23 July 2019

5 Min Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the week For Working Women Diet Friendly


[Music] hello guys and welcome back to my channel today in this video we will be discussing 5-minute wholesome breakfast recipes to go forth when you are getting very late for work or office if you are one of those people who absolutely loved their sleep then just let me tell you one thing guys I feel you I feel you completely Kim kombucha Abney super key punch minute well I mean for what are the important hair and I can absolutely not indulge in that though Jay Commission little chatter office today like four out of the five days I'm late for office so obviously for people like me and for people like you who are like me we need some breakfast recipes that we can go for early in the morning because breakfast is a very important and be a to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should always have a good wholesome breakfast and on top of everything else I have to do everything on my own I don't have my mother with me so a little emotional there chunky mommy's always are like that waha Misha up go for a breakfast lucky DDT a table paper but obviously this this is not the case

right now with me so yes without any further ado let's just so number one is the healthy bowel and it is number one because it is my favorite and I absolutely love to have it so in a bowel take some granola I have taken some granola here you can also take muesli or conflicts if you'd like and add a few healthy things to it I have soaked almonds here so walnuts from overnight and once you add that add some natural sweetness I am not very fond of sugar because it's not good for health so I'm adding some raisins here if you like more sweet you can add dates as well once your ball is ready with all these ingredients just pour in some milk and also you can add up some fruits that you would like like is very good for health in the morning so just cut out pieces of banana and pour it in the bowel and I had some blueberries left over with me so I am just adding some blueberries here you can add any fruits that you'd like and your healthy bowel is already to rejoice and relish I absolutely love it because it takes hardly two minutes to prepare and it's perfect for all those days when you are running very very late for

office number two is the base and cheela for this you will need some Basin which is also called chickpea flour now keep adding water in little amounts so that no lumps are formed and you get a fine paste while you are making the paste I will recommend just put a pan onto the gas so that it gets heated by the time your mixture is done now you also need grated carrots for this you can keep it in the night like do it in the night and keep it or you can do it in the mornings as well add some more veggies if you'd like I'm adding to my tomatoes and onions as well add some salt and some red chilli powder if you're not already adding green chillies to it you can also top it up with green coriander leaves so that the color is good however I did not have so much time to put coriander leaves so I have just skipped that step now mix all the ingredients to a good pace [Music] once the mix is ready and is of a good consistency just put some oil spread some oil on your pan and then put the mixture with the help of the spoon and try to spread it in the form of a circle once you feel that it is golden brown on

one side just flip it over and let the other side also become a little golden ish Brown my first Chile's are always like that not very good in shape so once that is done just flip it over on your plate and yes I am going to show you one more step because I want to show that I can make good circle Chile's as well so here's one more cheela and finally my Chile's are all ready to rejoice you can have it with your coriander chutney or you can have it with sauce and even card because card is also very good for help and yes happy times [Music] number three is Rotella fava which is all from the leftovers that you had the previous night so yes again a two-minute recipe just to your rescue for this you will need a roti and paratha just put the leftover subji in the mid portion of the paratha and while you are doing this put your pan on the gas so that it gets heated now just put some ghee or butter and splash in your roti in there if you don't have any subji lying around you can also use vegetables just put some sauce on the paratha and top it off with cut onions tomatoes and capsicum this is also a very healthy breakfast again try

to give it a shape of a wrap or a roll and in no time your roti laughs Appa is already relish it with tomato sauce or curd as you'd like number four is banana and blueberry pancakes one of my favorite English breakfast recipes of all times so this is one of my own recipes and very close to my heart and for this you will need one and a half bananas just mash it with the help of fork and get a good consistency if you don't have a lot of time just fashion all the ingredients in a mixer and you will get the pancake mix in absolutely no time [Music] once your banana mix is ready add two eggs and give it a whisk again and also you can add in sugar here if you like sugar but I don't prefer sugar as it already known by now so I have just added banana as my natural sweetener add two tablespoons of milk now I will add in some whole wheat flour as well to get a thicker consistency of the mix you can completely skip this step it is perfectly optional and also in the mean time that you are preparing the mix put the pan on the gas and let it get heated

now put some butter and roll out your mix there now I am putting some blueberries on the top just to give it a good flavor this step is also completely optional if you don't have blueberries you can just put in cut strawberries as well whatever you'd like or just keep it plain as simple pancakes and once one side is golden brown just flip it over to the other side gets golden brown and yes you are all good to go with your pancakes they smell amazing they taste amazing just - in some honey if you'd like or just eat it as it is I am completely in love with this recipe I am sure you will be too number 5 is our very traditional Indian breakfast upma to make up my you will need some cut onions grated carrots cut tomatoes and some curry leaves now take some ghee in a pan and let it heat once it is heated put mustard seeds and curry leaves into it now I will also add some peanuts because it gives a very good flavor to the upma and I really love it and give it a stir now put in the onions in the pan and let it become translucent once they are translucent add the grated carrots into it as well now I will add

some salt to the mix and just give it a stir for about 2 minutes now here I have taken 1/2 a cup of roasted semolina make sure that your semolina is already roasted so that it avoids unnecessary time in roasting it again and just put it in your mixture give it a mix and add in your water so the water should be about 4 to 5 times the amount of semolina that you are taking so once you have added the water this is the right time to add cut tomatoes as well so that it gives a nice flavor to your OPA and let it boil for some time let it cook for about 2 to 3 minutes and your OPA is all ready I like adding a little lemon and sugar to the mixers when it enhances the taste of the upma it is a very healthy light on stomach breakfast just pack it in your Tiffin box if you are getting very late for office and enjoy it on the go [Music] thank you for watching this video guys if you like this video then don't forget to like share and subscribe to my channel and also don't forget to press the bell icon just beside the subscribe button so that you get notified of

whenever I am on youtube please go check out my other videos as well I will link them somewhere on the screen I am into fashion lifestyle DIYs makeup and whatnot the list is never-ending but do check it out and give it a big fat thumbs up if you like it so yes I will see you soon with yet another video till then stay happy bye bye [Music]