08 August 2018

5 Foods to Eat Everyday For Healthy / Long / Strong Hair 💆🏻🙆🏻🍳🍴

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whenever I get a chance to meet you all

in person or whenever I meet my friends and relatives the one question they always ask me about here is that product should I use for healthy hair or better hair for shiny hair for less hair fall they always keep on asking me what shampoo do I use so they always ask me about external care for their hair but nobody talks about the internal care you are what you eat if you eat a right and use some food habit and nutrients in your food you can change the way your skin is and the hair is so in this video I am going to talk about five nutrients and food habits that you can include in your diet for healthy hair and better skin so without further ado let's get started number 1s so 90% of our hair is made up of carotene and coyote is synthesized through amino acid so what is amino acid it is just protein and X have a high amount of protein in it along with atomic B zinc and sulfur sulfur is also necessary for the production of carotene and collagen which helps in maintaining the shininess of your hair keeps your hair healthy looking so start eating eggs every single day you can have boiled egg scrambled eggs all your choice in tea

I'm having scrambled eggs this will fill me up faster also so this is a great source for breakfast though I never skip my protein ever number 2 Omega C fatty acids so what is omega 3 fatty acid and how it could be beneficial for your skin for your hair and overall your health I think most of you must be aware of what is omega 3 fatty acid if you are in a good healthy diet and if you're in a good relationship with your food but if you're not aware of what omega 3 fatty acid is then I'm here to tell you so omega 3 fatty acids are mostly known for their anti-inflammatory properties which I will explain later in this video and if there are good source of high quality protein as st. and vitamin E and I think you already know what wheter mean e is it is a rich antioxidant that your body need to fight free radical and also protect your skin from UV damages and that is it promotes anti aging so when I said the word anti-inflammatory what does I really mean you have to understand this properly otherwise you won't understand why omega-3 fatty acid is so important and essential fatty acid for your body so whenever you have

inflammation in your body so now what is inflammation and how information is tightly connected to omega-6 fatty acid so now what is a via six fatty acid it is also a essential fatty acid that your body needs so whenever the content of omega-6 is higher in your body it actually affects the blood stream in your body your blood becomes pretty thick in nature and the clogging of blood occurs and then comes the health issues that is BP problem heart problem arthritis and what not we have to make sure the omega-6 content and the omega-3 contain in your body is balanced properly the ratio should be one is twofold now I think ask a bath you understand what omega-3 fatty acids are now how this is beneficial for your hair so because of the anti-inflammatory properties I don't know how many times I've said the word anti-inflammatory SK but I think you will remember what anti-inflammatory is so ever site so because of the anti-inflammatory properties it helps in opening of the hair follicle and promote hair growth and that is how it makes up for all those hair loss problem that you are suffering so because this is an

essential fatty acid your body cannot produce this acid itself so you have to include this in your diet through some external source so it could be through certain food or through dietary supplement which I will talk about in this video so what are those external source it could be through sesame seed sunflower seed lac C so these are some iteration option that you can have to include this in your diet and if you have no time to like include them in your diet and eat them every single day and remember about them eating them every single thing then you can add some supplement to your diet the supplement which I am talking about is bowel skin science omega-3 fatty acid supplements now each of the capsule contains two main omega-3 fatty acids that is EPA and DHA 30 grams per day is recommended by doctors generally but you can start off by eating 100 milligrams a day that is what one capsule of omega-3 fatty acid contains because I am also including other sources of omega-3 fatty acids in my diet that is so flaxseed sunflower seed but just to reach that level of theorems I have started including this in my diet

now I have given you two options you can go for the vegetarian options that is flax seed sunflower seeds walnuts and also chia seeds they are rich in omega-3 okay not only that you will also get other nutrients to those seeds but if you want a direct source you can add supplements as I said also because Clemenceau derived from fish oil so they fall under the category of non-vegetarian there are other brands of this capsules available in the market but while skin science is a trusted brand I've been using this brand for over two years now and this is something that have started using it and included it in my diet but this is not something that I've been doing for years okay I've been honest with you and also I'm in a journey of weight loss I am suffering from PCOD that is why I started taking omega-3 fatty acid also start packing your favorite snacks and supplement with yourself so that you will never forget to have them and I highly recommend you to keep it in cases where you can reach for them easily that is your dining area your office cubicle or your go-to backs now I just had a very heavy meal so I'm just gonna have one capsule and we are

