11 October 2019


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said I'll turn on the trendsetter

Scheldt all the Trailblazers use your board to leak the leader we grind we grind a little a workout you know I'm saying Snap Fitness I usually gonna work out this late but you know you know what it is I go to all such a different look I'm gonna tell you three things for people that's trying to stay fit fresh and fantastic and they trying to transition over to a healthier diet we just talking about eating healthy you're not talking about you know what not to eat it's three things you must know three things you must know the first one is you've got to be real patient with yourself because when you eat when you eat something bad right you don't just develop high blood pressure after one time eating it it's a continuous pattern so you can't expect to just be e start eating healthy and taking herbs or whatever it is you eating fruits and vegetables and in the be healed instantly it takes time so you got to be real patient with yourself and let your body recuperate and rejuvenate coz your body is it amazing your body is an amazing thing and it with time and consistently just like everything I was just like working out it takes time none

of min I can't just come into the gym and just be benching 400 you got to wake up so I and I buying that 400 now I'm just even an example that's one thing you got to just be real patient with yourself too you got to learn to keep your mouth shut and what I mean by this is you got to learn to be silent because what happens is when you start switching your diet and you start feeling good you want to tell everybody about it and if you don't understand that you'll be the person that pushes people off you try that you should do this you start looking down on other people what you do is just lead by example and naturally your actions always speak louder than your words you don't even have to tell people what you eat they just gonna naturally gravitate towards you and start asking questions naturally you'll be more beneficial that way so just learn to keep your mouth shut don't just don't just go around telling people you're my vegan is or whatever I do this I do this eat this way just learn to keep your mouth shut and learn to stay silent that's what that's that's Theory right there and then and and then third one is

when you transition on to a health of your diet you got a you got to forgive yourself and you got to be armed this is kind of related to the patients but it's different you gotta don't beat yourself over the head and what I mean by that when you start transitioning your diet and you understand the connection because food is an emotional thing and a lot of times we eat out of emotions we all know certain foods when you fill in a certain way you gravitate towards those type foods when you feeling real angry and bitter and things like that you have a tendency to eat fried foods if you if you don't know that then just do your research and then it's other foods and the variables so what happens is when you start to transition and healthier foods and like you might you might say your goal might be to stop eating pizza or slow down on the pizza it might be three months saying you haven't had pizza you go out to blazon s pizza spot and then you binge on three large pizzas you might eat a whole large pizza at night and then the next night you eat a whole large pizza you're gonna feel guilty because you benched also in addition to

feeling guilty you keep beating yourself over to gay and then that's like a setback so what I work you was putting it in for the last three months so however you was doing for transitioning your healthy diet it's basically not beneficial more because you beat yourself over the head that's why you gotta be in a constant situation of forgiving yourself I said this on my other videos it's harder to forgive yourself than it is other people and a lot of people's won't look at this and say with this forgive yourself and food gotta eat just understand the connection between food and why people eat the way they do is a lot of a lot of just like a lot of people started smoking cigarettes out of boredom that's how food is that's why when you put your energy into like fitness and different things like that then you're there so I'm gonna just recap that be patient with yourself take your time it takes time for your body to recuperate for you to start feeling it better don't just give up so just be patient to keep your mouth shut be silent don't go around telling everybody what you do and your diet and you don't gotta wear shirts and say I'm

healthy now juicer just keep your mouth shut and and lead by example and if people actually questions that you have system that way so patients keep your mouth shut and don't beat yourself on the head don't ever beat yourself in and this is this this goes for this goes for just outside of this but I just wanted to mention this on the fifth freshmen fantastic like I said we stayed we stayed grounded and if you like material like this leave a comment smash the thumbs up and subscribe it should board you legally Domo