11 March 2019

5 shocking changes after massive weight loss

Hi All, The audio is only poor is the first 30 seconds or so of the video, but it gets better. Sorry about that. I just went over a couple of things that were a shock to ...


but just two so let me just not babble on and just get started so number one when I lost a lot of weight just over the I lost one of 141st our abc2 news about a hundred pounds a lot of guys that did not notice me before all of a sudden noticed like the same guys that had been going to my gym for over three years all of them noticed me and they're like they're to find ways to talk to me and you can kind of tell the difference if someone's there Oh congrats on the weight loss I mean you can tell if someone's like trying to get on you so I had several thighs that would come up to me and all the sudden start to give me attention wait aren't you that guy that has been going to this gym the same amount of time back and all your suddenly it's appropriate to try and talk to me all of a sudden and owe everybody a little crazy maybe they just wanted to just be like good job good job on your lip gloss well I thought the same thing but then when they make inappropriate comments like oh wow I didn't know you were so flexible or hey do you wanna exchange phone numbers

so you know you can show me how how to squat look dude I'm pretty sure you know how to spot I've seen you use a spa trap I know you've been waiting with me longer than I have your keys trying to find a way to talk to me so I feel like some of these guys think that girls that lose water weight are theses which is complete I mean maybe there are girls out there like that but I am NOT one of those so yeah that was pretty pretty interesting for me to notice I was just I was just flabbergasted that's the first time you use that word but anyways yeah let's see another thing is all the sudden moves right away and everyone thinks like you have the magic pill to help them lose weight but everyone will start coming to you for advice the people of God you know that have been kinda lose weight for a while your friends will start coming to you like all of a sudden people want to work out with you because they think whatever with loss routine or whatever like exercise routine we're doing is working better than theirs but in reality it's just about consistency being in a quart deficit and just making sure you work

there was your honor diet so there was nothing different or electronically different that we have done than the other person but somehow these people think that I am a weight loss school and I know the answers to everything and I do appreciate I actually really do love helping people so don't move I love helping people but I don't have all the answers and what I'm doing or what I've done to way is nothing more than being consistently on floor deficit and just being consistent with my exercise regimen so yeah I do appreciate those who think that but then I don't have all the answers and wish I did but I don't another thing that I noticed ones that people will just start or I have people that will just randomly drop out of my life and it might be that a lot of my older friends got jealous I think I may have changed in some regard like I did become more dedicated exercise I started to say no to eating out more I wanted to do things ever more active so a lot of a lot of people just naturally just dropped out of my life I lost a lot of friends I didn't know that losing weight would cause me to lose so

many friends like I thought losing weight would make people like me more that I was like if I'm these weight people don't like me they're going to praise me I'm going to just you know my friends are gonna hold me on this hi patty still had a stone and like I would be like you know so so cool but no no it was crazy how like how many friends I've lost during my journey but I'm outside I don't so gained a lot of friends like I think a lot of funds that were also consistent with Jim and loved working now as much as I decided so that that was great let's see another thing something that I was not prepared for at all words I didn't notice that the amount of loose skin that I would have I was always I always had this idea that losing weight you could tighten it up for anything so throughout my weight loss journey I didn't feel that weight lifting but there was just some who's canned I could not avoid no matter what I did I think that anyone that loses over hundred pounds you are going to deal with some kind of new skin and that's okay like you have to find a way to

accept it rather than you know tear yourself apart so there are some things that I have to accept like I have new skin and that's okay some of it I think so I mean I got a tummy tuck and I got but about me skin and some of it I was able to tighten out there might be skin in other areas but it can't all be fixed that was just something that that I dealt with and it was okay another thing that that I was not prepared for was I thought my mental health would just magically through my lost away like all the things my depression and anxiety which is proof Yvonne but in reality weight loss is yes it's a physical transformation but it is just as much in natural transformation as it is a physical transformation I think the massive transformation is much more important in order to achieve so while I wasn't in that weight I had to take active active steps to improve my mental health in order to have sustainable weight loss I think there is this study that over 19 I don't know something wrong the 90 something mark percent of people about lose weight moving it back and I do

think that some of it has to do with like your ability to transform as well there's a lot of times there's some kind of mental mental connection to why they've been that way so my reason so those were things that I have to work on consistently in order to make my physical transformation if I had done that I definitely think that I I could talk about how I was coming up to health in a different video but that was something that I definitely have to do when you think there's anything else oh yes so another final thing that I was not ready to deal with was I kind of had to learn how to dress myself like losing a lot of weight I did not know how to dress like like I'm dressed to basically cover all my roles on my body like I wanted to just not be seen so when I went to the store I did not go to store to like fashionable I was drawn to dark colors things that were bent and just covered me up made me appear smaller I had to kind of learn to best for my body type so learn how to dress or the smaller version of myself and that was hard like

I had no idea how to dress myself I got a lot of advice from my little sister I have to Google paragraphs and I just did not know that's my body type so I'm definitely a lot better what my style is I'm still kind of like on for darker colors maybe because pheno is that but that's just so yeah those are a couple things that I was not prepared for throughout my weight loss journey so I would like to kind of you know share my viewpoints yeah so let me know what you guys have also gone if there was other things that you guys have gone through throughout your weight loss journey that you'd like to share we'll see but thanks so much for watching I will try to look for a better intro and conclusion to my video but I just think it started because on YouTube me so please don't ask me excuse my and it's my video yeah alright thanks for watching I