25 September 2018

24 hour challenge) eating healthy for 24 hours

Doing a 24 hour challenge of eating only health foods.

because I don't want to say hi guys

welcome back to my channel every videos a bit barmy and and well I've got a cold my voice is terrible so that's great for a video isn't there a bitch he was already terrible before that was even worse and also because my losses saw it's not bleeding wasn't a nosebleed just got comments bleeding South Africa you teach you wrong with me anyway this video is clearly different to all the other ones the other ones are just little I don't even know what I do someone said Oh what do you do on your YouTube channel optic I don't know this video is gonna be a challenge where I am going to be eating healthy for 24 hours this until your challenge of new tuber I thought I should do this because it sounds fun but I'm not saying that the diet and I need to go on a diet I'm just that's I will don't need wanna die and this kind of makes me this is it backing you but like I actually really slim I'm doing this because like I just thought before we could from video like to do a challenge just let's see what is like to be on a diet because I people say feel easy people it's really hard so I'm

going to see what actually yes I know but instead I'm gonna do anything to my house don't worry I just put myself in this just a little bit healthy I guess so the challenge and I see anything sweet like and if this will tease me because it's obvious right behind the camera so I've not even my breakfast yet and if I where do you like now in a clock so and I'm we have about seven I'm starving I need you to record my video well so I'm gonna go downstairs and try and find some foods for me to eat I also thought he got right in a bun and got her a sandwich but they work well Matt's gonna cramping me somethings like healthy stuff like I'll show you work later anyway so let's go to the to the kitchen to get myself a breakfast okay guys I'm now in the kitchen which is a messy so I can't really move the camera around very much and I've just been looking around and I can't find anything like everything just seems to have sugar me the only thing I think Sofia is it some I'm just gonna look for some sugar on here I have no idea what this means so let me show you so we can tell me if

I fail the challenge already or not I think this is okay I wasn't turning down I think I'm going to make don't hop Turtles I'm working what do I do oh I know turn it on so now I'm thinking I set for snack and something I know would be healthy you get it it's an apple [Music] he's not selling no why is everything back without a camera mix looks and raisins that sounds quite healthy and absolutely bombing why is everything hated me at Bologna who's like okay I have no idea how to cut an apple I guess we're just feel like a chef just doing all this you just see my face and there's this huge healthy snack my snack okay so I will come back to you when it is my lunch time I will be making so much ok guys so now I've got my lunch what I'm gonna be making is there some wage of course it is going to have homeless in it this is with this type of bread and to happiness I'm gonna have some cucumber so the first thing I am when we doing is spreading this on to with the bread okay so now I just realize go home with

all of the Nightman boy all of the cute okay you know gotta keep them onto the bridge my sandwich okay so now I don't believe her so much I you know going to get a chewy [Music] so what helps me drink I have but I missed you so it takes is just one percent avenged and for my snack laughter I just got nothing to do oh yeah this isn't my healthy snack for lunch I don't know if I'll be doing te cuz I don't actually what have you got and if I do my T so like I'm not sure how I would do you