01 January 2019


Heres another £5 Aldi food challenge featuring 23 items for £5 each vs my cousin! xxx Follow my insta: @hazelwoodx business contacts only: ...

hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel I hope you're doing it so so well today so today I was thinking what can i film exactly and I thought actually I haven't done an Audi haul in a while well I say that they've been in my recent vlogs but I haven't done a video dedicated out in some time identify pound out a challenge of my little cousin Keira a few months back and it was really fun we basically went around Odie and so five pounds each and got as many items as possible so today I thought I'd do the same thing with a slight twist I myself personally went for a little more on the healthy side however this one hey decided she wasn't bothered about being healthy she started off healthy and getting a few naughty treats didn't you so you won the challenge however I was under five pounds and you are over weren't you about twenty P 29 PE yeah never mind so we're gonna start with my bags stuff I'm gonna go through everything and then clear it's gonna go through her head so mine is more healthy options and honestly I was really surprised at how much that I got I've got 10 items for five pounds or four pound ATT I think it

was and yeah I think this just goes to show that if you want to eat healthy especially now we're getting into January periods yes and now we're getting into January you know if one sort of diet so I thought that basically okay some healthy ideas for you guys so it's not weird but top the list so I got soya milk unsweetened now I always have soy milk because I'm lactose intolerant I mean I still have dairy here and there but I try and eliminate it where possible so 59 pence to this it's just as good as out Pro soya milk I always bang on about this because I think it's amazing so highly highly recommend it's 59 Pete you just really can't go wrong from you and then next I've got a bolognese pasta sauce 455 T and this one has added garlic in it so I wondering how this is going to taste so this just be nice to have you know a little bit of pasta and then lots of chicken so I'm kind of high protein E and meal with a bit of carb as well perfect for a day where I'm going to boot camp and you know need some carbs after that because I've burnt off about 800 calories in one session and then next I've got some rice cakes and these

were one pound 15 for the packet and you get three packets in here of three rice cakes a snack packets and they individually wrapped yeah you like them yes so I actually share with you now what they're like I do treat you guys so nice so anyway this is what it's like you get three packets like this and then there's three in there these are perfect for work and want to take them having this breakfast having as a snack whatever you want to do within that was quite cheap freely considering what was the brand name you get snackage it not hello have you had in calorie ones quite a catch at the yogurt ones at compiling and they're really expensive I think what to at dry recipe mixes for 22 P eat so they're by the brand bramwell's and I haven't heard that before but you know I've had these products before and they're really good so first one is chili con carne again perfect for a high-protein meal so I'm going to use a low-fat mincemeat with this and then you can put lots of kidney beans in chopped tomato which I'm not gonna say but maybe this one got over here and onions etc something really

nice to be able to have so chili con carne 23p and then the second one I got was medium peri-peri marinade and it's spicy barbecue oven grill fry and it serves four so I'm gonna use this to sprinkle over a lot of chicken breasts in the oven Grill it cook it lots of edge and then have it for my lunches at work with and it with rice or couscous I thought that was really really good for 22p cannot go wrong and obviously you bring in Nando's to your home which makes it all better so I'm excited about that and then next surprise sources this was 33 P I picked up this chow mein which I thought would be really nice to have with a stir-fry obviously so can have this with some noodles and then lots of edge again where you going you're decided to reappear yeah so for that we might have as a stir-fry with veg chicken etc so perfect me an idea there as well Oh next I've got tomato puree for 34 PE and this is gonna be used for pizzas so what I'm gonna do is get mini pic well mini or whole I don't even care what size they are I think mini ones be quite cute and wholemeal bitter breads and then I'm gonna put this on top and then whose

goat's cheese because of some lactose intolerant and then put some up sweet corn tune or whatever you want on them and then that can be mini pizzas which are healthy so happy exactly high-five to that Thanks it was 33 P reduce from 65 P because it's going out a date tomorrow caramelized onion yummy yummy because it's her obviously see you next I've got paralyzed onion hummus because I mean can I love hummus so much that 10 out of 10 love it so we're very excited to eat this today Betty yeah your veggie yeah we're gonna eat this with carrot battens and cucumber aren't we later has a nice little afternoon snack it's a very excited to have that and then I got oh okay this was 50 90 and this was shake and sprinkle chicken it became by stone mill and it's basically season and so one thing I think is amazing for this that secondly guys you need to try it honestly amazing I don't only put this on chicken I actually sprinkle it on chips in the oven put on your chips and thank me later they honestly taste amazing it's a bit like Perry Perry salt but it has a real nice under flavor to I can't explain what it is just kind of

