10 June 2019

30 days to Healthy Living kit

What is in my box and what do I do with it?

hey there so I'm super excited about

your journey with our thirty days to healthy living and I just wanted to go over really quick what you are getting or got in your box just so you know what you have and what to do with it so okay first of all you should have two bags of protein that look like this - there's chocolate or vanilla so whichever you chose each bag has 30 servings and a serving is two scoops there's a scoop inside it okay and so when you make a shake you do two scoops in a shake and then so that's enough for 60 shakes for the month so if you're doing this for weight loss then you're going to replace two meals a day with the shake and if you're doing it to maintain or just for health purposes then you can do one shake a day and your protein will last you two months okay so the next thing that you'll see is your daily fiber boost okay comes like this it also has a little scoop in it there are thirty full scoops in this but I recommend especially the first week only using a quarter to a half a scoop of your fiber until your body is used to this amount of fiber every day okay and then after the first week or so depending on how you feel you can move it up or keep it

up the same I use a half a scoop always no matter what and you can put a half a scoop in each shake or in just one a day and then the next thing is you're going to get a box of digestion plus this has the little sticks each one so if you open it it's gonna be little sticks that look like this and so that's one packet and so in your shake you're going to add one of these also only one shake a day you have this so this box has 30 so it's gonna last you 30 days and this is your prebiotics probiotics and live digestive enzymes this is what's going to help reduce all the inflammation in your gut but also heal your gut and help flatten your tummy so that's what we all right then you're also gonna get two boxes of fist --ax so we have one right here but you're gonna get two in either a pomegranate or citrus what however you chose the flavors this also has a little packets in it there's thirty in each box I have to add a like one in the morning because I used to be a coffee drinker and so I replaced that and then one usually mid-afternoon just to help me get over that afternoon slump when everybody wants a snack so I mix it in about 3/4 of a bottle of water

because it does fizz so you want to drink about 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle of water before you put your packet in it you can also mix it with sparkling water which is really really good and then you can even mix it with less water or more water depending on how you like the flavor it's totally up to you some people especially the first few days of their program can will even drink three a day because you do kind of get the plan of detox feeling the first few days and they really help with cravings and with any detox symptoms that you might have they have the caffeine of about a half a cup of coffee and it's natural caffeine from green tea and every one of our products are sweetened with pure cane sugar or stevia there's no artificial sweeteners and nothing that's not natural so the next thing that you will get is you're going to get detox tea which you'll get two boxes of this and there's 20 tea bags in each box and they can be drank either in the morning if you were a coffee drinker and you know like that warm liquid in the morning or could drink it at night it's kind of soothing calming it's peppermint and milk thistle which is super

supportive for liver and kidneys but it also helps reduce bloating so and it calms your stomach so I actually drink it twice a day morning at night this is kind of my go-to thing I love the detox team and in the morning if you were a coffee drinker and you need the caffeine but you want the warm in the morning a lot of people will make their detox tea warm like with a cure egg or something and then add their fistic to it where you get it both at the same time you can do it however you want that's just what a lot of people do and then the last thing is you will either get you either chose a Greens balance which is just a basically it's a mixture of 37 fruits and vegetables all ground up so it's a whole food like kind of like multivitamin but it's a full serving of fruits and vegetables it's all body alkaline and it's all colors of fruits and vegetables so it's a lot of the things that you wouldn't eat on a daily basis um you can mix that right in your shake or I do first thing in the morning what I call a greens shot so first thing in the morning I wake up I put a scoop of my greens balance I add

my digestion plus packet so I don't put it in my shake I put it with my greens shot and then a fish stick for flavor and for a little bit of energy I mix it all in about 4 ounces of water and just drink it real quick that's my first thing in the morning you can like I said add these things to your shake and it's just fine and then the other thing option with the Greens balance was the seven-day body cleanse which you would use on week three it comes with seven packets and you're going to mix those with 32 ounces of water and drink them over like a four to six hour period on week three of your thirty days now on the Facebook group you will also get a rundown of all of these products I just wanted to be sure that you know exactly what you were getting and how to use it on the Facebook group there's recipes for shakes I will send you my favorite shake recipes my kids drink this stuff as well all of this is safe for anybody kids adults pregnant breastfeeding [Music] diabetics any autoimmune disease all kinds of things it's super super safe and you'll also find on the Facebook page that you've been added to you will

find under the files tab you'll find all of everything about the 30 days you'll find your recipes your avoid lists which you're gonna avoid dairy gluten soy coffee soda and like energy drinks and you are going to avoid refined sugar and processed food so don't freak out okay I've done this a lot of times and I'm actually way better for it so you'll actually figure out which of these foods don't serve your body well and then you'll learn how to eliminate those foods and then replace them where you still don't feel like you're hungry or craving anything else okay so let me know if you have any questions but I just wanted to give you a real quick rundown and I'm super excited for you