25 September 2018

5 EASY quick Healthy MEALS!

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hey guys I hope you already well so

today I'm gonna be showing you some of my favorite meals to cook when I'm at uni I haven't done a food-related video in like forever I think I've only ever done like random baking videos aids the ghosts so you guys have always been asking me to do like what I eat in a week but I thought this would be more useful just to show you some like easy simple recipes so yeah I'm gonna get started and just chat you through my favourite meals and like what you need how I do it and everything like that so hope you guys find it useful and if you're not uni then it could just be some inspiration for cooking dinner or whatever so yeah I'm gonna get started and I hope you guys enjoy the video so one of my first favorite meals is a chicken Thai green curry I have been trying to get this right for so long I've always used the little jars that you can get of the paste but it just never tasted quite right now I found like the perfect way for me to do my Thai green curry so what you'll need for this recipe is some baby corn some blue dragon Thai green curry paste coconut milk two chicken breasts or having that chicken you want to onions

and then I like to have some poppadoms and rice with it so the thing that really made it for me with this recipe is to put it all into one pot and just have it on like a 200 and just cook it for like an hour though I like to just chop up everything basically and just chuck it in a casserole dish and pop it in the oven for like an hour I do fry up the onions a little bit first just in the bottom of the pan and that is literally it just put it in the oven for like an hour and then cook some rice before you're about to eat it and it's really really yummy and that lasts me about four meals four or five if I like stretch it even further but yeah I don't have the biggest portions so like if you're a guy and you have bigger portions it probably only do like two or three um but yeah I don't have very big portion sizes curries are also great because you can have them with so many different things like I have them with chips some night which is really not very good or like but no bread so you could just buy a pack of naan breads or you could just have it on its own whips the poppadoms or some rice so like it's really versatile dish it's just super

easy and it keeps really well you can also freeze it and then just have it like later on in that month or something so yeah that's a really good recipe for just not much effort so the next easy meal is a carbonara I went through a week of eating this like constantly because it was just so yummy I'm a sucker for like creamy pasta sauces but this one you don't need any cream which is great because like the reality of you being at uni and using cream more than once for a meal is not very high so this is much easier you just need eggs for the creaminess so you'll need some spring greens I like these for like just having on the side some bacon you can get the little like pre chopped ones but then way more expensive and I think it tastes nicer if you just chop up the bacon yourself then I chopped up some onion and garlic you'll need some cheesed great and one egg and then I love tagliatelle so that's the positive choice then I go for so to cook this can get a bit messy so I would prepare everything first so I like to chop up the garlic and onion and the bacon and just have it all ready and that all gets fried up separately so I

do like the onion and the garlic first and then once that's browned off I will put the bacon with it or I will just take the onions off and put the bacon on so don't have to use another pan and then well stop cooking I will boil up Takia telly and just cook that through then drain it off and then to create the creamy sauce I'm pretty sure this is Jamie all over us but I saw amber do it once and like it's just stuck in my brain ever since then basically all you need to do is just whisk an egg up in like a little bowl and then add the cheese into it you're meant to use parmesan but I just use cheddar because I don't have farms and I really want to get some pounds that actually and yeah just whisk that all together and then I just pop it into my pasta take off the heat and just let the heat of the pasta just mix it in and that will cook the egg you have to be really careful with this because you can just get scrambled egg does not what you want so when it looks like it's lightly cooked ruin is a bit creamy then that's done and then you just add the bacon garlic and onion into the sauce and it's done and then obviously boil up the

spring greens just have on the side and it's a really really yummy meal often I add like a little bit of that pepper just on top of the pasta hello you this next meal is definitely one that is more of a comfort food for me quite often I will if I'm like feeling homesick or if I'm just feeling like a bit down I will have this meal so the things you will need for this meal are some potatoes corn chicken nuggets I am NOT vegetarian but I really love these chicken nuggets like they're just so yummy some whole-grain mustard this is optional but it makes the match taste really yummy some broccoli some skim milk and some butter and that is what you need for this one that's okay so the first thing I do is put the corn nuggets into the oven they take about 15 minutes and then I will boil up some water and put in the potatoes with the skin on still mashed potato with skin on is taste fine and the skin is really good for you so yeah so then once the potatoes are boiled I will strain them off put them back in the pan and add a little bit of butter and and then also a tiny bit of whole-grain mustard seeds and these I put way too

