse voice here hope you guys like this video I'll see you in the next one have a great day yeah