08 March 2019


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new video. For today I have 5 college healthy breakfasts for you. As you might remember I've spent a really long time trying to ...

hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel today I'm gonna show you what I eat in a week I'm a super busy student with little free time so most of the meals will be super quick and easy yet so nutritious and yummy the first breakfast involves a toasted bread of butter hummus sprouts peppers and cherry tomatoes this is such a well-balanced bracket because hummus is high in good fat omega-3 fats calcium magnesium iron zinc and B vitamins this means that if you take any supplements or medicine right after you eat your breakfast they'll absorb better while the veggies and sprouts are rich in vitamins A B C and K they also contain some potassium fibers which means that they boost your immune system [Music] [Music] moving on we have this super delicious peanut butter banana porridge that is so filling and right away I can tell you that this was way too much for me like honestly it was so much so yeah you have to downsize start with will boil some oats and water and coconut rice milk this is actually one of my favorite milks and yeah you can use whatever milk

you like and additionally you can just use water or milk up to you but personally I prefer mostly water and a little bit of milk for texture and I like additional flavor and when it comes to the oats I only had instant oats which are not really the best cuz they're a little bit like you know mushy so I would recommend rolled oats but yeah it's your personal preference instead of adding sugar I'm throwing half of my banana to blend with the oats well the second half will be saved for my topping [Music] I'm also adding a little bit of peanut butter cuz I freaking love peanut butter I am so obsessed and a little bit of cinnamon once it's done I'll put on my banana some dark chocolate and some more peanut butter enter an amazing antioxidant and they lower that cholesterol which is awesome while a bananas peanut butter and dark chocolate are a great source of potassium fiber magnesium protein and zinc Oh delicious [Music] [Music] there are also times when I feel like having something a little bit more

hydrating in the morning and that's where my power juice comes in I like to use my juice squeezer to get the most out of my oranges apples celery and lemons those are the fruits and vegetables I chose but you can choose again whatever works best for you and I actually added a few more of each just to have more choose for my family come back to the fruits they are actually rich in antioxidants dietary fiber vitamin C vitamin ba and potassium while celery as you probably know is such a revolution so popular it contains just so many minerals vitamins like vitamin K b6 C potassium that's why it's an amazing anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant which means that it lowers the bad cholesterol and blood pressure and it makes your skin amazing like your body and your skin is so hydrated and edges it's really glowing so if you want that glowy skin then celery is your go-to [Music] [Applause] [Music] and can you already tell that I'm so into my porridge game like excuse me like there's nobody more into it than me

at the moment over exaggeration obviously uh-huh so for this one we will additionally add some chia seeds which are great for protection against a heart attack they also contain some omega-3 fatty acids which help to raise the good cholesterol and the C's are also rich in fiber iron and calcium so you're really winning it you know moving on I'm adding my tropical fruits for a change you know here we have some pineapple some Oh the melon God anyways there's a bunch of them and I don't really remember their names right now but it doesn't matter you choose your own fruits and I'm also adding some cinnamon net and this weird thing I don't really know what's it cold but I found it in my counter some time ago and I'm just you know I really like to throw it in why not for some more fiber and yeah I also add this key thing which is my grandma's own strawberry jam she makes it herself which means that she uses her own strawberries which she grows and you know she decides how much to put inside so this is essentially really healthy and so delish [Music] for my last breakfast I'm doing my lazy

over and I oh they're so lazy because you literally prepare it within five to seven minutes you store in your fridge and then you wake up when you eat so simple for this I like to add some water plant-based milk chia seeds cinnamon and mix it really well I actually recommend mixing because if you don't then in the morning your chia seeds will just they will not be so plump and so nice so mix your porridge of the liquid then for my topping I like to use my favorite frozen berries I know there's controversy whether you should use frozen or Rob honestly I don't care that much as long as I get my berries oh I just feel like frozen berries are still delicious and they also still contain some nutrients uh you're winning it you're really really winning it also they don't only have berries they also have plums which I love and I'm also adding some pumpkin seeds because why not so once this is done pretty much your breakfast is done and waiting for the morning you just leave it in your fridge so that it doesn't go bad and in the morning you have the most nutritious and delicious breakfast I hope you guys enjoyed the selection of breakfast this

is literally what I eat from the week and as you can tell a lot of it is super lazy and super quick so I hope you enjoyed it if you did then please give it a like and don't forget to subscribe to my channel [Music]