10 January 2019

5 months on KETO | Weight Loss Update

5 months on KETO | Weight Loss Update- There have been a lot of amazing things that have happened over the last month, and a lot of not so awesome things.

hey guys welcome back to wake up right I

am so excited to be doing my five-month progress report my five-month weight loss journey report so it has been five months and I have lost a total of 39 pounds I am so excited and I lost so almost 40 pounds and then I lost seven point four pounds this past month I am over the moon excited about my progress and something that I'm very proud of is that the entire holiday season I did not cheat one time I stayed on the Q Jeanette diet and it was not difficult for me to stay on the keto diet and so you'd like to hear about some ways that I managed that go ahead and comment down below and let me know and I'll do a separate video on how I managed to stay on keto throughout the holidays without straying and please if you're on keto and you stray from the keto diet or did over the holidays don't go bad just keep moving forward that's I think that's what has helped me not cheat is that I kind of just had this attitude with myself like if you really want to you can but it's gonna suck for you tomorrow because you're gonna have a lot of inflammation in your body and blah blah blah so I've just been rationalizing it differently instead of being like you're

a failure you want to cheat you fail now eat five donuts I really would need five donuts I don't like them but I totally eat like a whole package of Oreos which is really sad but certainly true so this month I did take after pictures just because literally after but current progress pictures because I want to start doing that monthly and I did take some pictures before they aren't the quality that I would have preferred to have but they're what I so I'm gonna go ahead and insert those now and I can definitely tell a difference like in my stomach in my chest in my face and neck area I can definitely tell it's not as a dramatic difference as I would hope 40 pounds would be but I just have a lot of weight to lose and that's just part of it I would love to hear your feedback on what you think can you guys tell the difference in me from the before to the after go ahead and comment down below that is my progress report this month I did take like my actual measurements so starting next month I'm gonna report on how many inches I've lost I wish I would have done that in the beginning but I

didn't for next month I've been throwing around a few different ideas I really want to be more creative with my way in maybe I should be less creative I don't particularly want to talk about my exact weight at this point I'm still just not I don't want to put that out on the interwebs just yet eventually you guys will know because I will hit a goal weight and then who knows if I'll talk about that weight but I'll be talking like I mean as the numbers continue to come up for the amount of weight I lost most people will be able to figure it out but anyway I just wish I would've brought that up anyway if you have any ideas on how I can make these videos a little bit more creative or if there's any questions that you guys have that you'd like for me to answer go ahead and comment down below I would love it I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel by hitting the subscribe button and you'll be notified when I post my next weight loss update is going to be February 13th so from now forward until probably forever I'm going to be posting my weight loss journey journal or updates on the second Wednesday of every

month so February 13th next month I look forward to talking to you a lot and in between times and I hope you guys [Music] you