19 October 2018

3 BIGGEST Diet Mistakes | Fat Loss

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let me ask you something do you believe

that diet is the biggest factor when it comes to reaching your fitness goals yeah good me too let me ask you another question why you messin up on it seriously in today's video we're gonna cover three of the biggest diamond stakes that I've seen people make and I'm talking hundreds of people that I've worked with coached been around all that stuff alright so let's cover these three and help you get to your goals [Music] what's good YouTube it's your boy John mango I'm here representing beyond the iron where I'm looking to take your fitness and your nutrition further so you may change your life forever if you follow the dim advice if this is your first time stop in mind the channel I'd like to say welcome I like to drop fitness tips tricks shadow G's nutrition meal plans everything in between that way you can get your fitness goals faster and more enjoyably so if that's something that you're interested in which you should be in my opinion then consider subscribing so talking about today's topic these three biggest diet mistakes or ones that I kind of compiled

put together and really rated as my top biggest side mistakes and I got this information over seven plus years of being in this industry as a coach online coach personal trainer working at gyms friends and family since high school all that good stuff I've worked with at least 400 people when it comes to their fitness and dieting so that being said these are the three very general but also very important things that if you master when it comes to your nutrition you will literally not only see insane amounts of progress when it comes to fitness and body composition improvement but you'll be able to take your fitness your life and your nutrition is that much further which is of course my goal through a paying attention in the beginning so we're gonna go ahead and start with the third biggest mistake work up to number two and the top ultimate diamond steak of all time at the end why because I want to keep you holding on so I can increase the watch time you know Zayn I'm just being honest all right this one is restricting foods and/or cutting carbs okay this has to be one of the most widespread mistakes of all time and that is because you know

understandably so a lot of people just don't really understand the fundamentals of nutrition physiology and how they work together that's totally fine I'm not saying I expect you to take a course and learn you know decades of information on this stuff like I have but that is also the reason I'm here to let you know that there's a reason why crash diets don't work because they're based off of restricting foods and restricting carbs so maybe it's only number three and maybe you're freaking out because that's something that you always do or are currently doing don't freak out okay because there's so hot words to come in seriously don't freak out I'm gonna go ahead and give you some insight as to what you can do instead of restricting your foods because it actually is not necessary in fact it is more beneficial not to restrict any foods but instead focus on these next few tips I'm gonna give you to make sure you get the most out of your nutrition when it comes to restricting foods instead of the quality in this case the food selection focus more so on quantity first now I know a lot of people would say well what quality always over

quantity but in this case you want to start with quantity because it's much more applicable it's much more practical to take everything you currently eat and simply slash some portions down of each of those foods so maybe you have McDonald's every day of course had to use a McDonald's example you have McDonald's every day and you have a large meal whatever what you can do to make this a much more seamless process and ultimately more effective in the long term is just go with the medium next time a medium McDonald's meal I'm not recommending before people freak out and say this kind of know what he's talking about I'm not recommending that you eat McDonald's what I'm recommending is a more tactical more practical approach to you getting to your goals in the long term because obviously eventually you do want to phase that out but the biggest mistake here is just restricting these foods that you love right off the bat and in an extreme way so ultimately the method I just gave you and again there's a lot of people that don't eat junk or fast foods and the same thing applies to any food you know there's a lot of people that go ahead

and explain to me their diets and they seem to be the healthiest diets in the world like how are you not better than me how am I gonna coach you if you're a nutritionist ten times better than mine obviously it's not the case and their portion size their quantity is too big even though their quality is there if the quantity is too much it's still gonna lead to an unfavorable body composition and that is obviously what we're not looking to get that is not what you want to do so focus on quantity first it's also more sustainable in the long term due to adherence and mental you know people would say sanity mental benefits of actually being able to enjoy the foods you love and the the next few Diamond steaks that I'm going to mention is actually gonna help you understand why and how this will be able to tie into you eating the foods you love and still seeing the results you want okay it's not complicated what I'm explaining to you is very simple but definitely whatever you do do not go for straight for the heart and bone just cut out the carbs and and begin to demonize carbs and you know certain foods because it doesn't necessarily have to be the case

as a matter of fact with all the clients and people I've worked with it has typically been the opposite of restricting these foods that has led to them making progress in a long term all right the second biggest dieting mistake that you are probably making now the third one a lot of people may not be making this mistake but now the second one I'm convinced that 98% of everybody watching this video is committing this mistake and that is not tracking your calorie intake now I know people like oh I don't have to track my calories I'm not sure where this notion came from but not only should you track your calories but if you have the option go from point A to point B your desired result your dream body in the time which one would you choose would you choose to work harder and get get there and half the time or work a little bit less in your third double the time or never get there so when I lay it out like that you're probably like well obviously gonna take the faster route but if you're not tracking your calories you're actually flying past the faster oh and you're missing out completely now the reason is because you cannot guess and put

