16 April 2017

5 MISTAKES We Made When We Moved To The UK!: Moving To Scotland!

Here are 5 mistakes we made when we move to Great Britain! I hope it helps anyone who is moving abroad to Scotland or the UK and if not, I hope it provides ...

hi guys today I wanted to talk to you

about five mistakes Joe and I made when we moved here to the UK number one not learning to drive stick before we moved here in the u.s. most people's cars are automatics it's very rare for people to first start driving with a stick shift instead of an automatic here in the UK however and majority of Europe manual is the most common type of car to drive for that reason when you come over here and you rent a car you're going to pay probably double for an automatic that you would have manual luckily one of Joe's ex-girlfriends taught him the very basics of driving a stick and he had done it on about three occasions before we moved here it was a good eight years or so I think he said um since he had driven sick but he was determined to pick it up again and he did which is great myself however I had asked a few people to teach me how to drive stick and nobody did so I never learned and then will be moved here I was really nervous to try it out with a car that we were renting because I was terrified that I was going to destroy it somehow recently however one of our friends lent her car to us to use to get to a Scottish wedding so when we were in this

parking lot waiting for the wedding to start Joe actually was very forward of a fact that he was finally going to teach me it took a lot of stalling but I ended up getting the hang of it and even though the parking lot was small I was able to get into second gear and I just kept going around and around his circle practising starting shifting into first should being out at first and so on and so forth I kind of learned how to drive stick now mistake number two getting monthly bus passes straightaway this is the second transportation associated mistake that we made Edinburgh has an amazing bus system and public transportation Europe's public transportation in general is phenomenally better than in the u.s. when we moved here we assumed that we'd be taking the bus all the time so we both got monthly bus passes and we just were in the mindset that was going to be the most financially beneficial and frugal thing to do it took a couple of weeks but we realized that Joe preferred walking everywhere Joe ended up getting a job very close to our flat here so if he ended up just having to

walk about two blocks to his work and therefore didn't use the bus the bus pass for that I use my bus pass a lot more because I use it to go to uni to my classes back and forth and then I also use it to go back and forth to work but depending on the trimester it actually may have made more sense for me to have day passes on the days where I'm going to uni and work and then on the days where I'm not using the bus just not having anything at all for a student it's 40 quid each month to have a bus pass and that's unlimited rides on the public transportations that also includes the tram and the night buses mistake number three not registering with a local doctor straight away I want to do an entire video about going to the doctor here in Scotland and the national healthcare system but that's gonna be a whole separate video but basically in Scotland when you move to a new place you're supposed to fill out paperwork and register with a general practitioner your main Joe and I were a bit caught up and all the other things that we had to do and especially flat hunting here was very difficult and it's incredibly

competitive so we should have registered with the doctor right away but we ended up waiting until I got sick and needed to go to the doctor our local practice the way that they handle new requests is you have to apply on a Tuesday and then it takes them a minimum of 48 hours to register you there luckily after that period was up I was able to get a doctor's appointment I've been that day or the next day I don't recall exactly but relatively quickly a friend from work made the exact same mistake that I did though so when you get Scotland make it on your list to register with a doctor straight away as soon as you're registered it's very easy and it's an amazing process and you don't pay anything nothing for prescriptions for your doctor's appointment to see specialists to get stitches to get x-rays none of it it's amazing so as soon as you get here register with the doctor I want to make a Doctor Who joke so bad I won't mistake number four this was not my mistake I want to just say that straight away this was a mistake that Joe made but it was definitely easy mistake to make even though Scotland speaks English just

like the u.s. they have a lot of different words for the same things that we have in both countries so for example a shopping cart here is a trolley or a stroller is a pram um band-aids are plasters there's a lot of different things that we thought we would know and we just don't it's like a whole other language and that's not even getting into the Scottish slang which is a whole nother video after we got our new flat Joe went out to buy some laundry detergent in the u.s. we mostly use liquid laundry detergent however we found that here in the UK they use mostly powdered laundry detergents because Joe was looking for liquid laundry detergent we ended up seeing laundry conditioner now in retrospect hindsight being 20/20 we know that laundry conditioner is laundry softener and that makes total sense but we didn't know that initially until I after we ran out of the laundry conditioner went to go buy some and I kept looking through every ting the directions and I just felt like it wasn't what we should buy so then I ended up buying laundry detergent as well as long do conditioner and Joe and

I had a good blast that for about a month we were washing our clothes with fabric softener and not actual detergent oh gosh luckily it was during the winter it's not like we were all like sweaty and gross and our clothes weren't too dirty so it was still okay number five not knowing how the electric companies worked I would probably have to say that this was the biggest mistake that we made and the one that we were made aware of most recently in the u.s. electric companies will come to your flat once a month and they will take a reading of the electricity that you've used when we moved here we assumed wrongly that it would be the same situation here when we saw that we owed the same amount to the electric company month after month after month we were a bit perplexed but we didn't really question it it was a low amount and we were like oh awesome great we're not using that much heat you know we can we can use a little bit more and feel a little bit more comfortable and perfect uh not so much it turns out that here that you do a reading once every six months or so so you pay the average from that over the next six months so

when we were paying less than 50 pounds a month here throughout the winter we thought that that was what we currently owed but it turns out that's what we owed for the summer when we weren't using as much heating and we definitely weren't using as much electricity for that reason our bills have recently skyrocketed because of all the electricity that use the past six months now a good thing to know when you live here is that you can actually call the electric companies and get a reading yourself and give them the numbers and they will give you an accurate amount that you'll owe so I wish we were doing that the entire time I wish we were calling them every single month and just knowing what we use each month and how much it was would have given us a better way to see okay we used a little bit too much we need to turn down the heat and just put on some more layers quesarasara it should kind of balance out now that we're heading into the summer months again because in the summer we don't use as much feeding our electricity bill should be lower so it should kind of balance out at least that's what I'm telling myself to make

myself feel better about the whole situation because we definitely spent more money than we necessarily had to so those are five mistakes that we made when moving to Scotland I am sure that I can think of many more but those are the ones that I felt like other people who are moving to the UK could benefit from knowing and it could potentially save you a lot of money okay and some stress so I hope this was helpful and Eleanor Vickie says hi yeah so I have a question for you guys I want to know if you've made any mistakes when moving on have you moved to a different country before and what were some of the things that if you could go back and change would you so thank you guys so much for watching let me know if you like this style video more than my travel videos where I'm kind of talking to you about my experiences these ones seem to get many many more views than my videos where I'm showing you around different places that Joe and I have travelled but I'd love your opinions what other types of videos would you like to see please let me know in the comment section below if you like this video give me a thumbs up if you really like this video and you want to

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