23 July 2019

3 Diet Pitfalls That Pull You Back to Old Habits

Whether you are trying to lose that last 10 pounds or you have more than 100 pounds to lose, your goal will require time and consistent effort. If you're not ...

whether you are trying to lose that last

ten pounds or you have more than 100 pounds to lose your goal will require time and consistent effort if you are not prepared old habits can sneak back into your routine and sabotage your results in this video I'll discuss three diet pitfalls to avoid so that you can keep moving forward towards your goal the first pitfall is feeling frustration over slower than expected weight loss we have been conditioned to think that losing 2 pounds a week is how quickly weight is supposed to come off once we dedicate ourselves to a plan and that might be an accurate measure for a youthful person or someone who has a substantial amount of weight to lose however weight loss is impacted by many factors including age medication hormonal imbalances and how close you are to your goal weight expectations can be tricky things they can act as motivators when things are going as planned but if expectations are not being met they can build frustration and open you up to self sabotaging behaviors if you have a history of slow weight loss you may be happier with your journey if you stop focusing on a number

and instead watch for consistent weight loss over time if that is happening you are on track to reach your goal another common pitfall that I see is what I call carb creep low carb diets are effective for weight loss because they keep the fat storing hormone called insulin low when we first start a low carb diet we tend to be very conscious of everything that we put in our mouths but humans are creatures of habit and it is easy to drop into mindless eating habits that allow a few extra carbs to creep into your daily carb total while it is not the most fun thing to do it is a good idea to track your food intake using a free online tracking tool like chronometer or MyFitnessPal and carbs aren't the only thing that can creep in and derail your diet you also have to look out for ants or automatic negative thoughts this is a concept that I first learned from Daniel Amman in his book change your brain change your life if you've ever heard that little voice inside of your head that tells you that your diet is taking too long or it's not fair that you have to diet when your spouse is naturally skinny those are ants in my

program we have a whole series on how to exterminate ants before they derail your progress but the first and biggest step is to listen to the subtle thoughts that flow through your head once you are aware of your internal dialogue you can work on replacing those negative and destructive thoughts with more beneficial ones the reality is that many people give up on weight loss before reaching their goal many years ago I read a report from a symposium on diet compliance the purpose of the symposium was to determine why people do not follow basic healthy lifestyle practices on a consistent basis they concluded that there are three things that must be present for a person to start a goal and stick with it to the end first the person's plan had to be simple to follow so that it did not take over their life next their plan had to be enjoyable because we simply do not do things that we hate to do and lastly in order to stick with your goal your plan has to produce consistent results in other words life will always get in the way and life is filled with temptations but if you create a way of eating that is easy to follow enjoyable and effective

there is no reason to go back to your old habits and you will reach your goal I call those my three e's and they are the overarching goal of my freedom health weight loss program if you'd like to learn more about the program I will leave links on the video below in the description area thanks so much for watching please subscribe and I will see you back here next week thanks