28 March 2015

3 Common DIET MISTAKES: Nutrition Advice

Weight Loss Series- Week 4 THIS VIDEO IS PART OF THE 2 MONTH WEIGHT LOSS SERIES- If you would like to learn more about this series... CLICK THE ...

hey guys it's Kiana with strong fitness

and health all right so this is week four of the two month weight loss series and for anyone who is new to my channel basically right now I am having a two month weight loss series that will help you lean up get healthy so if you are interested in learning more about this series I will have an introduction video down in the description box down below that you can watch before watching this video this video is going to be all about common diet mistakes that you could be making so the first commonly made mistake number one is yogurt and what I mean by this is yogurt is extremely healthy don't get me wrong but you want to be careful on the type of yogurt you buy and what I mean by that is yogurt tends to have a very very high content of sugar some 20 grams or more I found so much yogurt that I have bought thinking it was healthy and I'll read the nutrition facts and I'll be like oh my goodness this has more sugar than a dessert look for ones that have natural sugar or that are have no sugar at all for example plain yogurt is very low in sugar and I know guys claim yogurt can be super boring and not taste like much

so a great way is to add honey honey is a natural sweetener and it is very very good so you can add some honey to some plain Greek yogurt or even top it with some fresh berries so you can get some good vitamins in there as well alright so I've got our commonly made mistake is buying chips food companies are trying to trick you on the pat on the front cover of their package they'll say you know low in calories are only only a hundred calories or something so 100 calories per serving if you see this don't be fooled so when it says like oh yeah only 50 calories per serving only a hundred calories per serving make sure you turn around d chips or whatever it is and actually look at the serving size so I was at the store the other day and there was a chips that I was interested in getting and it said a hundred calories per serving so I'll see you okay that's you know that's pretty good and so I turned around and it was like serving size five to six chips and I was like okay you know no wonder why so that's the thing guys five to six chips for a hundred calories that's a lot make sure you look at the actual size and the last commonly made diet

mistake is about bread you want to make sure that it is a hundred percent whole wheat that is the bread that I recommend that most especially especially if you're trying to lose weight and lean up and just develop good nutrition habits also bread can have a lot of sugar in it so you want to watch out for that as well yogurt and bread are actually food items that companies try to pack a lot of sugar in and so look at the sugar content I know people don't really think about that like you know bread why would they put sugar in like wheat bread so just watch for that alright guys I hope these tips helped you out if you are not yet subscribed to my channel and you want to be a part of this weight loss series and just become a healthier you then click here at the top of the screen to subscribe to my channel and you could join me in this weight loss series alright I will see you guys next week on Wednesday with another video in this series