26 May 2017

2 INGREDIENT SLIME TESTED! No Glue, No Borax, No Detergent Recipes

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hey what's up guys welcome back to my

Channel today I'm going to be testing out two ingredients limes TVH a little nervous I feel like these two ingredients limes they're really complicated like you have to be really precise with it I feel like generally felonies are work made up no shade or anything but I feel like a lot of them people actually try them out and like they never come out right now no I'll let let's try the battle and the conjugant allows a audible for sponsoring this video yes this video is sponsored if you have not heard of audible audible is basically digital spoken audio yeah it basically reads to you the book instead of you reading it you're listening to it so your listener you're not reading it you know what I mean audible is the leading provider of zoodles focus audio you can access audible through your iPhone through your mp3 player through your Android device or your iPad it through your tablet everywhere so as you guys know I use audible because I'm just not someone who wants to read honestly I don't like reading at all and this has a bunch of pictures and it's just like a few words that I'm awkward but I don't not like

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audiobook even if you decide you don't want to continue with a service you get to keep your audiobook so there's nothing to lose there's news there's comedy there's shows there's everything on there I'm going to go ahead and link audible at the top of my discussion mug on across my screen and get your free trial today you have nothing to lose face from responses video once again without further ado go ahead and get straight on to this slide video the first one I might be trying is a shampoo and salt method now I'm using this exact shampoo because I saw somebody use this one and it worked for them I'm going to give it a little stir I don't even know this is mandatory I'm just doing it because everybody who makes this one give to the stir before they add in the salt and then I just started adding in salt very slowly because you want to add a tiny bit at a time because you can ruin it I was definitely very careful with this once I added in the salt I started to notice it was getting a little bit thicker I honestly don't even know that was just me in my head getting excited about slime but I genuinely thought it was getting thicker I added a

little bit more salt because it just wasn't really happening as much but you can actually see like you can tell that it does get bigger and it looks like it really does have potential for slime so I just kept adding really slowly kept mixing by the way I was mixing for a while to try to make this work at this point I feel like I might have added too much salt but you know what I saw in the tutorial that I did the like this and then they popped it in the freezer for 15 minutes so that's what I did and when I came out it was literally like I never added anything so this was definitely a complete fail I'm not sure if I use the wrong shampoo but I made sure to use another shampoo to test it out again and we'll see what happens with that but definitely the directions that I followed did not work so I did more research and I was seeing a lot of people use Johnson's baby shampoo so you know what I did I paused filming and I went to go buy it and I was like it's going to work it's definitely gonna work I started adding a tiny bit of salt at a time started mixing it and nothing happened and I was adding a tiny bit and I mean like not

even a pinch a tiny bit at a time as I mixed and kept adding a little bit more and nothing happened at all with this one but I did also see with this tutorial that you need to pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes and surprise surprise it did not work it actually froze I think the salt reacted somehow and it literally froze the shampoo I'm starting this whole salt and shampoo thing is just not working out for me I'm probably using the wrong shampoo I don't know what it is but I cannot make it work no matter what so I came down to the conclusion that the salt method was just not going to work for my shampoos so I decided I'm just going to put some Johnson's baby shampoo into my container and I'm going to mix it up because that old people do they always mix it and then I just stopped it in the freezer for 15 minutes without putting salt so once it came out of the freezer I definitely saw the light at the end of the tunnel it was very jiggly and it looks like lime and I was mixing it and I'm not alike it actually was starting to look like lime the thing is I feel like in your hands is not blind I don't even know if to say that this work or

not because when you're mixing it in the bowl it looks like slime but so I should be able to be played with you know so I don't even know this is a fail or not honestly because in my hands it was a gooey disaster [Music] next up I'm trying this really weird method it is using yogurt and cornstarch and this is basically super easy to make all you do is take your yogurt add in cornstarch a little bit at a time it's kind of like making butter slime but I actually wouldn't even know if they're called in the butter slime I mean it basically is but it's actually a little bit shinier than butter slime and it's stretchy or - I don't know if it's because what yogurt has the side of it so I really like this one it's definitely super messy and you do need a lot of cornstarch it's kind of nasty we think about it like yogurt and cornstarch but I've made weirder slime so it's cool and it smells good as weird as that is and it's actually really soft so I wouldn't say it's exactly like butter slime I mean I don't even know how to explain this honestly [Music]

