22 July 2019

3 Ways To Support Your Mental Health | Actionable Tools and Tips!

hey guys welcome it to another one of my

videos so today I'm gonna be sharing three things I do to support my mental health when I'm going through a tough time or struggling I'm feeling particularly anxious or my mood is really really low and I want to share them with you guys because I haven't spoken about mental health for a little while but I know it's something that a lot of you really resonate with when I do talk about and a few of us may have messaged me asking for me to talk about mental health a little bit more again so I'm going to share with you those three things now so number one for me when I'm struggling with mental health I find it's really really important and helpful when I prioritize my self-care practice so first of all I just want to acknowledge that when you are struggling with your mental health I totally understand that it is very difficult and it can be overwhelming just to do the basic smallest things that someone else might just seem easy and like nothing but when you are in that state of mind that isn't so great and positive I understand it really is hard to bring yourself to do those things to have the motivation to get up and have a shower

or to do your normal self care practice or to take yourself out for a walk or to do a workout whatever is I understand that it can be difficult to bring yourself to do those simplest of things so I don't want you to take this point as putting pressure on yourself and making yourself feel bad if you don't do that self-care practice it might just mean that you need to slightly alter what your self-care practice is so my normal self care practice is journaling meditation and moving my body and I'll do that every single day however the last few weeks or last couple of months where I have been particularly struggling with my mental health especially low moods and just really having no interest in anything to be honest I found it hard to bring myself to do that normal routine um because I'm not interested in I just can't find the motivation to do it so I haven't been doing that every single day but I still have in looking after myself I still have been implementing self-care it's just not what my normal self care routine looks like so for you if your normal self care routine is similar to mine or

maybe it's something slightly different but you don't fit up to doing that just pick one thing that you can do every day that seems manageable so it might just be that you focus on drinking water because that's going to help you feel a lot lot better it might be that you focus on meditation because you feel like you could do that you can stay on your house and you can just take five or 10 minutes a day to meditate and just quiet your mind and you might find that really helps it might be that you can prioritize getting outside even if that is just going into sitting in the garden for 10 minutes so not forcing yourself to go out in public or anything like that if you find just being outside is really nourishing for you which it really is for everyone is been proven that being outside of nature is literally stress relieving for us like it brings our cortisol levels down so if you can get outside of nature that is amazing if you can do that as part of your self-care practice that is incredible so that is my tip number one for what I try to do when I am struggling with mental health is try and maintain some form of

self-care practice so number two is try to do something that you enjoy that makes you happy and again I would like to acknowledge that when you are in a tough state of mind and you're struggling with your mental health you do naturally kind of lose interest in what normally excites you and what normally lunch you up like I mentioned early in the video last few weeks things that usually I find fun or interesting or that I jump at the opportunity to do I just haven't been bothered about but there's different things that I have been able to do that I am enjoying I am finding really nourishing and really yeah like I'm just getting enjoyment out of them so one big thing for me has been reading but for you maybe it is dancing horse singing or walking or baking cooking sitting and watching Netflix talking with a friend calling a friend anything like that just doing something little that brings you joy and just brings you a little sense of happiness so you feel like you have a positive that day you have something that is good something that is positive I find that something that has really

helped me and although it sounds so silly and so insignificant on days where I really struggled with mental health and I've been really low and really down and really drowning in grief one of the things that got me through was knowing that I was gonna be watching um like a Netflix series that evening so at me and my husband in the evening we tend to watch like an episode of one of the series that we're watching so maybe it's like stranger things or killing Eve that were watching at the moment amazing by the way definitely recommend but when I've had a really tough day having that thing to look forward to at the end of the day that I enjoy really like helps me through the day and just helps me just stay above water I guess and have something to look forward to so I definitely recommend trying to do something every day that you enjoy that you can look forward to so last tip tip number three ask for help do not be afraid to talk to someone or reach out and tell someone that you are struggling and that you don't feel good and that you you don't maybe you don't know exactly how you feel you don't need to express how you feel in

words but it's really really important and helpful that you feel comfortable talking to someone and just letting them know hey I'm just not feeling good at the moment even if it's just like I feel really sad at the moment but I don't know why or I feel really nervous all the time and I don't know why however it is you're feeling it's so important to vocalize that to someone so they can help you and support you and encourage you and be that shoulder for you to lean on when things are feeling really really hard and really be impossible so it might just be that you have got a really close good friend that you feel like you can confide and you can talk to maybe it's a family member you mom your dad's maybe a grandparent and if not if you feel it you don't have anyone like close to you like that you can confide in you can always go to your GP your doctor and talk to them about it I have done that in the past and they've always been really really helpful really lovely and giving me lots of places I can go for further help and then as well obviously therapy counseling anything like that is gonna be really really helpful for you I myself has just

recently sought out therapy because although I've got all the tools to help myself and I kind of know I need to do to pour myself out of those dark places sometimes it's not always that easy you can have all the tools in the world but you can still feel that you're drowning and sometimes you just need a little bit outside perspective you need someone that is a specialist in that field so a therapist or your GP or a counselor and they can help you they can support you through what you're feeling and they can help you understand it a little bit more and I really want to just point out that asking for help does not make you weak it does not mean that you have failed it does not mean that you are useless or worthless it means you're really strong because you are brave enough to reach out and speak about how you're feeling because I know how horrible and scary and overwhelming it is to feel a certain way and not understand why you feel that way but also not really understand what it is you're feeling I know how horrible that is because I've been going through that a lot recently and it's been really hard to process which is why I have reached out for help and I'm now gonna

be having cognitive behavioural therapy so CBT and hopefully that's gonna really help me but yes please never be afraid to reach out and talk to someone even if it is just a friend and you can confide to them and they don't necessarily need to help you exactly through what you're going to through but it is really nice to know that you've got someone there that know that you're not feeling good and they can support you and they can you know check in on you because the worst thing about feeling that like that is feeling that you're alone but you are really really not alone there are so many people that are going through such similar things to you so please reach out to someone talk to them and just share how you're feeling so those are three things that I do to help myself when I am struggling with a mental health I would love to know one thing that you do or if you have taken so from this video that you find helpful you think resonates with you I would absolutely love to know what that is and please if you feel like this would help someone type them in the comments below share it with them share to your story

so we can share this message and hopefully help people that are in a bit of a dark place because it is not nice and it is worse when you feel like you are alone and none of you're alone you'll be so surprised when you start opening up and talking just how many people share how you're feeling yeah so I hope you've enjoyed this video give it a little like and share it with someone you think might need it