08 June 2019

4 healthy smoothie recipes!

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hey guys so today I'm just gonna be

making my favorite smoothie recipes got how to make them um I basically drink this for me every single morning just because it's the perfect breakfast it keeps me full to lunch and it's really healthy and I find a great way of hype like really healthy foods in smoothies so yeah you enjoy first movie I'm gonna make is my strawberry banana smoothie I'm always gonna start with some almond milk I like honestly I always put videos basically on all of my smoothies just because I find it's really great way a great way to thicken it then I put voting handful of frozen so freeze it's a great way to get protein in the morning if you don't have time to make me eggs or something I used to put one scoop and this it's just enhanced collagen so basically it's just gonna make my skin nails and hair just really healthy because it supports nail growth skin grove and when I put this in my smoothie because it basically doesn't have a taste but it's a super healthy for you this is just 100% organic coconut oil I love to put this in my smoothies because it gives it a bit of a creamy texture actually and you can't really taste it

it just gives like a subtle coconut taste I'm just gonna put this all up so now I have my blender here this next movie is more of a craving curving smoothie so like I'm ever craving a ice cream or anything like that I always make this smoothie because sweeter kind of chocolatey so love it so again I just start with my almond milk and as I said I always put my banana in my smoothies the better if there are just a little more right than I have it here cuz in their softer and they do put in like more of the banana flavor so then again we'll just go in with and collagen just because the coconut oil is actually really good for your skin as well so it's always healthy to put in it so this is gonna make your smoothie is so delicious on there's 20 grams of protein in here so I don't even know what I'm so good it literally tastes like this is the chocolate my favorite I love chocolate flavored cookie it's vegan so it's just so good and literally this protein literally smells like chocolate cake one scoop if you like things a little bit more chocolaty you can also add some cocoa powder but this is so good

and then I'm gonna add some peanut butter this is gonna give it like a really good chocolate peanut butter taste I honestly just do like two big scoops I'm also gonna add just a few drops of vanilla and I'm just gonna blend it up so this one's really good too you don't have to just drink it you could put it in the freezer and kind of have what's called an ice cream so it'd be a dairy-free ice cream when I try that isolated - so this one can be more of like a dessert smoothie on something I would drink drink or freeze and eat I'm craving something sweet this movie does come out a little bit thicker just because of the banana the peanut butter I did put a little bit more protein in it but honestly it is so good if you wanted to be cold just add a few ice cubes before you point that oh it's obviously the next day I just didn't want to make all four smoothies in one day contract that many so we're just gonna start out with a green smoothie this one's really great just to keep you healthy if you're on the go and you like grab something some veggies in it so

yeah today I'm just gonna start with orange juice instead of [Music] and then cam is so healthy for you so I vote and then for anyone that's oppose below iron is so good he's just occupiers okay I'm just like a handful of spinach and then what this is this is just a green powder and it's confirming of yours do eat fruits and veggies and this is really great to put in a smoothie because it doesn't taste that great but if you mix it with this movie can't really taste it and this is not to replace eating vegetables fruits and vegetables so I'm still be trying to eat as many as I can but for those days are just a little bit busier and you can't obviously eat healthy all the time [Music] I'm just going to blend it out it obviously comes out a bit greener but it is so good if you just can't fit in all your fruits and veggies a day or if you just want under the healthier snack but honestly you can't even taste all the ingredients in there and do so so this next movie is so yummy one of my favorites for sure this one's basically

just a morning wake me up citrus movie about a cup we're gonna put our banana in there [Music] [Music] [Music] you you you