done for the day and also do not take this bit milk I do not really such as this the other health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are it improves the vision it helps with depression anxiety fights as multiple having high disease issues overall it is affecting your health in a good way also not at all a doctor or a nutritionist if you want to take omega-3 fatty acid supplement I would highly recommend you to consult your doctor before you start including this in your time because such that if you are in some sort of medication you are already having this in your diet and through your medicine intake so just keep that in your mind number three oats I know you all must be like well Shalini oats really yes hold oh it's a great source of biotin and think magnesium deficiency in any of this can cause brittle hair and hair breakage and I know you do not want that and also biotin plays an important part in producing amino acid it's basically protein in simple terms which are required for your hair to grow so make sure you are having enough protein in your diet and by biotin I mean enough oats in your diet and other than teenage

foods are almonds walnuts sweet potatoes cauliflower tomatoes and also egg yolks so if you do not want to eat oats every single day for your breakfast you can have all these options but oats are whole green food they will fill you up faster and also they are low in calories so this is how I like to have my oats every single day dark chocolate oats 1/2 cup of oats 1/2 cup of water microwaved it and then some dark chocolate for sweetness or some salty and crunchy taste you can also add some peanut butta to number four almonds now almonds are known as alkaline nerds as compared to cashews and peanuts which are known as acetic nuts the alkaline food supports detoxification helps in pH balance helps in acidity in simple terms you have to make sure your body is more alkaline in nature to have a healthy life also almonds a great source of vitamin E and they're rich in protein coding means amino acid amino acid means the other hairs so silk sure you're consuming almonds every single day at least for our Minh City now you were sivanna who has got time to buy almonds and eat them every single day keep them in the places

where they're easily approachable I prefer keeping them in my dining area or just in case I'm heading out I like to packet about almonds and walnuts for me so that I can snack on them whenever I'm feeling over 5 carats what shalini carats release the largest salad ok listen to your daddy or mom they always try to save you carrots and some sort of salon in your diet it's a rich in the tummy gave it on TV Tommy Siva Tommy eat magnesium and phosphorus so now hardest retirement could be really helpful for your hair to grow back and for healthy hair Tommy a stimulus sebum production in your hair that naturally conditions your hair scalp phosphorus and magnesium found in carried health similar circulation of your scalp and that is it promotes hair growth and also while I was doing my research on Karen I found this article online that said that regular consumption of carrot can prevent premature graying of your hair so da degree here Tom so now how I like to eat carrot on a day-to-day basis I do not like carrot juice at all I do not like the taste of it so I just like to munch on carrot and internal also my salat

intake is pretty high um I can you have seen the video what I eating it is you can add them in your diet as a side salad and if you really don't like the taste of it and you think that dark my first are that trust me miracle maybe first off I can recover so just chop them into small pieces and add them into your doll your curry and also some other way to add carrot to your diet would be ordering salad whenever you are heading out with your friends and family and make sure you tell the waiter to add carrots moving your Salaf so that you can increase the carrot intake in your diet and yes you can one carrot also I love to snack on carrot cucumber and sometimes tomatoes also Gambian dad to be you know sad sad masala Namak into it to add some flavored buttery sweet in nature so like to enjoy it as it is and also salad guys come on they're rich in antioxidant they are rich in fiber so you have to into a salon in your diet I know it is very difficult to eat all those things in a go and keep them in your mind but as I always say it is all about making a habit out of it so if we start doing all this thing little by little and start

including them in your diet it will become a habit for you and you will start enjoying all this food I enjoy having elements every single day walnuts every single day and now omega-3 fatty acid every single thing I know what they're going to do to my body into my skin into my hair so start living healthy and SNA icky these things are not available around you can always shop all these things on a night table just deliver everything to your doorstep don't tell me that you have no time to do all these things okay so that is it for today's video guys I really hope you enjoyed watching this and learn something from this video I'm not at all a nutritionist or dietitian as I told you earlier I love to understand the nutritional value of the food in that way I can you know portion my food properly and control what I'm eating and also I haven't talked about other certain foods chocolate Tomatoes Salman all these foods are really good for your skin and hair I mix it find all the links in the description box and now I should go now what else you're like comment subscribe all this good stuff I'll see you next time bye stay healthy

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