herby and spicy it's just delicious yeah love it yeah the woman in the store dropped it on the floor last but not least I've got some toasted muffins 42p and I got these because I like to pop these in the freezer because we don't have them that often it's kind of a tree and I'd like to have these with chicken sausages made into like a patty and then with an egg and it's mostly like uh McDonald's breakfast but a healthier version so I'm gonna have that for breakfast yeah really nice and avocado as well smashed on one side see I've got them because perfect and just put some oneness we see him at the window and yeah perfect me an idea and perfect cheese puffs me and freeze yourself that everything that I got for the ten items at all sounds pretty good for pipe out well for her name each bill next let's move on to Kira's night time leave her can you don't make it up I spent five pounds 29 yes I went over 29 well-known PD to make the bag so yes you know she makes pas you find this so I got 13 I'll see how you beat me three things

extra Iaquinta three things between us for ten pounds yeah the first thing I got was this table salt and I'm not gonna eat a little bit it's mostly for like like I know you can do salt on that so oh yeah okay it's pretty cool it was 25 P next thing I bought was some junk food so I got some milk me chocolate there's milk chocolate and white chocolate and I decided to get a milk chocolate and that was LTP and we can use that like cakes [Applause] challenge yeah and they're bulb on biscuit 22 these are my very dark light and this is probably what made me go over yeah cuz these were pound by 5 but oh wait no they're 109 these are top each YZ cakes cheesecakes one my favorite dessert chocolate and yeah they were 109 see I got with this special Mexican style rice packed with jalapeno to be oh my god just read them and burn my mouth but last night the painters red peppers and Mexican spell spice it's very kick of flavor only 149 304 you know I'm pay that's very good mate on ground I like open one pound 6000 bits normally six soft white slice sandwich bins and they were fifty flat cakes

perfect you can fit in the freezer as well and they're really nice wrong to have wave like well anything really in Dickens ooh then I got piece which were 36 p and they put ot and then it a lot like hope not yeah they're gonna better saying uh it's not really unhealthy like it's a healthier version of a biscuit yeah I did hey dick give a little clue away earlier I got chopped tomatoes tomatoes you're not American Tomatoes that's American that's how Americans say it tomatoes they were 28-piece that's pretty cheap it cost me 28 P how's that don't know don't worry about don't you just don't look for a second I want to check so I got this porridge pot which was 35 P and a delight son I didn't get the syrup one oh I got the original one I'm sorry I used to be nice yeah so yeah yummy yummy yummy happily that happened people Hazen said and if she sees a spider and she's gonna try because he won't know what to do with it yeah I don't know these are like a different version of pot well they're exactly the same but like much cheaper they were there in 40 free cake and these touch and then milk buttons and

these were very fake okay 33 yeah 33 it's from anyway everyone we really really hope you enjoyed watching let us know if there's any challenges that you'd like to see I'm to end the video and to end festive spirits and seasoning and times we're gonna tell a crap okay in there always get in there get in the face then up Stevie let's do one more okay I'll do I'll try be more gentle we know what's in here it's gonna be a party hat and sicker Oh was i right oh yes there we have it some more stickers and it yes Amos Reed three laughs do you get if you cross the fish and two elephants swimming trunks but I'm boom-boom anyway yeah we really hope you enjoyed watching if there's any other challenges you'd like to see please let us know especially food ones because we love our food and we love shopping so it's perfect challenge but yeah so I'll see you next video and Karen will see what's on foot soon why are you so far back here oh yeah if I miss father I let me enjoy it I know your miniature heads may be big tip pepper for it I'm on get me closer

I can we go great really great I got you very three two one we do stop laughing okay gosh boy she like okay