09 January 2019

2019 Weight Loss Journey Intro

Hey y'all! Knicolehill here! Welcome to my channel!!! Please excuse my repetitiveness and me waving my hands around like I'm ready to fight somebody.


what is up you guys happy new year happy 2019 it is your girl came Nicole hill and I like to welcome all youtubers to my chance is my first official video I'm doing it I'm not making no more excuses I'm putting myself out there I'm getting right with life if you feel me you feel me I hope you feel me um you know like the years went by so fast I didn't have time to lose weight but um you know I'm starting this YouTube channel just as an accountability for me this is going to be you know my platform for me to get my body right one of my goals in not even resolutions not even whatever you want to call it one of my goals in 2019 is to just say you know live it better like healthier lifestyle and all of you that know me and don't you know it's been a long time coming in - girl been trying to get it right get it tight get healthy live a healthier lifestyle so I wanted to come to you come to YouTube and make this channel for my accountability um you know I've been in the gym so many times like I'm gonna go hard I'm gonna lose weight I'm gonna do this and you know I've had some successes and and some downfalls in the process I'm sorry I'm gonna have to get used to now

looking at me but looking at y'all hug that but no in all seriousness there's been so many times where you know like I've gotten in the gym shed a few pounds and feel like okay damn like I didn't did it you know um but no like really really really this time I just have a different vibe and a different feeling and a different energy about 2019 and how it's gonna go you know I made more of a space of making my own path stick into my goals and what I set myself and you know as a part of that like I said previously you know I being a gym I get in the gym I go hard I do what I have to do but you know after that like kind of like just like New Year's resolutions that kind of dies down after a second you know and I get used to it and I get tired and I get so many excuses and so many reasons why I can't do what I got to do but I wanted to make this channel just as an accountability for myself and as a platform for anyone else out there like me who you know is trying to shed these Hey hashtag I want y'all to shrink with me okay because your girl plans on shrinking and it's not even about how

many pounds I weigh on the scale it's literally for me just about being happy in my own skin being happy in my own body you know we're getting to the me that I want to be you know cuz I feel like the older you get your body changes and things like that and you know I mean I'm not gonna look how I did when I was 20 and slaying and getting me you know I'm saying and at that time I'm gonna insert a picture of myself and what I used to look like and your girl thought she was what's the word um I didn't think I was skinny like I didn't look at myself as skinny I didn't look at myself as like really in shape you know I'm so like I had something to always had something to do I always got some weight on me I had a little Pudge [Music] but now the purge is serious okay and it's been too long to keep using the excuse of I had a baby because that's always my excuse and since I've had a baby I'll be tired I'll be this I be that I can't make it too you know this this um journey for me that's my weight-loss journey is going to be about you know again a platform accountability

for myself and for anybody else you know who is has the same excuses as me for anybody else who's like hey I can't make it to the gym I can't do this I can't do that you can lose weight at home honestly there's a video I just wanted to share with y'all because I did have a great run in my weight loss journey before the holidays okay then once the holidays came it was like school first of all it's Halloween it's my birthday it's Thanksgiving it's Christmas it's New Years it's all of these good things that you gotta go you gotta get eat you gotta you know even with that I was proud of the strides that I made and I did you know in a weeks period of time ended up losing 10 pounds and I wanted to share with you guys and with anybody you know the beginning of my journey and just how it went how it's going and how it's going to continue to go and you know if you guys want to follow along with me stay tuned [Music] [Applause] [Music] you