01 May 2019

30 Days to Healthy Living

Change your life in 30 days. Create incredible eating and exercise habits with minimal effort. Learn how here.

hey how's it going so you wanted to know

what I did over the last 30 days in order to basically change the way that I looked which I still kind of look the same I'm just a little bit thinner which is glorious for me because for the past eight months that I've been here in San Diego I've been really struggling to maintain the weight and the body style that I had when I lived in Los Angeles really easy to do it there why because everyone around you was at the gym constantly everyone around you is on a diet their salads everywhere and here in San Diego there is a lot of really good food so James and I in our explorations of San Diego came across some really amazing restaurants and I put on 15 pounds yes that's right eight months I put on 15 pounds and I was not fitting into any of my suits and I wasn't fitting into any of my jeans and I was like this is ridiculous and it has to stop and it wasn't until James was like hey I think we should lose some weight that I was able to put this in action so I want to share it with you really quick I want to let you know that if you want to send me your address I will send you one of these now I don't think that you have to do everything exactly as it says

why because everybody's body is different and everybody works a little bit differently in regards to how they diet and what they like and what they don't like but what I will tell you is that the thing that helped the most out of this was taking your plate and splitting 50% of it just for green veggies it's so important it is actually the basis of everything that you could do to set yourself up for success over 30 days remember this is only 30 days if you don't like it after 30 days you can go back to eating however you want and also having the body that you currently have right so 50% of your plate needs to be green vegetables breakfast lunch and dinner okay then a quarter of your plate needs to be protein so put two ounces of turf two ounces of chicken lean meat that is the important thing you can do fish if you like fish or salmon but you don't want to put like short ribs or anything that's highly saturated in a sauce you want grilled healthy lean meat on your plate now if you have a piece of sausage for breakfast will it kill you probably not but what I did is I put a little check mark on my calendar so I

have a calendar and what I did is I put on the calendar you know all the days of the month starting on April 1st and I went through at any time that I thought that you know what I could have I could have done this a little bit better I gave myself a little check mark and if I could have done things a little bit better more than once in the day I put a second check mark now here's the caveat there are certain days that are going to go by like Mother's Day or like for me it was Easter where I had to really really focus on trying to do the right thing and I failed Easter the whole day got a big checkmark why because I drank because I ate Donuts because I ate all the stuff that I wanted to eat I ain't naio and and and and potato salad and I just had everything I wanted to have and that is okay too as long as it's not a regular thing so here's the plan it's called 30 days to healthy living what I want you to do is I want you to decide where your challenges are for me the challenges are the snacks I need things throughout the day you want to try and eat every two to three hours give yourself a little something but you want

it to be healthy and the other thing is too is that you have to do plant-based foods you can't just kill yourself with protein you have to cut out coffee coffee gone for 30 days okay you have to cut out dairy that's right if you like milk you like creamer you got to find something else okay and the third thing is is you got to cut out sugar this is the number one killer for me because I have a sweet tooth like today I wanted to just go out and grab a doughnut right but celebrate with a doughnut I'm not a dog I shouldn't treat myself so here's what I recommend I recommend you go out and buy almond milk do not get soy milk soy milk is not good for you regardless of what they say soy is not good for you it's manufactured by man okay you want non-gmo stuff when you go to the store you look at the ingredients even if it says non-gmo on the front read every single ingredient if you think something looks funny in there don't buy it just that simple okay come up with a plan for yourself now in the 30 days to healthy living guide that I'm going to send to you what I want you to do is I want you to look through and

see what's possible for you you know so for instance when I wake up in the morning the first thing I would do is I would have a bowl of cereal okay I really love the Kashi choline cereal and it's actually really healthy for me but I had to cut out calm like the the carbohydrates that are not complex carbs so what I did is I woke up every morning and instead of having that I would make myself some eggs and I would put spinach or kale or some type of green inside of the eggs or even just green onions something just to kind of give it some flavor a little bit of salt a little bit of pepper and that was my breakfast then I would go to the gym then I would have a protein shake after the gym now I have to tell you there's a few of these Arbonne products now I'm not going to sell you on our bond if you want to use something else feel free go out and find something else but I promise you the vegan protein is really hard to find at a really good price that tastes really good so I use the Argan vanilla or the chocolate protein powder there is also a chai protein powder as well but it might be out of stock so I would double check once I give you the web address to go to

