10 March 2019

24 HOURS Eating Only PINK FOOD!

I only ate PINK food for 24 HOURS!! MOST DISGUSTING FOOD CHALLENGE EVER Follow me @mackenziemmarie Pink is one of my favorite colors and for no ...

hello recently I tore my meniscus which

is like a muscle in your knee and I've been literally laying in bed watching Gossip Girl for like the past two days it's really boring today's my first day of like getting up putting on clothes like getting ready completely and for the next 24 hours I want to eat only pink food I have not eaten all day today it's literally 11:58 so I normally don't eat until like 1:00 p.m. anyways just because I do like intermitted fasting but since I've been in bed with this injury I've literally been eating so much food how many foods do you know that are pink there's not that many pink foods out in the world so this is gonna be so challenging and so fun at the same time pink is one of my favorite colors like if you didn't know hopefully you guys like this video and like maybe I can make like only eating yellow foods for a day since I have no pink foods in my house that means I have to go the grocery store so let's go find some pink foods that I can eat for the next 24 hours so let's go get in the car and let's go the grocery store since I'm only eating pink foods today I decided it would be awesome to wear my dark neon pink Doc

Martens this is the fit you guys it is so nice outside right now I feel like I've been locked inside my house like a prisoner for the last two days I am so hungry today and I want to go stop somewhere I like get food but the only thing I can think of is like a strawberry shake and like I don't want a strawberry shake for breakfast like that just sounds disgusting I'm gonna die it's like I found my first meal of the day pink Florrick's leach I'm joking I want to drink bleach because Bailey's eating pokey right now and like okay so bad but I can't eat that I'm in Walmart right now trying to find like pinks but I've come up with a plan and my plan is that I'm going to be eating salmon because you know Salmons big so that that falls under the requirements of eating only pink for the next 24 hours I have no idea what again I'm looking around like I have no idea updates so it's not really going according to plan everything that's pink is like junk food so I literally I've gotten only junk food the only thing that's like semi okay for you is like grapefruit and like I hate group fruit but I got it anyways

I guess today I'm gonna be eating his junk food and I'm on a serious diet there's literally nothing that I can eat I mean I'm literally gonna trade I found something that he actually likes that's actually pink very happy about this does this qualify as pink I don't know so the last time I went to I got cereal and I realized I can't eat that cereal unless I have pink milk to drink away so I'm gonna have to get some pink milk strawberry about the house right now it's 1:27 and I still have not eaten all day today so I'm starving I'm literally going to eat so much food when I get home just got back to the house I'm gonna show you everything I got but first Bailey came in clutch and you know that tuna that I was showing you at the grocery store there was a really really pink so Bailey actually got me some of it Bailey actually got me some of it from this pokey place didn't got me it with rice which I'm like is eating the rice disqualifying me probably so I'm probably only going to be eating this pink tuna I was literally starving ice is so bad I know this looks disgusting but like if you've ever had a pokey you

know I'm talking about ahi tuna best thing ever it doesn't even need the rice how crazy would it be to eat only black food for a day that's crazy maybe I should be my next video these are the foods that I'm gonna be eating for the next 24 hours I believe that this gonna be enough food to fill me up I might OD on sugar who knows all right so the first thing I got were these fruity Lucky Charms they're pink Lenny charms I didn't even know that they made tinkling charge alright also got I also got strawberry milk I don't drink sherry mugs like this because I only drink almond milk and I'm like lactose intolerant when it comes to milk and like cheese and butter and stuff especially ice cream I will be on the toilet this is going to be a very fun adventure drinking this I also got red grapefruit and guava I hate grapefruit boat that's gonna be disgusting I was actually very excited when I saw this I love Tassotti I drink this stuff like normally I got some of these circus animal cookies although I can't eat the white ones I can't eat the paper thin I got some pink icing to go with my pink strawberry cake mix dannis

