11 December 2019

#132 - Number 1 Step to a Healthy heart

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today the one-a-day is the number one

step okay to a healthy heart okay so let's first understand something about the heart and this is a really heartfelt time of year isn't it okay we kick off at Thanksgiving we go to Christmas and then we go to New Year's it's all about the heart isn't it really it truly is but understand something your heart is the record-keeper it's the record-keeper of emotions but the main emotion that your heart is the record-keeper of is love and also the unloved that you get now what does that mean well that means that every time that you're in love your heart is just vibrating so much so big it's so full fireworks are popping right out of your heart now what happens when you're in love and you fall out of love okay when you fall in love some people will fall down really hard and they'll damage their heart why do they fall down so hard why does one person when they fall out of love or not fall out of love but when love when their love breaks up their heart breaks up when they break up with someone when they move on why does their heart go into pieces why does it feel so empty

why does it hurt so bad well because you were taught by mommy and daddy and by the systems that the world was going to fill up your heart and that you needed to serve the world because then the world would serve you love and it would fill up your heart every day so I've talked about this before but we're gonna get into the actual heart disease we're gonna talk about things in depth here well this is about ten minutes but understand something I gotta set the pace right so if you love yourself only five percent that means 95 percent of the world needs to somehow make you feel loved or fill you up everyday like as if you're going to a self-serve gas station so that you can become thankful so if you're not tankful you're gonna be hurtful and you know what what about this my heart is in pieces I feel so empty my heart is broken I can't go on I just want to kill myself well understand something even when you fell in love and there was fireworks and and you felt like he had more energy than you ever had in that if you had any disease you were cured instantly from it okay

because we can't live without love because love is oxygen but the reality is is that what society has done is they have disempowered us though we're in the worst way and by making us believe that mummy and daddy are responsible for filling our heart that your girlfriend your boyfriend your husband your children the dog okay someone saying something to you that you're worthy and if they say you're unworthy then you're hurt see if you could learn not to take things personal not need an approval from anyone then you wouldn't be heartbroken and also you know what I can tell you the first time I was ever in love with someone and I really really was in love her name was Wendy and I got to tell you I couldn't sleep on the floor I couldn't sleep anywhere there was nowhere I could sleep and I never got over her for probably two years and that's because I was taught that I wasn't worthy to love you know I was a bad boy and the problem was I was kept on looking for love from everyone else but I was so heartbroken from her I probably let a lot of really great times and loving times go by so your heart is the record-keeper and if you believe

that love hurts then you will have heart disease which mean you will have heart disease so and and being the record-keeper you know what it is going to record on your belief systems about yourself and when you truly fall head-over-heels in love with somebody or something you don't nobody's ever given you any love in their life they made love to you they've hugged you they've kissed you but guess what the love that you feel is the love that you have and it's from your spirit and it's your spirit that feeds up into your heart and fills your heart up so everything is vibration and everything is frequency and understand something okay here we go this is fat the heart the brain and the mind are connected and I don't care what anybody says out there this is science okay they work together and are dependent on each other if something happens to one the others are affected it's called the the domino effect of an idea okay so understand something this very moment the way you're feeling about the world and the way your heart is

feeling on an emotional physical level is dependent on the idea that you're having rate at this moment now the way that you feel over the next hour will depend on the ideas that you're having in your head the way that you are feeling over the whole day and at the end of the day your energy levels and how you feel physically and emotionally will be all the ideas you had that day so then we know that your personality creates your reality so we know that an idea becomes an image we know that then an image becomes a thought and a thought then creates an emotion and an emotion then creates a frequency and we know that that frequency then triggers to what it goes into the mind the brain it goes into the brain but the mind has subconscious beliefs in there that image comes in in that tree that triggers a prominent thought in the mind and which is in the brain and then the brain releases certain chemicals whether they're based on love or hate and I call the hate chemicals adrenaline cortisol because they should only be coming when you're being taste chased by a tiger or a dinosaur or when your life is being

threatened and meanwhile we know that people threaten their lives okay we used to have threatening situations three times a month we do it 17 times a day now minimum the majority of the population are you getting this so what do you think it's doing to your heart because I can't live without love and it's all about love so understand something so the idea creates a domino effect so now we know that the invisible creates the physical so now we know that everybody that has heart disease or has a circulatory problem has actually created by an invisible thought that caused their body to rot okay so get this so an invisible block okay an invisible lockers I'm unworthy to love an invisible block is is is that is a negative thought that's what an invisible block is it's a negative thought because you cannot process a negative thought you can process a positive thought yeah our relationship was over I need to move on Wow I was a real ass to her I need to humble myself down and apologize and say I'm sorry because I disrespected her so

