10 September 2014

5 Healthy, Vegan School Lunches + Snacks - chanelegance

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Oh oh hello my beautiful most wonderful people on the Internet so ever since I uploaded my healthy breakfast Eddie is back and someone you guys have been requesting more and more food videos especially back-to-school ones because well we all love to eat and school cafeterias aren't always the best place because I know that when I went to school I didn't really like it there so I thought I would share some inspiring beautiful colorful and most of all healthy school lunch ideas that you can bring in a box with you and I ain't gonna be showing any bog-standard recipes I just tried to put a twist on every single one of them so the first recipe we're gonna be making is a pita wrap with all kinds of beautiful ingredients inside of it and the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna take your tortilla yeah I can't pronounce that word or any other type of raw bread and instead of using mayonnaise or butter or anything like that we're going to be using guacamole and guacamole is probably one of my most favorite things in the world and I always have it at home to make it you're

gonna need just Tomatoes and some avocado and some spices and it's gonna be done but I already have some so I'm going to just smear it all over in a coat and to it I'm gonna be adding some cucumber cut up bell pepper a roughly grated carrot red onion just because I find it really delicious and you're just gonna have wrap all of this beautiful goodness in a little tube and then cut it in any way you want and put it into your lunchbox and I suggest taking with you maybe a banana or an apple so that you can have a little dessert afterwards because I know a lot of us love to finish a meal with something sweet the next recipe we're gonna be making is for those with a sweet tooth aka me we're gonna be making a parfait and I think it's one of the most beautiful looking dishes in the world you're gonna be needing some soy yogurt or if you're not vegan then simple yogurt to make it a little bit more filling and give it more fiber we're actually going to be taking a tablespoon of chia seeds and mixing them into the yogurt so that it kind of has this really cool jelly-like texture to make a parfait you're going to be needing a mason jar or a cup and you're

just going to be adding layers layers and layers of oats or any sort of granola or a filler or anything you want peanut or almond butter some kind of berries and fruits then just started all over again until your jar is full and looks beautiful and when you're going to be taking it to school everybody's gonna want to take a taste because something this beautiful looking just cannot be passed by and most importantly it's really going to fill you up you're not going to be hungry afterwards for the third recipe we're gonna be making a salad to school and I know salads are usually boring and I find that if you don't eat a huge bucket of it it's not that filling but we're gonna be making a quinoa salad because quinoa actually has a lot of fiber and if you eat a bowl of it you're not going to want to eat afterwards first of all we're gonna have to boil our quinoa and some hot water for some 5 or 10 minutes until you really see that the Kino has kind of opened up put it in your lunchbox cut in some cucumbers tomatoes bell pepper add some spinach maybe and also add some spices my favorite one is definitely cayenne pepper and I also love to add

some bruschetta mix and you're going to just mix it all together cut it up until you're left with a beautiful bowl of really delicious and filling salad the next recipe is for those cheat days I know we all have those when we don't want to eat a full meal you just want to kind of have a light snack and first we're going to be using some kind of a jar or a little container and making our own trail mix that's going to be super delicious we're going to be adding a mix of nuts some pretzels some dried bananas maybe and also I love adding dark chocolate to my trail mixes because I am an absolute dark chocolate addict and the darker the better my favorite one is probably like 85% or 90% cutting it up so it all looks nice and pretty and I know this is not the healthiest one but it's still better than Snickers or chips or any other genetically modified crop that you can buy in your cafeteria balance it out and to make it more healthy I'm going to be taking a separate container and in there I'm going to be cutting up some apples and putting some peanut butter in a little little tub so it doesn't splatter all over the place and I'm going to be

adding some grapes as well and you can just put your apples in your peanut butter and snack on them and it's going to be super delicious the next one is super easy but I find that it always gets me going and it is hummus I love how much and just like I said about the guacamole we always have hummus at home because my mom loves making it you can look up some recipes of how to make hummus or if you don't want to make it yourself you can just buy it in the store and this one's going to be some cut-up vegetables which is pretty basic with a little jar of hummus that you're going to be dipping them into and eating the yummy goodness to add something sweet and more filling to this lunch we're going to be making energy fiber filled balls of happiness I don't really know how to name them but let's imagine this is the name and those are literally going to be changing to minutes and what you need is a food processor and in it you're going to be putting 1 cup of dried mulberries one cup of dates one cup of figs one tablespoon of apple pie spice or maybe just simple cinnamon and also a love adding a tablespoon of cacao cuz it's so

tasty and it just literally will make it like chocolate candy just mix it all up wait until it's this nice combined and kind of grainy texture so that you can actually mold it mold it into little beautiful balls and you can just pack two or three of those in a lunchbox and they're gonna look like candy or truffles and everybody's probably going to be asking you what the heck is that and it's going to be delicious when in fact it's contained mostly of fruits and it will give you such an energy boost so those are all of the recipes we will have today and you can actually make them like every day of the week because I made five and if you make any of these meals and this is a command you cannot back out of it send me a picture to my Twitter action elegance because I'm always so so happy to see your guys's recreations because they're always so beautiful and colorful that is all for this video I hope you liked it I hope you had fun watching it I love you all ha see you in my next video and goodbye