01 January 2019

5 Healthy Eating Goals for 2019!🎉

5 Healthy Eating Goals for 2019! Happy New year everyone! I love making New Year goals and I always try to write them down. For this video I wanted to share ...

hey everyone I'm Marcia thank you for

tuning in to my channel and happy new year everyone 2019 and I'm super excited to get the new year started get 2018 behind me and start fresh in a new year so this video is all about some of my healthy eating goes for 2019 so I personally like setting new year goals for myself whether you want to call them resolutions goals visions vision board whatever you wanna call it I personally like setting goals for myself for the new year not just for you know healthy eating but also financial goals career goals personal goals family goals the Bible says write the vision make it plain so I write down my goal you know write down you know what I want to accomplish for the year you know sometimes I save them in my phone on my notepad so for me I personally like doing this so today I'm going to share with you just my healthy eating goals for the new year so if you would like to find out what they are just keep watching oh and before I get started if you haven't already please hit that subscribe button to subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit that little bell icon that's right beside the subscribe button

so you will always get notified when I drop a new video so now let's get started alright so healthy even though number one for the new year is less meat now I'm not trying to become a vegetarian or a vegan or whatever I'm just trying to incorporate less meat into my diet I will still eat meat but just less of it now a few videos ago I think I share where my doctor told me to only eat meat three times a week and the other four times or four days out the week just eat mostly fruit and vegetables and so I started trying to do that and it was so hard you guys and I just didn't stick to it this year I'm gonna try to stick to that now she also said it the days I do eat meat only stick to white meat so no red meat could all read me out of my diet and for the most part I did a good job of that last year as well if I did eat any red meat it was like on a rare occasion maybe once every two three months but for the most part I stuck with it you know chicken fish turkey so gonna still do that this year but I'm just gonna do less of it so three days we gotta eat meat the other four days

just fruits and vegetables healthy eating goal number two more fruits and vegetables so something else that my doctor told me to incorporate which all doctors probably tell you this but when it's coming from an oncologist I'll probably take a little bit more serious now so um oncologist you know was saying you know you need to pump a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet more than the recommended amount so you know this why I like drinking green smoothies and so I have a lot of green smoothie videos on my channel because I feel like I can do both at the same time and I'm you know kind of sneaking in the greens eating the fruit so for this year I'm gonna try to double the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat and I will keep you guys posted as I'm going either on youtube or on my Instagram page so that's it healthy eating goal number two my healthy eating goal number three is meal planning so this is something I've wanted to do for several years now and I see people doing it I look at videos of people doing it and of course I can use the excuse up I just never had time which would be pretty much not an excuse

it's kind of true but as the saying goes you make time for what you want to make time for what you care about so you know it could be that I just didn't make the time for it and this year my goal is to make time to actually meal plan so what I'm doing now is researching um you know you know different things about meal planning if I want to use the plastic containers versus the glass containers you know if I want to do lunch versus dinner you know snack meal planning what type of meal planning I want to do because I don't want to try to you know make this go so huge and unrealistic for my lifestyle so I do want to start small so if you have any suggestions if you already do it you know just let me know drop a comment down below in the comment box and give me your tips because this is something that I also am going to start doing and start documenting on my youtube channel so that is go number three alright goal number four is less sugar and less sweet and less juice which all incorporates sugar so this is something that also was posed to cut back on after the whole cancer was gone and for the most part I did a good job

of it I do have my cheat months I would say I hate to call them cheat days because some say sometimes I just cheat the whole month and then sometimes I'll just stop before two three months so I'm trying to just cut that out all together and if I do have a cheat day is just a cheat day not a cheat week not a cheat month of eating nothing but cookies and candy and you name it so um so that's a goal of mine juice juice has a lot of sugar in it and it was something that I was really addicted to because I cut out soda so long ago way before the cancer like years ago I cut out soda and so you know certain foods you kind of need something something with some flavor to you just do you know I can't be popcorn with water I can't eat piece of little water so you know us you know I cut out the sodas but I would drink you know orange juice or lemonade pink lemonade simply lemonade y'all know that raspberry simply lemonade is so good so you know I would be you know just addicted I felt like to those you know juices so trying to cut back on that in 2019 alright so what about on number five so this is my last healthy eating goal for 2019 and it is to drink more

water of course everybody I think this is one of everybody's goals is to drink more water and coorporate more water in your diet you know because it's good for you stay hydrated it keeps your skin looking good it keeps your nails looking good but it's hard to do too now I will say for me because I cut sodas out so long ago I do drink more water because I don't have much else to drink but it's the water in the juice and I do a combination of both so one of the things that probably is gonna help is that I incorporate a yoga into my fitness journey a couple of years ago in I'm in 2018 I really went heavy on the yoga and you know exercising you know makes you you know want to hydrate yourself more and so that helped with the water but just like with anything you have highs you have lows and so I just need to be consistent with the water as well so that's a goal for mine for 2019 as well alright that's it you guys those are my five healthy eating dogs for 2019 I hope you have some healthy eating goals of your own whether they're eating healthy eating oh that could be career goals it could be family goes it could be financial goals

whatever your goals are I highly suggest that you make a list write them down whether you have you know you know some type of journal that you write whether it's your phone so you can go back and reference those ghosts every year or I'm sorry throughout the year and kind of track your progress so if you do have some goals of your own that you want to share with me I would love to read them so please drop them down below in the comment section feel free to comment on this video if you want give me any suggestions that you might have for healthy eating for the new year and yeah let's just share the love and the information all right you guys that's it for now I do have a lot more videos coming up this month so stay tuned hit that subscribe button and I will see you later bye Happy New Year's [Music] [Music]