01 May 2016

3 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Hi lovelies! These are some yummy healthy smoothie recipes that will be great for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack! Recipes below :) • more links below ...

how's it going guys I hope you all are

doing really lovely today and for our special little treat I have something really yummy cooking up over here I really cooking cuz you can't cook it I'm gonna share with you three healthy smoothie breakfast ideas I really like to have smoothies for breakfast especially in the summer when all you want to do is just have something cool and not too heavy so let's get into it you're going to need 1 cup of pineapple half a banana a handful of spinach or more 1 teaspoon of chia seeds one teaspoon of coconut oil and some shredded coconut coconut milk and honey to sweeten up the smoothie if you want it sweeter so now you're just going to add all of your fruit start with your frozen pineapple add your banana and then add your boosters which is your coconut oil and chia seeds so I'm just eyeballing how much coconut milk I need depending on what kind of texture you want more if you want a more liquidy and then I'm going to add my chia seeds little tip is that you need to add your cheese these after you've added your liquid otherwise the cheese seeds are going to go all the way down to the bottom and just stick there and if you

don't have cheese seeds you can just definitely eliminate them from the smoothie it's just a little added healthy boost then I'm gonna add some ice to my smoothie because to me the texture is a little too watery I added a little too much coconut milk so I'm just gonna add ice to balance that out then I'm just going to transfer my smoothie into cute little glass and then top it with the shredded coconut for my pina colada smoothie the cute little straw and then you're just ready to enjoy your breakfast smoothie and if you wanted to have some more texture to your smoothie go ahead and add the shredded coconut into your smoothie before blending and it gives it a really fun texture you're going to need two cups of peaches half banana cinnamon gluten-free oats coconut milk coconut oil and honey so just go ahead and add all of your efforts to your cup add your peaches and your banana and try and stuff them in there as best as you can and then you're gonna add your coconut milk your coconut oil and then add some honey to sweeten up your smoothie I didn't add too much cinnamon to this because I didn't want

it to be overpowering but I definitely would have added a little bit more I would have bumped it up from 1/8 of teaspoon to about 1/4 of a teaspoon to make it taste a little more cinnamon II then you're just going to blend it all together and with this smooth machine that I have I have to take it off and shake it just to get everything working the proper way and getting the texture that I want so this is what it looks like without the oatmeal now this is completely optional this just kind of adds a little more Hardy or texture and kind of keeps you fuller longer so a little trick that I like to do before pouring my smoothie into my glass is have my glasses in the freezer before I start mixing up my smoothie so when you pull out your glass you're going to transfer your smoothie it stays colder a lot longer and doesn't melt as quickly I'm going to garnish it with a cute little cinnamon stick and a cute little straw and then you're all ready to go you're gonna need one cup of mango 1 TSP coconut oil orange juice 1 cup strawberries 1/4 cup of pomegranate seeds 1 TSP chia seeds and some more orange juice because we're going to

split this one up into two different parts so this is part 1 you're gonna start with your mango and I always like to use as much frozen fruit as possible then you're gonna add your coconut oil and some orange juice now I didn't know how much orange juice to add but I added it in increments so I'm definitely going to need more than this so I just started with this blended it up and then kept adding more orange juice to get the exact texture that I wanted so here I'm adding a little bit more orange juice just a little at a time but if you do end up adding too much juice just add some ice to balance that out now when you're done blending this now when you're done blending the smoothie because we're doing it in two different parts just go ahead and stick this part into the freezer to keep it cold and keep it from melting so this is part 2 now you're going to be using your frozen strawberries you're frozen pomegranate seeds and you don't have to use pomegranate seeds I just had them in the freezer and was like hey this is red let's make it a little bit richer you can use frozen raspberries or any other frozen red fruit and then you're just

going to add the - the ingredients into the cup and then blend that all up now that we have both parts of the smoothie blended what your going to be doing is making a layered smoothie so I'm going to start with the mango and just add a little bit of mango to my glass and I've frozen my glasses to keep it nice and cool and then you're going to add a layer of the red smoothie part this just makes it a lot more fun and interesting to look at and to serve to different people because it just looks so pretty and people are just like oh you really went away above and beyond that with your smoothie making abilities and people just go crazy over that pose it's really fun especially if you're taking pictures for Instagram totally instagram-worthy smoothie so once you've finished a layering up your smoothie I'm just going to top it with some more pomegranate seeds just to make it look extra cute top it with a cute straw and you're ready to enjoy your smoothie I definitely feel healthiest when I have a green smoothie in the morning but in the afternoon between like lunch and dinner when you're having all the sugar

cravings and you want to eat something healthy but you want something that satisfies those sugar cravings I would recommend one of these smoothies especially at the mango sunrise smoothie that one is so sweet and so just like refreshing you're just gonna love it down on the comments below let me know which one of these smoothies that you would like to try the most and if you do decide to try them let me know what you think and I'll see you in the next one they say that if you have more of an upset stomach a lot of nausea and morning sickness you're having a girl and if you have little to no nausea or morning sickness you're having a boy