understand something this is how it works and but the subconscious is which is the egh can be the ego if the subconscious which can be the ego gets in play it will destroy your life it will make everybody wrong and you're not supposed to make yourself wrong or anyone else you're supposed to look at the idea and then say to yourself okay all right how can I have resolve here because the one thing you know you can't trust ever is your own mind because it's a land mind until every thought in there is based on total unconditional love and when you fill up your own heart and you're not dependent on others then you don't have to get angry at them so understand the invisible block which is the idea or the thought will create the physical block like I just showed you because it's all about chemistry because the mind is the chemist and it dumps these chemicals that then creates issues in your tissues or it eliminates issues in your tissues so understand this so the chemicals then will create physical blocks those physical blocks would be one well first of all the chemicals create the inflammation on an emotional and physical level they create the

crystallization crystallization from lactic and uric acid okay because you're dumping all this adrenaline and cortisol into your body that creates more inflammation and the acidity creates scar tissue because your body wants to wall off where the inflammation is that weak point and then if it continues it sends calcium from whatever area the bones are the closest to try to put out this fire okay better than mutating and having cancer right so it's better to get osteoporosis says that but the problem here is okay you need to get this if you take a look at a person and you lay them down flat even if they're right-handed you will see that the left side of their body is anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch and a half higher depending how much scar tissue crystallization and lactic acid crystal a lactic and uric acid being the crystallization is wrapped around it so scar tissue calcium and crystallization wrapped around at creating a fist that's actually physically choking off the heart and why are you choking off the heart well you tried to wall it off because love hurts and you don't like getting hurt and

believe it or not guess who has the most problem with this not women but men because men wall off love because men be a man be tough well you can't do that with with love with love you've got to soften up and become a sponge you got to take it in and feel it okay so understand something a new in-depth analysis conducted by heart and stroke okay of the interconnections between our hearts our brains and our minds has revealed that the relationship is much stronger and more complex than previously thought and the impact of the connections on the already overload health system listen so here's what happens what we found out was is that they'll always be inflammation in the brain before there is in the heart did you get that they'll always be inflammation in the brain before there is in the heart and that means that that there'll always end up being some scar tissue in the brain before there is in the heart so before you have heart disease you have a sick mind and that sick mind is based on that we're supposed to get love from everyone else and we don't let ourselves off the hook look it doesn't matter what I do

for the rest of my life no matter how bad it is did you hear what I said I am NOT going to give myself guilt I am NOT gonna put myself in judgment jail because that's how you destroy your heart I'm going to look at it and go what can I have done better how can I make that person feel better and what can I learn from that and how can I resolve this and I'm gonna move on life is about making mistakes and life is about failures and the more failures you make the chances are the more successful you're gonna make but the reality is this how long does it take you to get over that failure how long does it take you to get over your heart being hurt okay when you take the poison pill of I hate them because they don't love me then you are going to have heart disease that's it so understand that fist around you around your heart you created it first you created from invisible from the invisible it became the physical so look at I data research a leading international market research and consulting firm has published results from their latest cardiovascular research revealing that over 1.8 million stents were implanted in Americans last

year now can you believe that 1.8 million now here's where we're gonna love this so we know that it's the lack of love that causes heart disease it's the poisoned love you love me and I'll love you I mean that's just like almost every relationship going right look at think about the relationship you're in the husband your wife your boyfriend your girlfriend yeah your children and think about how you play love ransom with each other think about how often you actually feel a pain in your heart okay feel about how often you get heartburn okay acid in digestion so understand something we are so messed up and you got so setup and you actually think this is love so families they so do you you guys love each other in the family do you guys love each other oh yes we do you know what most families don't even know what love is because it's total unconditional self love for oneself first and foremost fill up your own heart and then teach others how to do that this world will never heal until then because I cannot fill up all my children's heart my partner's heart and everybody else's heart okay love is a self-serve

