23 July 2019

3 easy healthy snacks ideas

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hi welcome back to my channel my name is a Liana the Mwanza if you are new to my channel of course you guys are so today I'm going to be showing you three easy snacks ideas just in case you guys were wondering hey I'm hungry today what can I make well this is easy thing to make so I'm going to show you guys so the first one that I'm going to be showing you how to make is the oatmeal banana chocolate chip balls so this is you can make like 12 of them and if you're hungry if you need a little quick snack for in the morning this is something easy and it's like guilt-free you know it's literally so easy three easy things that you are going to need a banana a full cup of oats I prefer the old-fashioned oats the hookup of that and a semi stomach chocolate chip see that I already have it in a bowl did I see how easy it is to read easy ingredients the last thing you're going to need later on so make sure you guys wash your hands if you guys hear me did you guys wash your hands because I wash my hands before I punch all this good again exact same so I'm just so this is basically ready so the next step is putting the

mix it around guys you ate a lady Kimmy with a lighting [Music] so the third step is going to be how much you want really it depends so I'm gonna put a bunch of maybe just half full of it okay so maybe like that and then after okay you mix it after you make the banana the oats and the chocolate chip you have to use your hands but and put them basically and shape them in a bowl [Music] [Applause] [Music] you have six chocolate banana oatmeal oh yeah me and the next step we're gonna do is just if you guys have one of these oven stove type of thing toaster oven toaster it's like really helpful but other than I use a regular oven which otherwise a regular oven that you have pop it in and take basically about 20 minutes when it's all golden that's when you know it's ready so it's not that I'm gonna be showing you is overnight Oh moving on so this is pretty easy to make and this is literally the most helpful snacks for my boyfriend or for the people who doesn't have time to make

breakfast every morning but still want to eat you know there's three ingredients but you're gonna need old-fashioned oats chia seeds chia seeds chia milk and before I the fourth item is optional you can have peanut butter with it you know butter and jelly when you're feeling a little bit frisky or peanut butter and Nutella come he doesn't want that one so the things you're gonna be needing also on amazing jars or any jar that's easy to bring you know to in case you need to go to work in whatever any prefer the first things first that you're gonna need is have a go yeah I would try to show you guys how nice they are but at the moment hi guys so the third easy snack and I'm going to be showing you how to make is a yogurt parfait or whatever you want to call it so the ingredients that you are going to be needing is the Greek yogurt you're going to need some any fruits that you want I like to put some granola and coconut so easy [Music] [Music]

so there you have it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]