08 June 2019

40% Of All Supplements Sold in India are FAKE! Fake MASSGAINER HARMED DELHI Youth's Health.

This is a commentary based on a news report by WION. Where they sate the fact that 70% of all health supplements sold in India are fake. The report tells the ...

I was taking weight gainers actually and

I was diagnosed with our disease which is called gastro fagioli reflux disorder studies suggest that more than 70% of these fitness supplements sold in Indian markets you know they're recommending we use of the blue you know I don't recommend we use on Korean Arabic I swear to you I haven't watched a single video in Korean or Arabic ever in my life but the YouTube is recommending me Korean and learning videos so that is I'm not shocked because you know a lot of the people has been talking about the YouTube channel I mean anyway this video is about a video tribute Avion is an Indian news media level at which they published a report two years back that 70% of the author fitness or bodybuilding or health supplements sold on the idea or faked you know they specifically say that a guy in Delhi that he bought some kind of weight gainer and he has some problems with it so this has been I have been telling to you guys you know everybody who goes there you know don't buy something from somebody who like you met in the gym or some trainer would be pushing you to buy supplements especially was gayness because right now I can say and these

five personal trainers who I know directly or indirectly because my France has been both has told me the story that being constantly pushing them to buys a big Gator so much in it because they are forcing them guys you cannot do the math by taking away food because your point is success and size because Jenica says that you cannot absorb enough nutrients from the food there is nothing like that increase your calorie intake and huge gain made it almost anything that is a true theorem if any business trainer because we're at record I know many of them care what here in India that pushing the muscular zero the lot of companies in India smaller companies they do not math errors and no other supplements because it's pretty cheap to manufacture them they will dumped some percentage of cheapest we truly not even be proven I have seen muskiness with milk solids don't even have any me proving down with some some pop ahead let's like more to explain maybe I have seen what I don't complete floor directly as I put some sugars then they make them blended it together and that is a big deal you know that is the case with it

and I wanna show it again and again and again if somebody is some trainer is telling you to buy bacon or for just the sake of gaining some loss it's absolute beers don't listen to them I will put a little bit pieces of the viondra Pato nd believe this video and I will try I will link up in the description at the comments the full report you know that is what happened you know to me and I am really shocked when the people still believe that even my cousin told me that his trainer told him that you must take muscular to gain size ready the food the most Oh Liam and if you gotta get shredded you're gonna take me through it in that pan you know it's yes because first of all is easy easy for them to sell must be necessary pretty because it's significantly cheaper compared to the whole iam what they're getting sold the kids will be much happening eating a huge table for two thousand rupees rather than get his motor food four thousand rupees with brilliant so that is the case I wanna shout it out again the situation in India so if anyone ending is watching please be cautious about the situation

going wrong so that said