13 September 2018

3 meals prep for SIX PACK in 30min.

Welcome to the channel, my name is Yevgen, I work as a fitness and live style model in Korea and in today's post I gonna share with you my secret ideas on how ...

hi guys it's here again many of my

friends ask me how did you get that six-pack how did you get that six-pack how did you get that six-pack so today I decided to make video about my food routine from the beginning when I get up till the evening and today we will prepare three meals which I usually when I asked my friends why don't you cook by yourself he said I don't have time for that I am to get up ready to go for the work I'm always busy I don't have time for the food preparation but in fact it's very easy and today we will see how I do let's get started [Music] this is all ingredients we're gonna use today first of all it's till I tell Moines I love this fish but from Costco we also have asparagus also what from Costco so was frozen we have French peas 5x2 sweet potatoes we have paprika we have our garlic and we have avocado and also we have broccoli tomato and peach and I forgot to mention chicken chicken 250 grams of chicken so this is our ingredients for the three meals I gotta make today here is our sweet potato now I put the hot water from the

water filter I have it's already hot so it will take less time to get sweet potato ready then we put sweet potato on the gas range and waiting when it's get boiled also I usually put the timer to like 20 minutes broccoli need just two to four minutes to get ready so with broccoli everything very fast broccoli has very low calorie intake has a lot of omega-3 and most of the models love broccoli and most of the professionals broccoli a lot the same story we are getting the water for the broccoli and we're starting to me bro coleus well sometime I usually put it on very little fire because we don't need it over pride we needed to be steamed okay our broccoli is ready we'll just take off the water take here's it another meal sweet potato is ready so which is our water and here we go have also sweet potato it's very just take it out I have this kind of handle it works like with all the frying pans crying so as you see everything is getting ready I see some water it's good it should be a little bit more water it

because we are still frying we are not frying so I don't want the sprite look for the for the chicken and fish because frying is not that good should be very ready to eat avocado that's why you just ops taking it out and it's like Billy Simo it's awesome when I will cut already peed it looks like butter should be like that so usually I would eat half avocado in the morning and like half avocado in the evening yeah but to keep it to keep it good good taste you should put the avocado keep it there until you did it that's what I usually okay we have it and then another piece is very easy sometimes I use it I eat it just with the spoon like this sometimes I would use the spoon [Music] that's because this avocado is ready if you will buy green avocado you will have to wait until it's ready that's why I usually buy ready cottages visitor even they taste really possible all the things are totally great as I expected I would separate this and this it depends what you like sometimes if I go for the shooting I would put it in the container so you will just separate on your eye

maybe not so beautiful as it should be but this is the easy way easy way to prepare two meals this is will be broccoli I would eat some peach or grape or Apple just have to work out because you need that quick carbohydrates also before workout it will be great because you also need that explosive carbohydrates power wake up carbohydrates power before workout so I would recommend to eat some I don't know half of the beach or maybe half of Apple just before workout and after workout say maybe half banana and half peach I usually separate whites very easily this just tweaking [Music] back and forth okay this is ready oops you do the first time it can be a little bit difficult my wife hates doing this she's actually never do this we need only protein right we don't need those for cholesterol fat stored in the yellow part so I usually get just one yellow part that's it got it now what we do we will try it I will put just a little bit of our cutter oil just to make sure [Music] [Music]

this is just the fastest food you can make like keep you're busy I know the bodybuilders of each other just eating eggs two three times a day because it's really to make easy to make and except extra things very cheap bye-bye what maybe four thousand five five thousand one for baby thirty eggs five thousand something thirty eggs so it gives you 30 eggs / it gives you six meals six meals for with thirty thirty grandpa protein which cause just one dollar per meal this milk was just one door here we go this is our three meals this I will eat in the morning before work out I usually work out in the morning this part I will be just after work out this will be my lunch and this will my dinner in the beginning of the day I usually drink two cups of water sometimes three cups of water if you want to drink more you can drink more cups of water I usually drink all the water in the first part of the day so during training I drink probably one liter and half of water and then maybe half later in the morning then after

water I would try to not eat right away but I would drink coffee which doesn't contain calories I would make a cup of coffee with drink coffee maybe I will do some video editing or I will try to find some information which any were watch something whatever word but I try to eat just three hours of the idea so let's say I get up at eight maybe two three hours after ten eleven I will eat my first meal and it will be for example for example will be five egg whites with one yellow and then it will be some fruits because before God I need some carbohydrates so it's usually peach or banana or maybe some gray some fruits which is easily to digest and they give you that explosive power for your training also I usually bring what before the training I don't use the pre-workout these days coughing is very good pre-workout it makes your blood pressure up which is really good during workout for the warm-up then after I go back 20 what sometimes I bring to change some peach or other fruit to eat just after workout and then I would come home and eat after 1 hour this kind of meal which we made just now and at 7:00 approximately so 4

hours after my lunch dinner but it's not all usually I have some cravings around 9 a.m. so when I have pray means I would eat sound ants not before the quantity because not quite fatty and also I can drink the protein shake which also have like 30 grams of protein 30 30 30 30 I help around 120 grams of protein but in fact with all the other foods you get around I don't know around 150 grams that this my gallery not calorie protein but if you count the calories there are not so many calories I think what I eat is below 2,000 calories yeah so because of that nutrition which you you get from the chicken breast which is very low calorie fish also very low calorie a very high in protein broccoli very low in calorie that asparagus and beans high in protein low in calorie very kinda magnet free sweet potato is one of the super foods which you have to eat every day also avocado of garlic high fat but you also need those fats which are healthy fat which is help you today just you food which is help you to throw out those toxins from your body so avocado will detoxify your body it also very good for skin and total health so

this is my food which I recommend to eat not like everyday but at least two three times per week which I did as per week and I recommend to you guys too so thanks for watching I hope it was useful for you and I hope you will get those six pack very soon if you will eat like I showed you today you will probably get used to expect very soon and also if your training as well it was useful for you please subscribe please press that button to be notified about future videos thanks see you next time