01 January 2019

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Results + Breaking 2 Day Fast | Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 96]

Today I share my 30 day weight loss challenge results and show you the food I am eating to while breaking 2 day fast. This is what hard work has done to me on ...

hi everyone its Mieka fasting weight loss and it is January 1st 2019 excited this

is gonna be the best year ever for all of us that put it in the daily work oh my gosh today is my 30 day weight loss challenge results I did 30 days of extreme weight loss techniques however I didn't do it every single day let's see 30 days ago I started at 243 I did a lot of fasting let's see one two three four five I don't know what I did here six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 I think I count it right I think I kind of right so this is day 96 of my weight loss journey I started 96 days ago at 270 3.2 my highest weight average 297 my goal weight 197 because that would be a hundred pounds lost from my highest weight but I still have a big ol belly so going past 197 I don't know where yep I'm age 41 and I'm around five nine I might have shrunk I don't know um 30 day weight loss challenge day 30 okay yesterday I was to 13.4 now towards the end of this video I will put my weight this is so embarrassing I could not find the shirt that I took a picture in I and sometimes my clothes get mixed up with my kids clothes and actually I have my 14 pants on right now that is freaking awesome okay they're size large that's what I took the picture in this shirt I think is a 3x man why is this so tight but it's looser than I used to be it says 3x oh um let's see yeah so I don't know where the heck I looked every I'll look tan every drawer I lived in every closet of all of us all five of us I don't see mine and I just did laundry yesterday if there's no dirty clothes so I don't know it'll probably just show up and I'll be like oh my gosh really if it does I'm gonna put another video just with those pictures but the pictures you're gonna see in this thumbnail cuz I'm not editing this video okay so for 2019 my weight-loss journey continues I don't know what the heck should I call it I guess weight-loss journey 2019 day one tomorrow will be day one results I guess that's why I should do it but really its weight loss journey in 97 tomorrow what the heck should I put cuz I want it in my title and I want people searching for weight loss journeys to find my channel I don't know what the heck to put okay so I decided every time I fast um I'm gonna try to make my way in video my

daily video um with you again to see me take my first bites or drinks of food so I did a replete day and then I did a two-day faster Oh yesterday was a dry faster I'm so disappointed in myself I made it through my fasting no cheating no who don't worry yesterday I only did one hours at one hour of exercise in the live stream you saw that my son said we're gonna go I let him pick how long we're gonna stay at the junk-- I think he said 200 hours in the morning in an hour and a half at night oh my gosh I was like cool with that I was feeling fine I realized with the drive fast I feel the same way as I do with the liquid fast so I don't know I feel fine because I've been doing it since July like just fast in long fast ten day nine day five day I did decide I don't like the long ones 48 is probably 48 hours is 48 plus hey 56 hours 55 ish is the most I really don't regret doing because I regret it when I tell you guys like I really want and I'm timing this oh my gosh I wanted to give people what they want some people don't want a long 20 minute video um so I'm gonna be doing two videos probably in 2019 one will be the weigh-in results and the other one will be for people that don't mind hearing me talk a lot and I'm gonna do more live streams because that is so fun to me um so it's day 96 of my weight loss journey I mean today is day 97 um so what I really wanted to do was eat I'm eating all day today I have what I'm gonna eat here you guys are gonna see I made celery one two three four five six seven eight nine ten different ways and I'm gonna make a whole nother video on this - celery 10 ways plus I made my kids a very healthy meal so happy it was baked chicken breasts man I'm gonna just paste this hmm ma'am that was so good it it gave me chills through my body I'm not joking like I felt chill all the way down my to my knee that's how good it tastes I don't know I put all kinds of seasonings it's just so yummy no wonder they have seconds um yeah so I baked that I'm looking at my time cuz ten minutes is my goal so they have that and then I put a big large bag of chopped broccoli steamed it and then you know me I put a bunch of Greek yogurt

and a little mmm probably four tablespoons of cream cheese my lemon you're always like I don't want that I was like you're gonna at least have one bite and then he said but I want a lot of chicken I said you're gonna get more chicken if you yeah I gave him a lot of chicken but I was like you're gonna get more chicken if you get more broccoli so he tasted his food I guess you taste the chicken it was so good he said okay I'll take more broccoli cuz the chicken was so good he was gonna just get more broccoli to have the chicken but I know he liked the broccoli because I put all kinds of good stuff in it he didn't think the Greek yogurt would be a good addition that's what they had they did not get the dessert because I was not happy with yesterday's behavior but dessert was gonna be healthy but since I didn't give them dessert they had large they could have as much portion of the baked meat in the broccoli as they wanted okay I'm really not that mean I'm just want a disciplined house oh my gosh I gotta go this is gonna be more than some minutes okay let me just say I'm just gonna take a bite no I'm not I don't even have time to take bites okay so this one you I know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make a whole nother video about ten different ways to eat celery I don't have time I know I have two minutes I have celery with cream cheese sour cream cottage cheese with pepper Greek yogurt fennel seed plain nothing on it garlic what is that I always forget garlic garlic chilli sauce blue cheese dressing caramelized onion dip from all these and organic one carb one tbsp peanut butter I'm sure that's ten different ways I'm gonna give you my way to less results into a whole nother video on just celery even though I didn't research it yet oh my gosh our challenge is starting today - you guys we're gonna choose one good healthy habit in food and one healthy habit in movement it could be as small as you want doesn't matter um I'm gonna have to I'm not I'm sorry I have to make three videos celery this one in the challenge I want you guys to go above and beyond this year Bella Thorne I don't know who she is but she said you

are never doing enough oh my gosh I'm gonna talk about that in another video you're never doing enough cuz you could always do more listen to that advice okay weight loss results 30 day challenge today I'm to ten point eight which I'm okay with that because that's no two-point-four okay so I lost three pounds since yesterday I lost thirty two point six in thirty days my goal was 46 pounds but so Wyatt I lost thirty two point six pounds a day that's over one pound a day average and I don't care that success I'm also having coconut water 100% pure coconut water a little bit cuz it has oh it has 22 grams in this whole thing of corpse not counting corpse today you guys I still want to stay around 100 or less that's it bye