06 June 2019

5 Secret Ingredient SMOOTHIE Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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hello lovelies so if you can believe it

it has been almost a year since I shared my last smoothie video which feels sort of crazy to me and is definitely long overdue today I'm excited to be partnering with the Rive market to bring you a 5 brand new smoothie recipes each with a secret ingredient I think you guys are going to get really excited about now if you're not familiar with thrive market it's this amazing online marketplace that offers organic and natural products for twenty-five to fifty percent less than traditional retail prices so of course there's lots to love now I absolutely love their website not only because it has thousands and thousands of products available but also because it's got an amazing set of filters that allows you to filter your selections by things like dietary preference so they've got a button for paleo vegan gluten free even whole xxx so it's really clever and very easy to use another thing I absolutely love about thrive market is that for every membership they sell they give a free membership to a teacher a veteran or a low-income family so you can feel really really good about signing up now if you're not signed up yet thrive

market is operating you guys 25% off your first purchase plus a 30-day free trial so you can try it for yourselves and of course if you're already a thrive market member be sure to check your inbox today or your home page for today's daily deal now unfortunately thrive market is currently only available in the United States but they are working on coming to Canada so of course I will keep you posted on that stay tuned for all the details and now without further ado let's get smoothens my first gorgeous sunshiny smoothie today is a tasty take on a classic Indian inspired drink called a mango lassi we're actually going to add a couple extra ingredients to this to make it even more nutritious and even more delicious first up I'm starting with some macadamia milk now this is similar to almond or cashew milk except it's made with macadamia nuts which you may not know are loaded with heart-healthy fats called Omega 7 the best part about using macadamia milk in a smoothie like this is that you get all of the health benefits but would weigh fewer calories than traditional macadamia nut

next I'm going to add a whole mango that I've chopped up you can use fresh here or frozen if you want to keep your smoothie chilled then as one of my secret ingredients in this recipe I'm actually using some canned sweet potato now you could of course cook a sweet potato and give it a good mash during your Sunday meal perhaps that work but the fact that you can buy canned sweet potato now makes life in the kitchen just not much easier and you guys know that that is something I am all about to pump up the protein in this smoothie I'm using some vanilla flavored protein powder and then I'm going to add some traditional Indian spices to this so I've got some tumeric which we know is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as just a pinch of ground cardamom that's the real secret to that mango lassi flavor you can just give it a quick blend and you end up with this gorgeous colored smoothie event tastes as good as it looks my next movie is inspired by Oh lots of wonderful flavors of the Mediterranean and also packs a really wonderful antioxidant punch this one starts with some vanilla flavored Greek

yogurt always nice to use Greek yogurt in a smoothie because it's nice and thick next I'm going to add my pomegranate juice it's loaded with antioxidants lots of good for you flavor as you can see I added my pomegranate juice second so that when I added my yogurt it didn't all splash back and you know I would have had a pink tie-dye shirt basically I've got some fresh figs headed into my blender which are in abundant right now always my favorite time of the year and then I'm also going to be adding one pitted date to this for a little bit of sweetness you could omit the day if your pomegranate juice is sweetened but I find sometimes pomegranate juice can be so tart it needs that sweetness to balance it out and then the super-secret ingredient in this smoothie is actually tahini if you're not familiar with tahini it's similar to nut butter but it's actually made by grounding up a sesame seeds they're loaded with protein and omega fatty acids so they're really great for you and a one addition to your morning smoothie now tahini can be a little on the bitter side which makes it a perfect addition

when blend it into a smoothie because you can't even taste it how gorgeous is the color on this smoothie oh my gosh and there you go a pretty pink smoothie perfect for starting your day with next for those of you who are really into your green smoothies I have got an awesome recipe for you this smoothie tastes a lot like a matcha latte or a green tea latte and it has a ton of awesome health benefits now today I'm going to be using some soy milk as the base for this smoothie then I'll add one banana to this for a little bit of body and then my secret ingredient in this recipe is actually some shelled edamame now edamame is amazing because it is packed with protein but totally flavorless so you can pretty much sneak it into any kind of smoothie you like I'm using frozen shelled edamame in this recipe so not only am I going to get a creamier texture in my smoothie but I'm also chilling it without adding any additional ice for even more protein I've got some vanilla flavored protein powder headed in here and then for a good kick of green tea goodness I have got some matcha powder headed into my

blender as well loads of great antioxidants in this smoothie now of course because this smoothie is green already I'm going to leave it as is but if you wanted to pump up the green factor even more you could always add some spinach or some kale to this glorious green goodness to start your day now my next smoothie is sort of a riff on a traditional chocolate peanut butter smoothie which is one of my faves but I'm using some tasty twists that I think really add some extra nutrition to it now to get started I am going to be using some oat milk in this recipe now if you're not familiar with oat milk it is one of my new favorite dairy alternatives it's basically made by just soaking some oats in water and what you end up with is this really a nutritious oat milk and I've been adding it to everything lately even to my coffee it's really wonderful in that for some additional body and some fiber in this recipe I'm using one banana the riper your banana your smoothie will be and then I'm going to be adding some chocolate protein powder to this but not just any chocolate protein powder in this case

I'm actually using some bone broth protein powder now bone broth has a ton of health benefits first of all it's packed with more protein than traditional broth and second of all it is loaded with collagen which we know is great for our hair in our skin but if you're not into the savory flavor of bone broth you can now buy it as a protein powder flavored like chocolate or vanilla into my blender it goes and then I'm going to finish this off with some power fuel nut butter that I am totally into because it actually has seven nuts and seeds in it so in addition to cashew almond and hazelnut it's also got flax seeds chia seeds and pumpkin seeds that is a lot of nutrition packed into a single ingredient I'll just pop my little my blender and give this a whirl and what I have is a chocolaty way to start the day finally guys I'm making a blueberry lemon smoothie blueberries and lemon are such a great flavor combination so of course it totally makes sense to mix them all up in a smoothie the base for this smoothie is actually some vanilla flavored flax milk you're not familiar with flax milk it's

a new dairy alternative just like flax seeds it is loaded with protein and omegas so definitely recommend trying flax milk in your diet if you're looking for a great dairy alternative and then to that I'm going to be adding a banana to this a whole heaping helping of blueberries and then the zest and juice of half a lemon of course when it comes to making anything lemon flavored we need the zest and the juice they both pack a ton of flavor and my final secret ingredient in this recipe is actually some bee pollen it is loaded with vitamins minerals special enzymes as you can see it's not liquid like honey it's in these sort of flakes it's perfect when added into a smoothie it just gets blended all up and you can't even detect it once you've got all that yummyness in your blender just pop your lid on give it a blend and what you end up with is a gorgeous smoothie that can't be beat get it befallen I hope you guys will give all five of these awesome I as a try if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo because you know how much I love seeing your kitchen creations thanks so much to thrive market for

sponsoring this video remember if you have not signed up yet they are offering 25% off your first purchase plus a 30-day free trial what's not to like about that and of course if you're already a thrive member don't forget to check out today's daily deal a lot of the yummy ingredients I used in today's video are linked in the description box so if you're looking for more details on those you can find them there and finally guys if you haven't already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness where this came from