29 July 2018

3 Healthy Dessert Recipes For Weight Loss #dessert #baked #youtube #food #B_K_A

Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies 2 Ripe Bananas, Mashed 1/3 C. Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter 2/3 C. Unsweetened Applesauce 1 Tsp. Vanilla 1/2 ...

hey guys okay I'm totally excited about

this video it is my top three healthy desserts I am so stoked I had so much fun filming it and eating these delicious delicious desserts you guys are gonna love the recipes the video is a bit fast paced up you want full and if you want full instructions they will be in the downbar below as long as all of the measurements and stuff if you don't catch it in the actual video because like I said it's a bit fast paced but try something new the first recipe are my probably my favorite of all they are the peanut butter oatmeal cookies these are amazing I literally have them for breakfast because they're not even cookies like they're not even bad at all the only thing that's bad is like chocolate chips but I made sure to get like the organic semi-sweet chocolate chips so they weren't they were you know a little bit better quality than just like Nestle or something like that all righty let's just get into this recipe and I'm so excited to show you guys the first thing you're gonna do is pre-heat your oven to 350 and the ingredients you're gonna need our bananas peanut butter apple sauce cinnamon and salt vanilla rolled oats pecans chocolate

chips and coconut grabbing your favorite mixing bowl and mixing all of the ingredients together like I said all the measurements are gonna be in the downbar below so make sure to check that out I use an electric mixer here just to make sure all the ingredients were incorporated correctly [Music] it is time to put them on the cookie sheet I love doing this part so fun and just reminds me of being a kid and making chocolate chip cookies at home except these are a bit healthier [Music] putting you in the oven for about 15 to 17 minutes making sure you check them every so often to make sure they did not burn at the bottom after you pull them out of the oven they're ready to enjoy and do not worry if you're not a fan of the applesauce or oats or anything you do not taste it the only thing you taste a bit are at the bananas but trust me they're divine the next recipe is for you coconut lovers and chocolate lovers double you don't like coconut I apologize but coconut is one of my favorite favorite things to eat especially in baked goods it is coconut

chocolate fudge they are a bomb diggity they just melt in your mouth like nothing before I was never that in the fudge before making this recipe I love fudge like that you know traditional fudge during the holidays and stuff but after having this uh-uh I'm not even gonna go back this is just so good so let's jump into the recipe the ingredients you're gonna need a rocket cow coconut milk honey melted coconut oil make sure this is melted it's not the same if it's not and lastly vanilla now it's time to mix everything together this is probably one of the easiest recipes I've ever done it literally takes like five minutes and there's no baking time nothing it's delicious after incorporating all of the ingredients you're going to want to grab a loaf pan and I lined it with some foil you can use nonstick parchment paper or whatever you would like but I used foil here and just pouring that delicious concoction together wait putting it in the fridge for at least I would say like three hours I actually put it in overnight it came out divine so I would recommend overnight just so it sets all nice and delicious

[Music] look at those babies how delicious and just melting in your mouth do they look oh they're just amazing you guys have to try and make them already the next recipe are for you three lovers I did want to be fair I didn't want to do only chocolate and that type of thing so I am incorporating a delicious fruit recipe it is honey roasted or honey glazed pears with walnuts on top yeah just take that in for a second I love pears no matter what but then when you add honey on it and it just gets caramelized in honey and then you add caramel eggs of walnuts on there let's jump right in I cannot wait to show you guys the ingredients are gonna need our cinnamon honey and walnuts and of course the two pears here I am just cutting it the pears in half and pitting them I'm kind of putting our making a place to put the walnuts and a bit of the honey grabbing a cookie sheet and it's leasing your two pairs on there and I'm just sprinkling a dash of cinnamon I'm actually using a little bit more than a - because cinnamon to me is just so good especially with this mixture

that I'm using next I'm adding the walnuts you can be as generous or not as generous as you want with this and also if you don't like walnuts you can use any other type of nut [Music] the last step is adding your raw honey I think the next time I make it I would put a little bit more how do you just because it makes it so delicious and crispy after it bakes after that you put it in the oven and bake for 30 minutes that is all you have to do I hope you guys enjoyed this video I loved filming it for you guys and I cannot wait to film more my favorite juices and smoothies recipes for you guys I'm just so excited and stoked I hope you like my little food series type of thing if you guys make these recipes that tweet them to me tag me on instagram anything all my links are in the description below as well as the directions and everything of that sort so don't forget to check that out if you have any other requests on what you would like me to do leave it in the comments below and i will try to get to them love you guys and hope you have a great day bye hey guys today i'm doing a drugstore haul I was watching Rachael

Talbots videos if you do not know who she is check her out like I said Rick Rachael Talbott she's like by far my favorite youtuber along with missglamorazzi if you're wondering she uploaded a drugstore haul the other day and I watched it and it just really inspired me to go out and pick up a few new things I went to Rite Aid the other day before and thought of like going out and purchasing more stuff and I Cameron right with their butt right in huh