and try to save money without knowing your expenses your income what you spend on your investments all that stuff so the same concept applies to nutrition you need to track your calorie intake so you have an idea of what your body responds to what you're eating how it responds to what you're eating very important because then you'll know oh it looks like I've been eating roughly 1500 to 1700 calories a day and I'm not losing weight let me try to bump that number down a little bit and it's so easy to do in this day and age I have a couple videos go ahead and click this one right here that is my number one video in terms of teaching you how to track in the most efficient and effective way possible to literally make this five minutes of your day that's how long it takes to learn the app and how long it takes to implement in your lifestyle so begin doing that you're gonna open up your entire world to realizing that oh my god that handful of almonds I was eating I thought that was like 2 calories I thought that was non-existing calories but most of you said it's like 4,000 calories bread okay that makes sense trust me that's

gonna be you is every single time with thousands of people that I've told this to or worked with track your calories and by the way that ties into the first one I told you where you don't have to restrict foods as a matter of fact you said it well if you track your calories you can actually fit the foods you love into those calories and macros every now and then just like that you're making progress towards the goal you have for fitness body composition you're feeling better you're looking better you're performing better and you're still enjoying the foods you love everybody else gonna be missing out everybody else is gonna ask you what the hell are you doing and you're gonna lead them to this video or you're just gonna explain it up to you the biggest mistake that people make when it comes to dieting and nutrition is the following you're not meal prepping alright you're just not meal prepping that's it that's right you thought what this guy's gonna hold me over this many minutes to drop that me that I'm not meal prepping that is such BS listen up meal prepping again hundreds of people been in this industry

for how long meal prepping is necessary to a degree okay now of course you go from where you're at today to making some progress one hundred percent you can restrict your foods you don't have to track calories and you don't have the meal prep guess what you're gonna make some results this is how many results you're gonna make when you're looking for this minute okay you're looking you're looking for that money you're gonna make that much and guess what you're actually gonna make negative results because you're gonna get that much you're not gonna be motivated once you stop seeing the results after continuously doing the same thing which is next to nothing and it's gonna come back and then people gain more weight okay so why meal prepping is the number one biggest and most important mistake that people make is because it not only will enhance and facilitate the last two things that I explained to you but it could actually overtake it entirely let me explain you don't have to actually track your calories you can make let me explain you can actually make so much more progress simply by meal prepping every single

week not only that meal prepping is an extremely time efficient habit because you spend one to two hours for an entire week's worth of meals let's say even three hours not only are you saving time throughout the week when you're either deciding what to eat or preparing what to eat on a daily basis you're also saving money you're structuring your nutrition just like that you have a structure you're going to lower significantly the chances of you deviating from your nutrition and you're just gonna be that much less stressed okay people would argue that stress one of those things that spills over into other aspects of your life and oh you know I was gonna work out I was gonna eat well but I got stressed listen this is what you're missing you need a start meal prepping to add structure to your diet it's gonna facilitate tracking because you're doing the same things or eating the same things roughly every day or every week and you don't have to restrict your foods because you can plan to have certain foods that you love in that meal prep you could leave a little gap and say perfect I have all my meals prepped

this is gonna allow me to have one of those muffins that I love and still move towards my goals still feel better because you're eating a wide range of foods that you chose that you planned out for and that you selected and you know more veggies more water you're gonna be timing your everything starts coming around once you begin to meal prep so if you want to do yourself the biggest favor and please do me the biggest favor of just meal prepping starting this week starting today tomorrow Sunday whenever you can all Union is one to two hours it's gonna come down closer to one the more you do it the more practice again that is gonna go the furthest when it comes to beginning your journey and creating the right habits to eventually master your entire nutrition and your entire lifestyle which will of course in turn help you get those games that you've been wanting all this time so guys I hope that you enjoyed this video I know a couple of those may seem more like habits mindset but in reality that is the biggest things when it pertains to nutrition that you need to be doing that most people don't every time people come

to me at some point it's going to lead to are you tracking your calories are you cutting out your foods are you meal prepping you can't get to the next level you can't get to the level you want to get to without those three things so stop making these mistakes and I guarantee you the progress you're gonna make is going to be substantial it's going to surprise you by the way if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if you're still watching until now I appreciate you very very much thank you for the support go ahead and leave a comment for any topics you like to see let me know what you think of these mistakes let me know if any other mistakes you've made in the I'd love to talk to you about them I love to know what you're going through so I can help you out any topics that you'd like to see on the channel I'd be happy to make those for you after they get requested enough go ahead and leave them below and I'll be sure to do that ASAP for you don't forget to share it with your friends subscribe for more fitness content coming every single week on this channel and as always like I

said I appreciate you thanks for watching I've seen that next video I'm out [Music]