24 September 2018

5 EASY Bento Boxes for Back to School | Healthy Lunch Ideas

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[Music] hey health nuts welcome back to my channel my name is Nicole and today we are coming at you with another recipe video we actually have five recipes and not just any five recipes we have five bento box recipes actually have them right here one second okay I know these are empty anyways I got five bento box friendly lunch recipes perfect for lunch or school we package them up in these cute little bento box containers and I just think it's the perfect way to make sure that you have healthy lunches packed ready to go from Monday through Friday so we got five to cover all the days of the week on the weekend you're on your own you gotta fend for yourself but Monday through Friday I got you covered so for today we have a couple of new recipes and a couple of old favorites that I've kind of just mashed up all together to share with you guys some fun ways to make some bento boxes and I just thought I don't know I love bento boxes you get a nice combination of different snacks and foods all in one little cute container it's just like it's it's very pleasing to the eye and to the taste buds now before we hop

right in make sure you pause this video subscribe down below click that red button so you don't miss a video on my channel I post three times a week we got recipes lifestyle tips and weekly vlogs and we were aiming to hit 500,000 subscribers by the end of 2018 I feel like we can do it I know we can I have faith so please subscribe if you aren't already and let's just hop right into the video so for Monday we have a delicious Mayo free avocado egg salad sandwich in a medium bowl I'm gonna add in some ripe avocado hard-boiled eggs red onion olive oil fresh dill you can of course use dried if that's all you have a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and salt and pepper I'm using a wisk but you can use a fork or a potato masher and just mash it all up until the avocado really kind of binds in with the egg and the spices in the onion you'll know when you start to get that like egg salad texture and sound if that makes sense you'll know when you get there it will come together I promise I'm transferring this mixture onto some thin sandwich ramps it also works great on bagels on regular sliced

bread or you can just even use it as a dip for some flax crackers slice it in half and you have yourself an adult friendly childhood favorite sandwich to finish off the bento box I'm adding in my sandwich and then I have some cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices to have on the side monday's lunch is complete [Music] next we have for Tuesday my butternut squash kale salad in a large bowl I'm adding in some chopped up kale then I'm massaging it with a little bit of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt get in there with your hands and just give it a nice little massage this is gonna help soften it up break down the fibrous walls a bit from the kale so it's just a little bit softer and more enjoyable to eat raw to that I'm adding in some roasted butternut squash celery and green onion and finishing it off with my maple tahini dressing this is like one of my favorite salad dressings all the recipes that I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the infobox give it a nice toss to coat everything evenly with the dressing and you're good to go as the base to this bento box I'm gonna add in some cooked fluffy quinoa this is

just gonna add our protein to this lunch on the side I have some sliced green apple and some mixed nuts and fruit there you have it Tuesday's bento box is complete [Music] Wednesday Greek pasta salad yep so in a large bowl I'm adding in my cooked brown rice pasta cherry tomatoes cucumber red onion kalamata olives feta and a simple vinaigrette once again all the recipes will be available on my blog toss everything up to combine all those delicious flavors and really marinate all the vegetables in that dressing I'm going to add in the pasta salad into my bento box along with some flax crackers and a heaping scoop of roasted red pepper hummus this recipe will actually be coming soon on the blog so stay tuned wednesdays lunch is done we're almost halfway there Thursday we are throwing it back to my chicken caesar wrap it's so delicious that Caesar dressing is dairy-free it tastes so garlicky and creamy and delicious I know you're gonna love it too your wrap I'm gonna add some butter leaf lettuce avocado tomato and chicken breast I'm gonna drizzle on my homemade Caesar dressing the stuff is

unreal it's dairy-free it's actually healthy and you guys seriously need to try it wrap it all up and you're done so to my bento box I'm adding in my wrap baby carrots and some kalamata olives Thursday check [Music] and then last but not least were rolling things into Friday with my simple brown rice sushi rolls you got that did you get it did you get it anyways those corny to some cooked brown rice I'm adding in a mixture of rice vinegar and honey I'm gonna mix that all up to really allow the rice to soak up that mixture all right now comes the fun part we're ready to assemble so on a bamboo mat I will link one of these down below I placed a roasted seaweed wrap and then I'm just scooping on my cooked brown rice this is gonna be the base to our sushi rolls so you just kind of want to scatter around the rice it's evenly coated on the bottom of the sheet and just use your fingers you can have some water on the side which will help the rice to not stick as much and you want to leave about an inch at the top so we can roll it and seal it at the end to this I'm gonna add in my butter

lettuce cucumber avocado carrot now making things really easy by buying the already shredded carrot sprinkling on some toasted sesame seeds and you're ready to wrap now you can look up YouTube videos on how to do this but it's really simple just kind of roll tuck and squeeze I guess is the best way to describe it and you'll just get better as you go taking a very sharp knife you can now slice up your roll into quarters I find running it under it just a little bit of water it helps cut through the seaweed a bit better and I'm telling you it's so satisfying when you cut into it you can see all the layers in the middle it's like you feel like a sushi making master pop these rolls into your bento box and on the side I have some orange wedges and some steamed edamame and we made it to Friday Friday is done [Music] there you have it my five super easy and delicious healthy bento box lunches from Monday to Friday I know you guys are gonna love these there you have it guys five super easy and delicious bento box lunches which one is your favorite out of the five Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday comment down below I would love to know I'm gonna have all the recipes linked in my info box and for those of you guys who aren't subscribed to the international newsletter and you may not have known that I gave out a free yes free superfoods ebook guide in your newsletter last month so if you guys want to get a copy all you have to do is actually just sign up to the newsletter I'll have a link down below and you will get an email with the ebook straight to your inbox it's totally free and I only send an email once a month in the beginning of the month and you get theirs you'll be entered into giveaways it's like lots of free stuff there's there's just not a downside to signing up really but yeah make sure you're subscribed to that newsletter if you want to get that free superfoods guys eBook it has 5 free full recipe bonus videos that are amazing and delicious and you'll love them and just as a little thank you for sticking to the end of the video if you guys want to actually pick up any of the bento boxes that were featured in

today's video we sell these on our shop they're made out of recycled rice husk which is really cool good for the environment they come in four colors we sell them in a pack of four and if you use the coupon code bento you'll receive 10% off your order so you guys can check that out a link will be down below and that's gonna be it for today's video thank you so much for watching guys like I said subscribe like do all those things hit that Bell notification button so you actually get notified when a new video drops on YouTube so thank you so much for watching I love you and enjoy your bunch of box lunches send me photos okay bye guys love you what see you soon [Music] you