15 July 2018

4 "Healthy" Foods To Avoid In The Morning (DONT EAT IT!)

Welcome back to my channel! Today, I am sharing with you some things you shouldn't eat in the morning. If you are like me, and you are trying to lead a healthy ...

hi guys welcome back to my youtube

channel today I'm going to be sharing with you bought breakfast ideas that you should avoid at all costs especially for weight loss also don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button to my channel because they uploads new workout videos every single Thursday and it's everything [Music] okay so I'm just gonna dive right into this video and the first breakfast that you should be avoiding at all cause our yogurts that have fruit in them so why I'm talking about the store yogurts if you buy that already has fruit included in the weather that's at the top or the bottom now I know that having an yogurt with fruit sounds extremely healthy and it's saying that I always thought as well but the problem is it's actually a trap the reason it's a trap is because the fruit that's included in these chocolates offer lotion thanks sugars syrups and it only really has a tiny amount of fruit juice your best option if you do want to have a yogurt in the morning but your breakfast is to go and buy unsweetened yogurt or a Greek yogurt and add your own fruit whether that's

gonna be berries like strawberries or raspberries blueberries oh you do want to chop up some bananas or you want to add a bit of cinnamon on to do your itself do not hold him to trapped by a yogurt with these fruits already included in there because it's not gonna help your waistline in the long run jumping straight into number two the second breakfast I did you guys should be avoiding is granola now again I know canola sounds healthy I don't know why it just does sound healthy and it's something that we've been advertised to by saying that you guys want to have a healthy breakfast have some yogurt with granola huh now the problem with banana is actually a huge sin the reason it's a huge sin is because it's packed with sugar and it's really a high calorie dense breakfast because it contains nuts oils sugar and even dried fruit again these things are just gonna be adding to your website and all it's going to be doing is adding to your calories for the day and it's something that you should be avoiding again there's so many breakfast options that you can have but I would be avoiding winona at all costs and have

you actually ever seen an unsweetened granola when you really think about it probably not because they're all full of sugar now the third breakfast that I would be avoiding is smoothies and I'm talking about smoothies that are packed with the fruit again when you are thinking that you low calorie diet or you're trying to be healthy it's really easy to just opt for smooth because it's easy to consume on the go but the problem is is and that a lot for smoothies are made with fruit and fruit equal sugar now I know for it is natural and I know you're consuming natural sugars but when you actually blend down your fruit into a smoothie in a British Heart Association actually States they're blending down the fruit sugars the natural sugar is actually getting released from at the cell walls in the fruit itself and you actually are then only left with free sugars and free sugars are something that we should be avoiding at all cost not only in our normal day-to-day diet but again especially something if you are trying to be healthy and lose weight so if you're gonna opt for a smoothie try and

always go for a green smoothie that you can make from home that's either made with vegetables there's loads of recipes online but I do suggest steering clear of fruit smoothies and also the other problem with having a smoothie is that sometimes when you are consuming liquid breakfast it it actually leaves you hungry throughout the day and it doesn't satisfy that whole and the final breakfast that I want to suggest avoiding is instant oats now again I know that most people are gonna opt folks especially if they're trying to be healthy and it is something that has been pushed in front of us but either if you're trying to get your good carbohydrate intake in but the problem with the instant oats is that they are hacked with sugar if you actually have a look at say Quaker Oats in front of them it is packed with so much of its highly processed and it actually eliminates all the good fiber and nutrients that you need in your body so I highly suggest steering clear of any instant oh and if you do pray oats in the morning just make you Ivan if you do have a sweet tooth like I do just add some cinnamon on top it tastes just as nice and it's

full of all the nutrition of fiber that you lead from at your diet so that's it guys I hope you enjoyed my video and you enjoyed learning the four practices that I highly suggest avoiding at all cost especially for weight loss don't forget to hit that like to subscribe button because I upload a new workout video every single Thursday and tips every single Sunday I hope you have a lovely morning afternoon evening whatever time it is for you and I'll see you guys on Thursday bye I hope you guys are interested