for a drink I got some cranberry juice this is specifically pink light cranberry juice ooh this is the kiwi strawberry vitamin water the last things I got were king crab because like maybe that outside of the crab is like born but the inside of the crab itself is pink and white night for dinner I'm going to be having this pink salmon anyone looks gross right there it's not normal why does it look like he's dying is that healthy can I eat that let's go gasping it's currently 2:18 I have until 11 o'clock tomorrow so all of his pink food I have 21 more hours since I was walking around a lot today I'm just literally gonna like put my pajamas on get in bed and like watch Gossip Girl because my mom is kissed mom is bisque menisci what sitcom yes my meniscus is broken he's not broken it's just a little torn and so I change it to something more comfy I've been literally laying that I just like watching Gossip Girl now I'm gonna try these grapefruit I do not like grapefruit at all like I said it doesn't have a smell no try eat it it's ours oh my god I'm still eating up so I can't use the marshmallows they're not pink

this week so I really can't eat and walk now are you only eating paintings by God this is the best thing I've ever done in my life what don't want to sit excuse me I'll give me that mm-hmm I love strawberry milk I think you back water student No my thorough it feels like grows like because of the amount of things that I've eaten that are just like straight sugar I feel actually disgusting I feel so bloated right now I feel disgusting I don't I don't want to eat like this ever again it's just so nasty and like I haven't had any water because I've just been like drinking pink things the cranberry juice that I got nasty like bitter like I'm so over this whole pink challenge but I'm cooking my salmon right now by itself with nothing and I'm gonna get through the night I'm gonna have my strawberry cake and I'm gonna drink my last kiwi strawberry vitamin water and I will get through the night I'm just cooking the salmon it's about to go into the oven 8:07 my salmon is almost done cooking and I was about to start making my cake so I went to see how many eggs I had and I literally only have one egg so that

means I can't even make the freaking cake I'm kind of od'd on sugar anyway so I'm not really upset about the cake situation you're so cute if you were pink I would eat you my salmon is finally out of the oven it doesn't taste that bad I never really liked salmon before but I feel pretty good I would eat this again I know Salmons like really holiday real butter surprisingly it's just one of those things I just don't really like I'm more into like shellfish but who's good I'm gonna go eat the rest of this and watch some more Gossip Girl surprising no did I shock anyone no I'm laying in bed with Bailey right now we're playing video games and I was telling him how I really wish I had gotten some pink ice cream then he was like don't you have ice cream in the freezer so protein ice cream and I was like yeah I do but it's not pink and he told me to cheat he told me to just go and have my protein ice cream he doesn't even care that I'm doing this I'm doing this challenge for real no one is stopping me it's currently 1046 and I'm having my Tazo teehee I'm like a really dark pink this stuff is literally

so good I love this game mafia 3 almost 12 hours into this challenge I think I'm doing a good job I'm totally gonna last the next 12 hours because sleeping is gonna give me all that time to where I don't have to eat where I'm not hungry honestly I'm not hungry right now I just feel like kind of sick because I've had like so much junk food today that's expected when you're literally only eating candy and like sugar and processed things because I want ice cream the strawberry milk that I had earlier didn't really get me sick so I think that's good will I ever eat a full day of pink food again hell no never I just woke up it is currently 11 portal 4 I have 10 more minutes until this freaking challenge is over last item I'm going to be having in my paint challenge it is currently 1213 I wait 24 hours with eating only pink food I'll be honest there was some times I really thought that I wasn't gonna be able to do it and there were times that I just really didn't want to finish this challenge but I persevered for who knows what reason why did I do this I don't know but I did it and I went 24 hours of eating only

pink food I'm gonna go through all these things away now for my first meal back into a normal life into the same reality of eating well for colored foods you would like this morning I'm gonna eat a banana oh my god oh my god thank you I hope you guys liked this video and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel below if you haven't already turn a little bell button on so you can be notified of the next time I post a new video because I know you watch it mispronounce over and if you want you can follow me on any of my social medias at Mackenzie Marie I'm gonna go the rest this banana now and I'll see you here in my next video toodles I think I gained 5 pounds