and look ok the vanillin protein i buy one package of each why because you use it for different things you can use the protein powder to cook you can make desserts with it you can use it at the end of the night when you're doing your detox teas which is very important for you to do a detox tea you use that in the detox tea once of it makes a delicious hot chocolate or hot vanilla and it's okay for you to have and it satisfies that sweet craving that's at least what it did for me so these are a couple of key things that I've done if you decide to go ahead and have me send you this which is the complete 30 days to healthy living guide I will mail it to you cost is on me don't worry about it and I will also send you the web address now get out your pen and paper because I want you to write this down because I want you to just take a look at the website and see how much the products are if you sign up as a preferred client you get a discount on everything and you may even get free shipping so it's worthwhile for you to look at this it is my name Lewis ello you is tre NTA Lewis treinta dot our bond a r b-- o NN

e right there dot-com and then go on click shop click on nutrition and just look at all the products there are three products I want you to focus on actually there's five okay let's be honest there's five that I use the vitamin B fizzy sticks the pomegranate tastes the best to me some people love the citrus I've tried the blackberry it's just okay at least it's not my thing and then there's also another one that says mind health that one doesn't do it for me so I go with the pomegranate I got if you're using two a day one in the morning one at around four o'clock this replaces coffee for you so you won't need to worry about coffee it's a vitamin B stick you put it in water it fizzes it tastes great makes you feel good gives you a little lift alright that's the first thing so you're gonna need probably two boxes of that if you're gonna go thirty days okay the detox tea the Arbonne detox tea is awesome and it's chock full of antioxidants I use this in the morning I drink one in the morning and I drink one at night first thing in the morning and second thing at night other thing

that you're going to want to pick up at the store is apple cider vinegar Broad's apple cider vinegar with the mother you have to get it with the mother because it's going to clear your system out do one tablespoon in the morning with some water one tablespoon in the evening with some water that's your detox portion in the morning and the night are your most important times third product is you've got to get the detox okay there's a Arbonne detox let me look at it right here it's called the seven-day body cleanse all right the seven-day body cleanse is imperative because what you're gonna do is the first week at the end of the first week you're going to have one of those at the end of the second week you're gonna have another one and then at the end of the third week well during the third week you're going to spread out two of the detox packets whatever days you want you can do it at the beginning of the week in the middle of the week however you want net the fourth is on the last three days of your cleanse three days of doing the detox now the seven day body cleanse I will tell you you can do it all at once but it's not gonna help you unless

you've done the thirty day cleanse so what I recommend is splitting it up over the course of the thirty days the other thing that I want to tell you is that you can eat with this body cleanse you don't just drink this you will pass out so you need to eat with it and then the other products that I use are the protein powder the vanilla the chocolate or the chai whatever you choose whatever your flavors whatever you like you can get them into little packets where you can get them bulk I like them bulk because then I get to kind of use it however I want two scoops in a protein shake make sure you do that once a day and then the fifth thing that I really like is I really enjoy the Greens balance here's the reason why we don't get enough green in our system as it is and even if you're doing half of your plate with greens some days you're not going to be able to do that for whatever reason so being able being able to take a scoop of the greens which has your greens or blues and your Reds you'll understand why you read the ingredients you put that into your protein powder and you're good for the day it's your daily dose of

greens so those are the five products I recommend if you have any questions on them feel free to call me feel free to message me my phone number still three one zero three six seven six three three zero again three one zero three six seven six three three zero and then here's the website again it is my name Luis treinta ello you i s TR ENT a at no not at dot our bond a RB om n e.com that way you can just see what's available to you there's a whole bunch of other beauty products and and nutritional products that you can try and utilize if you have any questions I use a lot of argon products and to be honest I've been using them for years so I highly recommend checking this out let me know if you want me to send you this I have copies of it I'm more than happy to mail it to you today alright hope you're having a great day talk to you soon