08 April 2019


Hey everyone! I'm back again with a review on 1UP's products, but this time on clothing! They just dropped these workout clothes for Men & Woman! Check out ...

hey guys what's up it's gotta be Santos

again I'm trying to get new to YouTube here I basically just been doing reviews so with that being said I'm gonna do a second review with one of apparel so they just released some new apparel on Wednesday so let's go ahead and get it open all right firstly I'd like to thank one magician because they I just complete successfully completed their eight-week challenge and I'm on yeah so I'm super excited about that you can follow me on instagram i posted in my transformations from week one to week eight my instagram is Gav bi SI ncos underscore underscore alright so I got the package open so honey bees skew Betty looks like this ooh alright so I got these it should be a medium when we just double check yep so I got these size medium oh the material is actually really thick I can't wait to try them on in the sports bra I got the sports bra all I believe yep I did okay good here's the back it says commitment I [Music] toes the gray color because I love gray I was super cute I can't wait to wear it want to keep watching stay tuned I'm going to do a video of me wearing my

outfit and hiking and that's gonna be the way that I test how they are while I work out but fires real quick I'm just gonna try them on I'm gonna make sure that they fit that's the most important part too right so let me go try them on I'll be right back alright so it's on it fits perfect I cannot wait to the elasticity in it it's like crazy good it is like I love it it's like the perfect material definitely worth I'll see you guys tomorrow I am going hiking smart Shenandoah Valley I'm excited I'm gonna test it out it's about to be 70 I think it's gonna be like 73 degrees tomorrow so I'm excited we'll see if my sweat holds it out I'm excited I love it so far so hopefully I have some good reviews for you guys tomorrow good morning YouTube it's a boy Chandra DK and Gaby Sanchez we are still celebrating her winning this one I'm transformation challenge and to celebrate we're gonna go hiking and we're gonna also do imma let you explain what we're doing here today we are trying to land one up it's new apparel that's going on right here that's fresh repairs we got on I so I

have sports about 32 I'm just gonna go workout in it today I'm gonna give it a test and I see how it's going and hopefully the SWAT versus system material definitely feels like it is but I'm excited I love how they feel I love how they look they feel great so everything so far is great I'm just gonna go get a workout in [Music] so we just concluded our hike so we're headed back to the curb now but overall we got a pretty successful hiker we worked out a little bit got a little quick workout it starting to get hot starting to enjoy the weather but uh yeah what you want to say about the water vapor um so far actually I was working out I was doing I tested him out by doing like some jumping squats and some lunges and some jumping jacks I did all these jumping stuff to make sure that they held and they didn't rise they did not rise so that was the one thing that I was focusing on was to make sure that they did not rise while I was working out so it was a success I'm happy that they worked out because now I'm probably gonna ask for more colors the black and the blue one so stay tuned

for those bye guys