19 May 2019

4 Cups Of Nutrition!

you know whats good everyone it's chill

bro I can again with another video today you might be wondering what are these five plastic cans looking what this is it's a type of nutrition you know I'm saying it's it's a nutrition it's good its healthy and all that stuff I know I know I just some mukbangs videos and stuff I you know I eat but today I wanted to introduce you and to myself these five these five great bonus healthiest nutrition drink yup we're gonna turn this to a drink and I'm gonna drink them and and yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be good you know Sam look at this so we got one two three and four all right and now each of them has a certain each of them has a certain type of pout you know sounds like it's like a not power but it's it's it gets it helps you want on different healthy stages of your own health body and this is a nother one as I was saying this is cup number one is a herb Oh herb herb all alloy concentrate it's a basically it's um to digest your health so that's gonna be good for all the food I've been eating all right this this is one of my favorite ones because tastes like Apple tis like a per Apple this is a the brown

stuff is tea and the white stuff it is fiber yeah I believe it's like that yeah it's fiber and obviously well fiber does you know in it basically it's also like the number one is for your digestive except what the fiber does is you know cleans your body system you know and it's good because we don't really eat fiber very really often it's really rare we see each other or I guess we know us eating fiber I mean well what do you eat like one apple and that's it there's your fiber this bean contains lots of grams of fiber and that's that's that's the reason why I'm gonna drink this because it's good number three favorite this is my favorite now there's two threes he doesn't might be wondering why is there two threes so the reason why there's two threes is because one three does is so cup number three this is going to be cup number three is the reason why I it's two is because one of them is protein and the other what the other is it's it's just delicious awesome so it's it's really delicious you know it contains a lot of micro and macro nutrients and this is something that we all need you know it's it's this

one's gonna fill me up it's gonna you know be satisfied with it and then up to five hours I'm gonna feel perfect you know you're gonna feel that energy because you're not only drinking the micro and the macro nutrients but you also have protein and what does protein do you know it helps for your muscles as me as I'm I'm starting to work out you know I I go to crunch I don't know if you guys know that but it's it's it's a gym I just worked my ass off there and just try to get my my bones I want to show ya it's personalized protein I like that and wishing did we uncover ready so I'll cover this so far number four you can see it's it contains a little bit of all now what number four is its energy its pierre-pierre energy this is 10 times better like if you're drinking Red Bull monster all that you know you drink and I know I drink bhang energy that one is also good because it's all it also helps for your you know muscles it also contains energy of course it's not precisely a nation drink it's more like of a juice I don't even know why people are saying that's an energy drink but it's not it's like it's like it's basically juice that helps you out with

working on if you're just one of those persons that doesn't work down just sleeps and just drinks that it's gonna be bad for you cuz I'm you know your heart will start going fast we don't want so so now that's number four you know it's it's energy concentration and and it also you know it's also for like if you're really sick this would help you guarantee you okay so this is good so we're gonna do this we're gonna start serving ourselves cups having this yeah let's begin so we are going to start off with one watch me do the process we're gonna go quick [Music] and as you guys can see this is cup number one it's gonna be the best mukbang ever then my friends is what I call nutrition [Music] cup number one alright everyone so back to I was saying cup number two as you guys heard it's gonna be the tea I mean I personally like to drink this one you know kind of a bit warm but to do this quick video not take so long I'm gonna just pour it in there and yeah we'll see it's um it's a drink

that helps you with the anti oxidants of high quality so this is this is a high quality so if it's like it's like you're eating an apple remember it's like if you're eating an apple you buy day and you know how it turns to color that's because it is intoxicating itself and let's begin drinking this [Music] as you guys can see this is cup number two and now let's drink oh man that definitely tastes like Apple it's good it's better than one simple product if you go to Walmart and if you're buying one summer product of protein it's not really gonna help it does help because it's there for a reason but what the value of this is much richer than what you're getting oh look so if you guys want to know how to get this contact you know comment through this video or just go to my Instagram and DM either I'll put my Instagram right here or right here I'm not sure that is good definitely good let's move on to cup number three all right and all we need is number three it's protein and this is the it's kind of food you know kind of for dealt with these are we'll

get to the next stops and I explain more details oh yeah so this couple number three and all you gotta do is because this one sticks to your cup this one is like really it's kinda like it kind of sticks to your cup and it's gonna be hard to stir it up and we're gonna we don't we don't want that so all you gotta do is just first for water not a lot but a little bit then you just don't follow them in this is personally my favorite one because of how you know good it is and I think this is the vanilla no it's the milk I think it's kinda like that I forgot the flavor of this but this is more like milk vanilla something like that there's cookies and cream there's different other types of you know drink and that is definitely true to check out my person like chocolate and cookies and cream this is like my third favorite one so I already have time doing this and then honestly has helped me improve the log on line on my cardio a lot of my a lot of my skills you know they come to report hopefully focus a lot when I'm in school just help but focus more and honestly like dead-ass it actually does help me focus I don't fall asleep that's

the thing I like about these I don't fall asleep in class as I used to back in my day and I gotta do is you guys heard up this is really good name that is juice alright now that we're done let's treat and Here I am again drinking cup number three that definite is good [Applause] so back to I was saying everyone let's continue sorry I mean I know I know I cut the video because I have to go do something real quick wow this is good as you guys can see I'm already four we as kenzi of course I mean I feel satisfied satisfied fool it was because basically you got a drink first and then you eat let's continue alright last and final so now this is the one that's not you know one of my favorite ones because of how dark it you know taste is but it's it's good the reason why it's good because this thing contains tons and tons of energy and no this is not drug this is good stuff tannerite it kind of looks like drink with that no I kind of take that back alright so yeah this is uh this is the

good stuff y'all saying it's good I'm pumped for this [Music] last and final let's drink this and that is that everyone that is a whole process of these four cups in five it's good try I really recommend you and if you really think you can do this I mean not like it's not something unfortunate too but like if you actually feel like you know you need this or you need questions about this more info please contact me through either my Instagram I'll put it one more time probably in the link in the description you know just - oh yeah and I usually don't put stuff in my description but yeah I'll probably put that in there or I'll just put it right here again or something right here I'm not sure and yeah if you guys need any more questions about this more info she you guys want to know more about each specific drink please contact me go to or either contact me through my comments and then just just just give me your note you're in phone then I'll delete the comment and then we're we're set so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys leave a like comment subscribe and

thanks for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one they pause it