23 July 2019

17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating | Some healthier alternatives | Healthy Eating Tips

17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating | Some healthier alternatives | Healthy Eating Tips Welcome to Healthy Eating Tips! You are likely aware that ...

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talk about 17 cancer-causing foods you have to stop eating cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide but studies suggest that simple lifestyle changes such as following a healthy diet could prevent 30 to 50 percent of all cancers here are 17 of the most unhealthy cancer-causing foods that you should never eat again along with some healthier alternatives so this video is very informative and helpful watch in the end [Music] [Applause] [Music] number one is soda and sugary beverages Harvard researchers found that drinking soda and other sugary beverages increases the risk of dying from heart disease and some types of cancers in alternatives water is always best but if you really crave the sweet bubbly hit of soda choose a natural brand without caramel color number two grilled red meat high temperatures used for this steak cooking produce cancer-causing hydrocarbons and excessive consumption of red meat in general as thought to up your cancer and heart risk in

alternatives you should use gentler cooking methods like stewing baking steaming boiling and choose organic grass-fed beef if possible number three microwave popcorn popcorn is also low in fat and high in fiber yet a couple of chemicals in microwave popcorn and its packaging have been linked to negative health effects including cancer and a dangerous lung condition but in alternatives you should buy organic kernels and pop them in an air popper or on your stove number four canned food especially Tomatoes canned foods are dangerous because the cans are lined with the chemical BPA a known hormone disrupter canned tomatoes are especially problematic because their acidity causes the BPA to leach into the food Tomatoes in general are very healthy but packaged Tomatoes creat problems in alternatives eat fresh or frozen produce number 5 hydrogenated oils vegetable oils are not extracted from their source naturally but instead must undergo a chemical process even more chemicals are added to achieve the desired look and consistency of the product Brazil in an extremely high level of unhealthy omega-6 fats in alternatives you should

choose Olive soy or canola oil instead these oils are naturally extracted number six farmed salmon the wild caught salmon is one of the healthiest proteins you can eat the farmed version is fed in a natural diet full of chemicals pesticides and antibiotics they are also fattier than wild-caught and therefore store more of the bad stuff in their bodies in alternatives eat wild caught salmon or augment your diet with a purified fish oil supplement number 7 poultry consumption and cancer poultry which includes chicken turkey and other fowl according to a recent finding by Food and Drug Administration broiler chickens which are raised by poultry farmers for meat production may contain arsenic a carcinogen associated with various cancers in alternatives each country chickens because it possess fewer toxins from free for aging meaning little to no health risks as opposed to broiler chickens number 8 artificial sweeteners most artificial sweeteners are produced by a chemical process some studies suggest that artificial sweeteners cause brain tumors if you must use sweetener you should choose natural and plant-based sweeteners

number 9 refined white flour the refining process strips away all nutritional values from the original wheat even worse the flour is then bleached with chlorine gas to achieve that appealing white color white flour is a carbohydrate that breaks down into simple sugar cancers preferred fuel in alternatives choose unbleached whole wheat flour for your cooking and read labels carefully to determine how much of the white stuff is in packaged products number 10 non-organic fruits and vegetables the fruits and veggies themselves are extremely healthy but the pesticides sprayed on them are very dangerous for health in alternatives you should buy organic as much as you can and carefully wash all produce before eating number 11 processed meat eating processed meat increases your risk of bowel and stomach cancer huge amounts of salt as well as dangerous chemicals especially nitrate and nitrite eat mostly fresh organic meats and look for other products with minimal processing and no preservatives number 12 potato chips and french fries potato chips and french fries taste so good but being fried in trans fats and

then heavily salted makes them a real cancer risk in alternatives check out some recipes for baked potatoes fries air-popped popcorn dried apple or banana chips number 13 alcohol studies by the National Cancer Institute have shown a link between alcohol consumption and cancers of the head and neck esophagus liver breast and colon the good news is that there are many alternatives to drinking alcohol for example herbal tea mocktails hot baths aerobic activities and medication etc number 14 refined sugars refined sugar is probably the single worst ingredient in the modern diet I tea has been associated with many serious diseases including obesity heart disease diabetes and cancer including breast prostate and uterine fruit and vegetable alternatives include date sugar apple sauce bananas butternut squash figs raisins and honey also these alternatives are loaded with vitamins minerals antioxidants and fiber number 15 margarine margarine was supposed to be a healthier alternative to butter but as it turns out margarine is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils and is full of trans fats recent studies have suggested that trans fats are way

more dangerous than the saturated fats found in butter in alternatives still go easy on the butter but choose it over margarine olive oil flavored with herbs is also a nice topping for bread or veggies number 16 packaged diet food you think you're making a smart choice by purchasing diet foods but in reality these products are often jammed with extra sugar or artificial sweeteners to replace any fat that's removed in alternatives eat fresh Whole Foods rather than packaged diet meals number 17 pickled foods pickled food intake could increase gastric cancer risk due to their nitrate and nitrite content pickled food may reduce consumption of fresh vegetables another issue is that pickled foods are i insult and a high-salt diet can lead to gastric cancer in alternatives cultured or homemade pickled foods should be used because they are not fermented and are preservatives free foods after all discussion we may conclude that simply shifting your mealtime balance towards whole foods away from packaged products and skipping the sodas will make a huge difference in cancer risk life is very busy but

kitchen time can be quality time for the entire family thanks for watching you