22 July 2019

14 Amazing Benefits of Cheese | Health And Nutrition

Let's take a look at the amazing benefits of cheese 1. Defend Against Hypertension 2. Dental Care 3. Keep Heart Healthy 4. Supply Fats 5. Prevent Cancer 6.

cheese is known as a derivative of milk

accumulated by the coagulation process the introduction of bacteria and enzymes initiate this process into milk with thousands of varieties on the market there are thousands of uses in the culinary world for this delicious product the taste may vary depending on the type but most varieties are salty milky and creamy when or how the process of making cheese began is unknown but there is certain evidence which shows the use of cheese around eight to ten thousand years ago if you are a cheese lover then knowing its benefits will be a sure welcome on your part cheese comes from dairy fermentation and certainly possess many benefits that dairy provides to the human body this video presents 14 amazing benefits of cheese number one defend against hypertension sodium and cholesterol are the two elements mainly considered harmful for hypertension and hypertensive people in this way cheese should be viewed critically the fat content of the cheese depends very much on the quality of the milk whether it is full fat or full cream low-fat or fat-free in general high fat ones are more popular since they tend to taste

better but keeping in view the public demand and health concerns low-fat cheese is also being introduced to the market this means that you need to be choosy while picking it for your home and diet don't forget the sodium content although the sodium content of cheese varies according to the amount of salt added to the milk prior to cheese formation it is never low enough to be recommended for hypertensive people as salt is an inevitable part of the cheese in general it is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension high blood pressure although low sodium and low-fat cheese are helpful in reducing homocysteine an agent that is often related to heart diseases this fact still does not make it recommendable for hypertensive people another thing in it that can help hypertensive people is the vitamin D content if they do choose to eat it number two dental care calcium and phosphorus make a winning combination for dental health the calcium and other minerals found in cheese help maintain the strength and integrity of our teeth well into our old age number three keep heart healthy

certain varieties of cheese are good for the functions of the heart as mentioned previously the body needs a bit of good fat keep the functions up and running moreover cheese contains potassium phosphorus and magnesium which are a winning combination for your cardiovascular system however moderation is key to using cheese's of beneficial food number four supply fats you may not want to hear the word or you may think that fat is bad for your body and help however cheese can be a source of good fat and bi can be we mean eating cheese in moderation can do more good for you than you might realize the Omega 3 & 6 along with the amino acids president cheese can improve nerve and brain function the body requires cholesterol in the form of good fat to carry out its daily procedures to keep you alive and to prevent diseases this good fat can be obtained by adding a little sprinkle of cheese to your breakfast omelets or your healthy version of a pizza with turkey bacon it not only does wonders for the flavor of the food but also gives your body a generous dose of good fats number 5 prevent cancer eating cheese can

contribute to reducing the risk of contracting cancer I said it's rich in linoleic acid and sphinggolipids which are chemicals known for their antioxidant properties further studies are being conducted to understand the effect of cheese consumption on colon cancer number 6 provide protein protein is an important factor to your health it plays a key role in keeping the metabolism healthy and regenerating muscle the protein found in cheese is easily digestible and is especially useful in the metabolic process protein is also an excellent source of energy and it's one of the most crucial elements of the human body cheese is an excellent source of protein and one way to utilize that is by adding it to your post-workout snack or on top of a salad cheddar and Swiss cheese complements whole grain crackers quite well and feta can make for an excellent topping on a Greek salad number 7 provides vegetarians with protein vegetarians do not prefer eating meat or animal products may find it difficult to keep up with their protein intake fortunately cheese presents a great alternative source number 8 control and prevent

osteoporosis osteoporosis a serious threat to people from all age groups especially the elderly this illness triggers symptoms such as bone density loss and joint pains in women this is known to occur shortly after they experience menopause but this can be prevented by keeping a steady intake of cheese and other dairy products number nine reduce stress many studies have been conducted to determine the reason for the effects of cheese on stress and anxiety cheese has been observed to reduce panic and anxiety attacks where this can be attributed to the varieties that are rich in magnesium a little cheese will certainly help you keep a relaxed mind number 10 gain weight cheese is an excellent food for gaining weight it is full of proteins fats calcium vitamins and minerals you need protein for muscle formation and growth fats for fat based processes in the body calcium for heavier and stronger bones and vitamins and minerals for improved metabolic function you just need to eat a lot of them do your exercise and sleep an adequate amount some cheese's have low fat content which is useful to keep your body weight

balanced number eleven promote bone health depending on our level of activity our bones are prone to losing their health quite quickly in this case cheese can be an excellent addition to your diet this is because certain varieties are not only rich in calcium but also vitamin B and B complex vitamin B helps distribute calcium throughout the body cheese is a good source of calcium and minerals for growing children number 12 support brain function for healthy brain activity our body uses the fats it derives from the food we eat being rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids cheese is a delicious way to keep that mind working number 13 contain carbohydrates human body can't function properly without carbohydrates we all need them to generate energy cheese contains milk carbohydrates that break down in the form of glucose and sugar but the amount of carbohydrates that you can get from eating cheese depends on the type of cheese you're eating number 14 boost immunity varieties that are rich in zinc are very beneficial for the body they help keep the immune system strong the good bacteria in cheese also help

strengthen the digestive system from within which results in overall health and an increased ability to fight disease and infection thanks for watching don't forget to like share and subscribe to our channel to stay updated with our videos of food and nutrition