27 August 2019

1Up Nutrition Challenge: Week Three

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so those are all important things and I

think Fitness lends itself it's not just it's not just about fitness because you want to be this CrossFit guy it's about fitness because just one good quality of life [Music] hi it's Colton week three I've actually lost a couple of pounds for those of you that are following which is pretty cool let's start off with the basic of what is your experience being vegan and going out to eat what are your favorite restaurants so on and so forth one of my favorite places that I can actually walk to is Olive Garden and they actually are much more health-conscious and then used to known as a kid and I grew up eating all garden love Italian food I love it and I know people and we would balance Olive Garden but all garden first of all the breadsticks are vegan regardless of whether you're vegan or not and can't get non-vegan friends sticks at Olive Garden the breadsticks are vegan all the marinara sauces and red sauces are vegan almost all of their noodles are vegan because most Italian noodles are are actually vegan because they're made without egg and milk the other cool thing is me and my wife

because we don't eat meat it's incredible going out the price difference we can go to really really nice Italian restaurant in downtown LA and walk out for 50 or 60 bucks total whereas for most people they're going to walk into that restaurant to spend anywhere from you know 130 to 200 bucks just for a lunch for two people so easily so for us it's cool because we get to eat add a list place as we get to eat incredibly well prepared food but we do so for like pretty cheap prices last week you talked about Cam Newton as a vegan are there other people in the mainstream that people can look up to you or people that you become vegan a lot of people who even aren't vegan are trying to be vegan like a lot of pop stars and a lot of people like that like jay-z and Beyonce are constantly about plant-based diet even though they themselves have documented their they're having a hard time turning to that but one of my favorites especially because I I love this sport I love basketball I love it I have a friend and we literally will sit down and talk about basketball for six hours at a time because we just love the

game so much so for us basketball sport where veganism is really starting to take away especially for some of the bigger guys who are really trying to manage our weight and give longevity to their career probably the coolest weekend because it just really like this person is Kyrie Irving I he's a very thoughtful person very intellectual person big on charity big on helping people but I think the thoughtfulness the Kyrie Irving brings to it definitely is cool because he talks about all of the aspects of it it's not just a career thing for him it's a lifestyle thing I like that you have had health issues in the past how has the training and vegan diet or the vegetarian diet prior to the last two weeks helps heal you well for me health issues far the reason I got into this in the first place forgot a year a little over a year actually I was I had because I sit all day because I'm riding all day I had developed tenseness and some of the muscles in my legs I'm naturally a bigger guy and I started to develop excruciating pain piriformis syndrome

which is where the muscle like chomps down on the sciatic in there this is so tight and it is excruciating it's like having sciatica and there were times where I got out of bed and I couldn't do anything and my wife had to literally escort me to the couch and lay me up in ice and just ice and water and all these things and for like my friends would invite me to go play basketball or my friends would invited me to even go to a theme park and even getting in and a half of certain carriages was tough I had to brace myself and take my time and I'm looking around I'm like I'm 29 years old I'm 28 years old and that shouldn't be where my body is I shouldn't I shouldn't be old now and I think it's easy in our current world to get very sedentary and so I started the training exercises is really to open up and kind of alleviate some enough stuff to get stronger to get a booster I'm not very naturally flexible so working on kind of breaking through those boundaries and the more I learn about veganism and just good it does for your body but specifically things like that specifically things like circulation and overall life quality and just the nature

of every all the information form or just pouring in on me I was like okay I have to try this because I want to be I'm gonna turn 30 and when I turn 30 I wanna be healthy and so being able to get up and like it's amazing this little thing to become victories for me being able to my wife and I walk to dinner moving what's two miles each way so it's a four mile walk to get there back and that used to be such a chore and now it's now it's it's awesome it's so cool it's a great way to spend time together you know things like that to kind of promote and active life so that's where it started to it didn't start with okay my piriformis is hurt I'm gonna get into the gym five days a week or I'm gonna do this it started with a kid what are the things they need to be doing good with some life side you go on more walks getting more active doing things and that's been the most exciting thing for me it sounds silly but because most people especially our age are looking at me like what do you mean camera what do you mean you can't get well that seems silly like I can be about ready but I think you have to look at the small

victories yourself you know I don't need to dunk like LeBron I'd be able to you know jump like and sport my body like you made it green or something like that I just want to be able to live my life with high quality and low pain and be around when any of my pets are trying to do things and be a part of that so I think that that's why I got started here and that's why I'm opening myself up documentary is to show people that you don't have to be a personal trainer and your goals don't have to do I need to be huge and run triathlons sometimes it's just I want to look good I want to feel good and I want to be functional in my life to jump over things do things get around physically that's the power that I'm taking back thank you for sticking with us three three games were having as much fun with it as I have a great day you