21 October 2018

5 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy at University

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[Music] welcome back to new in video excuse me for a bit slow cuz I've just woken up and sort of got ready so haven't really spoke to anybody yeah I'm just gonna sit here in my hair well ideas intro today as you'll see by the title I'm doing how to stay fit and healthy at the University and by fit and healthy I mean alive fed mobile and the same I guess I'm not gonna be telling you to stay so over the whole time to never go out and to only eat clean because that doesn't sound like a lot of fun for most uni students but yeah I'm gonna do this or like a vlog day in the life style I think so let's get into it [Music] [Music] so step number one is going to be make sure you have food in the house now you're actually gonna eat for me the first couple of weeks I'm just more like refresh food like meat the fruit and veg like just goes in the fridge and yeah a lot the time I didn't feel like cooking so a top tip is to be like have frozen food and stuff are you actually gonna cooking meat [Music]

in our [Music] okay next tip or step number three whatever I just thought of from year ago but it's fine to think it helps you to relax and just to be out with your stresses obviously at university quite stressful so you need something to like get rid of all that and I look for a lot people decide nuts out and drink but yeah I just into yoga and it was so good we're just helping me relax get everything off my chest my shoulders and you know just relieve all the tension that's there and I had a pretty crappy week to be honest but now I just feel so much better and I'm excited for the weekend and yeah it is 2:45 in the afternoon if you're uni is anything like mine or the one that you're going to is probably well be you don't tend to be in uni all day every day especially for me like normally I'd actually have tonight off you don't really have a very strict to schedule at uni things change a lot and you don't have like specific times for specific classes in my case anyway yeah as I said today I'm moving off but we had a two-hour lecture from nine until 11 with

this guy from Microsoft which is actually really interesting so I don't want any that we missed our day off other days I'll start at like 11 finish three like yesterday and it just depends on the day it's another the same but my tip for that's very my tip for it's going to be to attempt to get some sort of a sleep schedule like a cold sleep time to go to bed and to wake up I'm not going to tell you to get eight hours of sleep every single night I know that's very unlikely especially if you're going out to try and get some sort of what's that consistency in your sleep so in the weekday I try to wake up within an hour of the time I'd have to wake up in my head and I am just so I'm not to throw it off again then when I do have an I am on weekend's I'm not gonna stay long because it's a weekend because sleep is very important even though a lot of people including like successful people say no sleep til you're dead and stuff like that but it is a porn trust me okay my fifth and final tip for this video on how to stay fit and healthy university is another one for your mental health because that is just as important as

physical it is know when to rest and how I'm doing what you're doing and uni can be pretty tiring I literally just woke up for my nap but um didn't intend to otherwise so much energy and then I kind of sat down and just completely zonked out so ya know when you need to rest uni should be fun I know it's a lot of work at some point but it's pretty much to someone so that you can you know go out have fun with your friends and just have like slowly ease your way into being adults and having more responsibilities so just make the most of the time oil here meet as many people as you can do as many activities and things like extra fun things because uni isn't supposed to be a really stressful thing it's supposed to be but but and learning and anyone makes sure that your mind is still functioning as well as your body and all that good stuff I'm tired I don't really know what I'm saying anymore so I'm really no no no if you did please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're not ready upload a new video every Sunday and Wednesday now so yeah subscribe to notifications on comment down below if

you feel like it I'll see you in the next video