next up we're testing out the Metamucil edible slime so Metamucil is basically like a fiber powder and I'm putting some of this powder into my container I feel like I might've added way too much powder this is like straight-up tomato juice and I'm pretty sure that's not what it's supposed to look like so basically all you need is a powder and water and I might have added too much like I said so on another container I made another batch with less of the powder because I don't want to risk ruining this and the last thing to do is pop this in the microwave for five minutes and hope it works so this is the batch that had barely any of the Metamucil powder inside of it and it works perfectly the only thing is I feel like it's very clumpy and it isn't stretch which I knew it wasn't going to stretch because it's not like actual legit slime but I mean it just gave you the slime texture kind of thing the next batch I feel like it's actually better this is the one that had a lot of powder in it which I would think that it would be the opposite I would think this will be the clumpy one but it actually worked out just fine and I'm actually really

impressed because this does look like slime it's like a jiggly slime it isn't especially it looks like the ones that you buy and the little barrels if you know what I'm talking about this works so well I actually love this is a straight up jiggly slime next up we're trying out hair gel slime I made sure to get a variety I'm starting off with multiple W now which is basically gorilla boogers that's literally the name so the certain message that I saw is hair gel and contact solution I'm assuming it reacts with something inside the hair gel just like it does with glue I don't know but this hair gel did not work if anything it just made it a watery mess it was not happening nope this one does not work but I didn't give up I said okay you know what it's the hair gel there's two more hair gels one of them got a word right so I tried out the next one and let's hope it works la look what I'm using this is such a pretty color and this would make such a beautiful slime and let's hope it works I'm adding in my contact lens solution slowly and this one got even water here than the other one

so this one wasn't even bigger failed I feel like with this method there's something going on behind the scenes that we're not seeing or even other special type of gel that I need to be using if you know what I'm doing wrong please comment down below so I didn't give up yet I went on to the next one I'm using xtreme gel and I just pop them into my container I was like okay we have one more chance we got this I started adding in my contact solution and I felt like I started clumping else I was like wait it's working but no it was actually clumping up because it was just coming apart like it was crumbling and it was just a disaster and none of these works none of the gels that I used work it could have been that I just happened to get the wrong gels I feel like a lot of these tutorials are not really explaining like exactly what type of gel uni or exactly what shampoo you need so it makes it really hard you know so I mean I tried and I don't know it just didn't work out lastly I tried the hand sanitizer slime again I tried it before but I used the wrong hand sanitizer apparently the ones that work are the ones from Bath & Body Works so I

have a lot of those so I decided to go ahead and use it pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes and it nothing happened it came out exactly the same nothing worked so I'm starting to think I'm like yeah what's going on now these people actually like baking this behind the scenes I don't even know honestly no shade or anything I'm probably just doing it wrong comment down below let me know if you guys have tried these recipes and do they work anyone be curious also let me know what kind of slime videos you guys want to see next do you want to be challenges do you want to see more slime tutorials new slides etc let me know so that is it is video I really hope you guys enjoyed can we just can we just say real quick something is not adding up here these two ingredients lines I don't know what it is I feel like I tried different ways of doing it and a lot of them didn't work like there was just no way and the ones that do work that it would be like slime shampoo whatever shampoo and salt even though he will not make it work it looks like fun in the container plant

you play with it like it doesn't look like applying like it it just drips everywhere I really just don't know if I'm doing a lot of these wrong if I did something wrong please comment down below I feel like I tried different types and like nothing really happened with a lot of these honestly I don't even know anymore something's wrong all these recipes or me I don't know but if you did have friends out and they worked let me know what I did wrong if you agree with me that they really don't work let a girl know because I just don't get it I really hope you guys enjoyed if you do make sure to click the like button and use of Isis videos likes videos comment down below what'd I do wrong thank you guys so much for watching I love you make sure to check out of all out I'll link them down below and I'll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]