much in this time which was really annoying and that you don't need much really and it just creates a like really nice sort of slight crunch every now and then or like a I don't know it's just really satisfying to eat so yeah it's my sister's idea and my mom taught me about it so I've tried it out and it's really yummy and then I'll just boil up some broccoli to go with it and that will be the meal and it's just a really nice comfort meal and can't really go wrong with chicken nuggets and mashed potato and broccoli I wasn't gonna add this one in because it's not really a meal it's more of a breakfast but I've been having it as a breakfast or as like a snack throughout the day because it really fills me up and it's just porridge with crunch peanut butter and walnuts and it just tastes so good so what you need to make this is some large rolled porridge oats some milk and some crunch peanut butter and some walnuts and then cinnamon is optional I don't always put cinnamon in and so yeah it just makes it a little bit sweeter which can be nice and sometimes I add a little bit of sugar if I'm really need something sugary so yeah I just put the oats and a

bit of milk into a pan until it cooks goes really quickly if you're just doing a tiny portion and I'll just put that in a bowl whack some peanut butter on top and crumble a few walnuts on top and it's just so yummy so yummy next up is a really nice one if you want something a bit light so if you don't want like a really stodgy meal this one is great and it's really quick and easy to do I made it like really quickly before watching loved Island I had about ten minutes before watching live Island and I managed to bash out this meal just in time mm-hm so I generally like to have like some rocket or like spinach leaves tomatoes and then some broccoli again and then I like to make an omelet to go with it so you need two eggs and some milk for that and so just to make the omelet you just whisk up the egg and add a little bit of milk and then put a little bit of oil in the frying pan and put it on double-o heats like a mid heat and then just cook through the omelet and then I like to put some like leaves on the top bit before I flip it over and I will have cheese of my omelet because who doesn't love cheese so I'll just grate

up a little bit of cheese and pop that on there and then fold it in half and wait for the cheese to melt and whilst I'm doing that I will have put the broccoli on to boil and that will all be done and then it's just some nice yummy vegetables and a cheesy omelet and it's just really satisfying as a meal it doesn't leave you feeling like well like sluggish though yeah it's very good I loved that meal and then the final meal is just a plain old Jack potato this is another one of my comforts as you can tell by this video I love potatoes so for this you'll just need a potato and I like to just have cheese with it and then just some nice vegetables to go alongside it so just wash your potato and put a few jabs in it with a knife and then I will just put it in the oven for a bit if you don't want to wait like a full hour and 10 minutes for a potato to cook through then you could always put it in the microwave for a little bit first and then put it in for like half an hour or so so then when the potato is all done I'll just chop it in half put some keys in it and enjoy it and it's really yummy who doesn't love a Jack potato they're

just such classic so yeah those are all of my simple meals that I have at uni there's like a few more different meals I have every now and then but those are like my go-to meals I'd say just as a little side note if any of you guys are the same as me and you suffer with acid reflux very badly and it can be very annoying so these foods are all pretty good for acid reflux I shouldn't upset your stomach too much the only one that can upset my stomach is the Thai green curry if I'm like really stressed and really like if my acid reflux is really bad then it's not good so I don't tend to make that but I find like potatoes and just nice simple easy meals a good for keeping the acid at bay I really hope you guys found some inspiration from this video let me know in the comments down below what are your favourite meals to cook that are easy and quick and also let me know if you want me to film more videos like this or if you want me to do like a what I ate this week video also that'll be interesting yeah I just wouldn't film the snacks basically anyway I hope people had a great day and I will see you guys in my next video

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