22 July 2019

5 Quick and Healthy Summer Snacks!| Easy Snack Ideas | Genevieve Sambrook

Salad anyone? Pretty boring after a few weeks of summer amiright, BUT there's always the case of.. do I have something nice, or do I have something healthy?

what is that maybe people Genevieve here

welcome to my channel [Music] anyone who knows me knows I awful lot every day and when I'm not eating I'm usually just thinking about what I'm going to eat next so know that I see so many people that still completely that they're hungry after a full packet of Pringles or a whole bag of crisps and others comment and how they haven't had breakfast because there's no time for mornings now obviously it is summer and lots of people have more time in the morning but lots more people are trying to get into shape this is the time when lots of people go on diets and these people are often obsessing over how many calories are going in versus how many they're burning off but yes are the main factors that affect weight gain and weight loss but there are other factors involved the foods I'm going to be showing you today are high quality full fillings that a quick and easy step quickly you'll start coming in regularly and as a part of your daily diet getting into habit something that processed in high sugar foods for protein packed whole grain and unsaturated fat beans will hopefully

help you stay healthy over time that being said it's been important to treat yourself and keep a good balance of boots that make you happy in your diet I do this by focusing on intrusive eating and eating as healthy as I can every day now some of these recipes may seem quite obvious but I promise you it there's a perfect way through your day if it's in the morning and you're in a rush or if you need something as a quick snack you're seriously to ignore so let's just get into the video [Music] for this recipe you will need one and a half tablespoons for chia seeds three tablespoons of gluten-free rolled oats or porridge oats milk or milk alternative I've used hazelnut milk some frozen fruit I've used blueberries and raspberries and of course a cup with a lid [Music] so firstly you want to add the milk this is so that the chia seeds don't stick to the bottom because well Cheers these are messy enough as it is then add the chia and the rolled oats to thicken it and add a burst of act antioxidants add the fruit the between

maybe a pinch of cinnamon or funny screw on the cap tightly and shake overnight oats a perfect for breakfast as they keep you full slowly releasing energy as it is broken down that will task for ensuring you have enough energy to not rely on the morning pop in the fridge overnight shaking every few hours if possible sprinkle on some nuts in the morning and enjoy it on the go for this recipe I have chosen to use frozen raspberries Greek you'll get to keep it big one scoop of organic protein powder one frozen bananas some frozen blueberries and kale a mix of chia seeds and sesame seeds to keep it thick here's a nut milk but of course you can use your own alternative an escape of Multan concedes about experimental treatments you can choose to freeze your ingredients in an airtight bag if you want to and plan ahead to the next day in your blended car add your frozen fruit of course you can add your own combinations of fruits ingredients - we prefer this is what I enjoy most it is always cheaper to buy fruits and veggies which is why this must be as ideal around a bunch as well Adric hail and foreign

[Music] [Music] [Music] you can sprinkle the top with walnuts chia seeds goji berries cinnamon to enjoy but if you're in a rush to screw on the cap and go it's nice and cold thick and tasty perfect for summer take in microwave safe cup and cup your eggs into it I like to have to exit for my path but one or three will still work [Music] create your cheese into a small pot for reference I use about 15 grams per omelette to add some extra fats and proteins simply whisk your eggs for the fall into the yolk and white now combined then add half of your grated cheese make sure you miss the sin as well as well [Music] I've chopped up some basil but you can add nuts slice of meat and other herbs such as chives or parsley take a gnostic pan or spray frying pan and heat until the pan is hot then add the egg check the underside to see if it's browning and then flip at the rest of your cheese and any other fillings that you want and forge on that in half

more elegantly than I did I was doing it one-handed some of the easiest snacks to have scrambled poached fried eggs are full of proteins and healthy fats and contain trace amounts for me on that so a good snack to have in a rush and they take next to no time they're also great for pre or post-workout snacks as high protein rebuilds your broken muscle fibers making me stronger have alongside a salad or pulses too if you like no Bubbe you are not having any notes will be no no daddy no for this super quick recipe you will literally only need an apple some form of sliced oil Cora and some dip such as organic almond or peanut butter slice it up and enjoy you can freeze the Apple you can have other fruits such as watermelon or banana you can also place the apple slices into an airtight box or bag and take on the go to school or work to enjoy a mess free trick yourself with my goat cheese summer snack banana an ice cream chunky monkey is all well and good but the high refined sugar content will only make you crash and almost regret it take these out bananas they won't be very fun to eat scene and they don't look particularly appetizing now

but don't throw them away roughly chop them up array them on a tray and pop them in the freezer for a few hours until almost freeze then slide them into a blender adding whatever you want for the time being I'm just I think oh great go good to thicken it up make sure to screw on the lid and blend that's a creamy and smooth [Music] pour it into a cup or an airtight container I've added some dark trinket pieces walnuts and raisins mix and pop in the freezer to enjoy whenever you fancy it and there you have it your very own funky chunky monkey this recipe is cheap easy and clean way to enjoy dessert and will still help you stay energized and satisfied if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up down below and click Subscribe if you want to be notified for any future players feel free to comment down below if there's any foods that you think deserve to be shared and that other people can enjoy in the meantime though I hope the recipe day is fabulous and I'll see you soon [Music]