10 June 2019


Ever wanted to meal prep but not been in the mood to do it AT ALL?!?! Yep, me too. But with these 2 meal prep meals, you won't spend hours in the kitchen, and ...

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[Music] in today's video we are making super lazy meal prep I don't know about you but for me I honestly sometimes I have every intention of eating very healthy and then I'll have a snack and then that wasn't enough like something is missing still and then I have another snack and then another snack and then before you know it I've had a bunch of crappy snack when I could have had a super healthy and balanced meal so I just want to get back to you know that routine of eating healthy and you know making sure I'm doing well to my body and my mind and my spirit so we're gonna get back to meal prepping and honestly one of the reasons I don't do it much is because lately I really don't have so much time available and it's not that I don't have the time to do it it's that I only have this much time to do it and in this little bit of time that I have left I don't want to be in the kitchen cooking for hours I would much rather lay in bed and be on my phone scrolling through nothingness than to be cooking in the kitchen you know so so today we're gonna do some of the easiest meal preps that I have ever made and that I actually enjoy eating and are

actually really healthy and one of them is a vegan meal and another one is pescetarian or paleo so basically one is vegan and one is not vegan that right there it was supposed to be an emoji but it looks ridiculous anyway alright so let me show you what I've been working on and then we're gonna put everything together and see how it comes out our first meal is a baked salmon and it is super super basic like I'm telling you we're being really lazy today so what you're gonna need for this recipe is just salmon and he sort of seasoning you want for the salmon brown rice and some green veggies or any sort of veggies you want and for meal number two this is our vegan meal so basically what you need is just beans rice any sort of seasoning you want for the beans and the rice and a veggie so I always pick collard greens because I feel like it goes so well with black beans and rice but if you have any other veggie that you like to eat with your beans go for it and if you want to add like plantains too I mean just an idea if you want to spice it up a little bit more add some plantains on the side it is

delicious okay and what else was I gonna say I was gonna say something oh yes also disclaimer my collard greens are basic I know that a lot of people are really into collard greens and they have a certain way that it's made and being super basic today super lazy okay you guys so let me show you what's been cooking up so first of all we have the super overcooked salmon alright you guys so for the salmon I just position them all my salmon fillets onto the baking dish and I move them around so that the smallest part was towards the center so it cooks more evenly and then I went ahead and covered them in a little bit of salt and once I had done that I put on some no salt seasoning which you can find at Costco and it tastes great by the way and then I just covered each fillet with that seasoning and then cleaned off my hands a lot and then once that was done I took it to the oven and I baked it at 375 for like way too long I already turned off the oven because I was like you can only overcook it so much right and then over here we have the beans for meal number two so for the beans I put it into a slow cooker for like 10 hours

on low overnight and then I took some of it out and I blend it up a little bit of it and then it came out to this nice thick consistency which I like my beans this way but cook them however you like or you could just take it out of a can either way it works and then the collard greens so for my super basic and lazy collard greens I just sliced up a lot of color greens which you can already buy it sliced up if you want but I just sliced mine up and I put slight drizzle of avocado oil a little assault or a lot a bit you know we got a taste good and then a little bit of pepper too and that was about it and then I cooked it on low and when it was wilted down then I turned it off and removed it from the heat in the corn though for the corn super simple just poured it in a bowl microwaved it that's about it some broccoli and Brussels sprouts and some brown rice so for my rice and veggies I cooked them together because I have this rice cooker that you can steam veggies on top of while you cook your rice but if you don't have this you can obviously do it the traditional way in any pan and so what I did was I just

poured my veggies on top of that little steamer section and I put one on each side and then I closed it skidding I smooshed it down to make it fit and then when that was that then I closed it and then when it was done I just removed that from the pan it was a struggle but I removed it and then my veggies were ready and I just waited until my rice was finished and that was it and that's all we're gonna need so let's get into assembling everything together so the assembly of all this is pretty easy I don't feel like I should do a whole speech about it but as you can see for dish number one which is the baked salmon I just put down the rice and then I removed the salmon from their skins that were stuck to the pan which I did intentionally cook it that way so that the skin would stay stuck and then once that was done I put my veggies down in the separate little section of my meal prep containers and that was it for that meal and then I moved on to meal number two which was the rice and beans and again same thing started off with the rice base nice hefty portion of rice because you know rice be delicious and

then I put the beans on top so just got a little scoop here and just ladled it on top of the rice you can section it out differently if you don't like to have it all together but I don't mind and then I put the collard greens on the side and then I was gonna leave it at just that but then I was like this is missing something it was the corn so I put the corn into on the side and yeah and then it came out perfect okay you guys and that is literally it that's all you have to do for these lazy meal preps take a look take a look at this I mean I don't know about you guys but I think this turned out excellent now we have lunch and dinner for each night of the week during the week on the weekends like forget it you know but during the week at least we have some meals if you miss a day or two then make sure you free some of these ahead of time and leave some of them in the fridge because you don't want to risk them going bad so just freeze a few of them best thing about putting these in these little Tupperware containers and taking them with you is that if you don't eat all of it you know listen to your body if you don't want to eat all

of it you don't have to and then you can just put the top back on put it back in the fridge I'm excited for this week it's been a while since I've done this and you know it feels good to be back it really does I used to meal prep a lot for my family and then when it came to me I was always like super lazy to do it isn't that weird like how we can sometimes do it for others but for ourselves we're just like oh forget it so try to be a little bit smarter about my meal choices and here we go all right you guys thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you make some lazy meal preps - make sure to give this video a thumbs up especially if you love lazy meal prepping and don't forget to subscribe I put out a new video every Monday on topics of food faith fitness and lifestyle I've got a lot of great videos coming up for you guys so stay tuned for those and I will see you for next week's video bye [Music] you