job just like breathing if the airplanes going down you put your mask on first and if you don't want to get this then you're gonna have heart disease oh wait a minute one out of every two people do oh wait a minute did you know that if we took a hundred percent of everybody rushed to the hospital for heart problems did you know that it's 96 percent to 98 percent to where you read or what you do are angina okay or just heart pain and all of this is your broken little heart because you don't love yourself and when your wife or your kids or the dog doesn't show you the love that you the percentage that you decided they needed to fill you up every night like a gas tanker every day then you're gonna end up being hurt so if you only feel your heart eight percent then you've got a 98 percent chance of being a miserable son of a gun and having your heart broken every day now we know that when you are emotionally down when you're emotionally hurt that you will actually make decisions that hurt you you will not drink water because if you do not if you're hurting that's a negative so you're not gonna water a plant if you

don't like it okay we know that you're not gonna go and make a salad if you're miserable you're going to eat something that's going to Jack you up it's gonna be sugar flour it's going to be an alcohol drink it might be a toke might be a cigarette but the way that we treat ourselves is the way that we feel about ourselves and that's it so understand something I don't judge people I just know that they're running dysfunctional beliefs and unconsciously trying to kill themselves because love hurts now let's talk about the physical when you're looking at the physical you need to go to the perfect day guide go to page 37 take a look at that diet okay you need to get the cork out of your butt okay because you got to get your bowels moving because you don't want to back up any more waste right and how are you gonna take pressure off your heart well if you've got heart problems you better be doing the ultimate coffee enema and you better get yourself on foods that aren't going to take any energy to digest or leave any more toxic residue I would also take a look at Kirk cumin cayenne because it's one of the

most inexpensive things that will bring inflammation down in the body I would definitely be on fava Cassatt and structured water because folic acid will hold three times its weight in acidity and it will deliver it will deliver over 40 different nutrients to your cells it is the world's greatest key later for bringing out acidity and guess what we know that heart disease is caused because of acidity and then I'd be looking at marriage and marriage and we'll take the displaced calcium away and also guess what there's a video that you can watch and if you don't have a certain amount of calcium then your heart will not beat properly so that's why you'll get the anjaii 'no it'll miss a beat okay so but not just that marriage and is the only product of its kind that'll actually put all the displaced calcium back and balance out the rhythm of the heart and then take a look at fibre clear because you've got to clean up your blood you got to clean up your blood and get rid of the garbage in the blood so that it flows properly and then look at daily cleansing to you to get that cork out of your butt and the other thing is go to the Braveheart

12 loving steps and start doing the mirror work and say this Daryl today and every day I promised to protect respect and love you first and foremost before anything else or anyone else so help me God I will protect you today because I'm gonna tell you something it's you that needs to protect you from you that's doing you in okay so we got to take responsibility back now the other thing is is you know this whole stent thing okay think about it I uh I forget what it was I think it was like 800,000 stents were put in last year so understand and it says that the number is growing by leaps and bounds every year well that's because the medical system doesn't do anything about emotion or health right and they're just gonna go Wow okay you've got a blocked artery your valves not working right let's put a stent in there alright so then they're going to do that and then you going to be on coumadin which is we know it is whorfin which is rat poison that's what they give to rats so that they'll thin out their blood so that they'll die okay so understand something before you freak

out from now on okay learn to do the lionheart breathing put your hand on your heart and and even just Pat it like this if you just do this just Pat your heart when you feel like your hearts broken Pat your heart when you feel like you're getting angina Pat your heart when you feel lonely okay just and let your heart know that you love it don't disrespect it okay because first it's invisible to physical okay invisible to visible do you understand so it's emotional to physical alright you're damaging your brain before your heart all right I'll see you today on my Q&A and I hope you can join me for my Wednesday show this Wednesday I'm gonna be with Peter Webb we're gonna be talking all about crystals and all about radionics and how you can wear this crystal to protect yourself from 5g and how you can put put a protector in your home and now you can revitalize your garden and now you can up your oxygen levels on your property by 40% and your crop growth and we're gonna be talking about amazing things like that and then Thursday I've got the amazing dr. Marlene Siegel and we're gonna be talking about dogs and we're gonna talk

about how all dogs are so brilliant and how they enhance your lives so three o'clock I'd really love to see you there god bless everybody and had the best day of your life and guess what love is a self serve job learn to fill your heart up let yourself off the hook okay and know this that it's got to be unconditional love for yourself yes you're gonna make mistakes but it's not called burning it's called learning take care