10 June 2019

(13) Does Healthy eating affect the way we exercise?

The Pilates for Busy People Weekly Show In this week's show I have Josie aka The Mindful Cook, who teaches others how to take a holistic approach to their ...

hi I'm Louise and this is the Pilates

for busy people weekly show this week on the show I have Josie from the mindful cook and we talked about does healthy eating affect the way we exercise in the show we talked about how exercise doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym but more about how we bring movement into our lives if you answer Jim money but want to add in more movement in your day then why not try my kitchen workouts they are for short videos that can be done whilst you wait for the kettle to boil I'll put the link below so let's get on with the show so welcome to this week's the Pilates for busy people weekly show and this week I have the mindful cook with me welcome Josie to the show hi thank you so much for having me that's an absolute pleasure just tell us about yourself yes so I'm a food and eating coach and through my business which is the mindful cook essentially I teach people how to take a holistic view to their health and well-being and by that I mean a mind-body food approach so it's not necessarily just about you know food and nutrition I also help people to develop their mindset and lifestyle skills that really help them to focus not just on

their physical health but on their emotional health as well because that's just so important is that it's equally as important I think so the way I do that is I run some food and well-being retreats they've been quite popular and a lot of fun I do some one-to-one coaching with people and I just launched my first online calls the healthy mind healthy body program so it's it's really just taking my coaching practice and putting it into an online format so that it's a bit more accessible for people and we'll put all the links below so what sort of people come to you so it's a bit different across the piece actually so the world being retreats tend to attract anyone and everyone you know I get moms and daughters mostly ladies as I said but I get mums and daughters I get you know groups of girls together I tend to get a lot of women on their own you know because essentially it's a nice safe space for people to explore food have a bit of fun and just chill out essentially and focus on their well-being for a weekend because it's not very often we get close to that is it concerned mostly around people who really want to improve their

relationship with food and with their bodies to a great extent so that's where a lot of the kind of eating psychology practice comes into things and with the with the course really I'm trying to bring them both together so it really brings together nutrition skills and mindset skills that help people kind of you know take this holistic view that I was talking about and my new sort of talk about the body and that's talking about exercise and yeah yeah so I I tend to refer to it as movement that is just because often when you say exercise it comes up all these ideas in people's heads that you know they're slugging it out of the gym or whatever it is that they think of when you say that word so I tend to call it movement and very much like what you're doing conscious mindful movement you know it doesn't necessarily have to be going running in the park and equally it needs to be on your own terms yeah very much like what you practice it doesn't have to be three times a week for an hour at the gym you know it can be 10 minutes or whatever it is so yeah so bringing together those three elements really and do find that people

when you say when you take away the word exercise then and you start talking about movement are they more receptive to it all yeah absolutely yeah indeed and I think that we frames it a bit doesn't it you kind of think you know and and particularly with my a lot of my clients here some of them have you know not being used to doing a lot of movement so when you kind of start to say well actually and brilliantly you know your kitchen Pilates is a brilliant example of this piece while she put it on a cup of tea you know or one of my one of the guys who's just been testing out my online course has come up with a brilliant one and he said you know I'm learning these new healthy eating skills but I'm also changing my shopping habits so rather than driving to Sainsbury's and parking up I'm shopping more ethically and I'm walking to the butchers or I'm walking you know to the grocers I was like brilliant that's exactly the kind of thing it doesn't really matter what it is that's it as long as you're kind of melding oh I'm one of one of my things that I like to do when I'm in the supermarket is looking for is to see what their way

what they're eating and and you know what they're buying because yeah that's me sometimes with all this stuff out there about healthy eating do you find a lot of your clients don't know that then know about healthy eating or just too afraid to try it yeah yeah I think there's a lot of kind of myths around it I think and really for no but you were victims of the food manufacturing industry to a massive extent aren't we so it's it's nobody's fault but some of the myths I find are you know healthy eating is expensive for example and I think actually it's because we've just got this myriad of stuff around us hungry you know paleo Atkins you name it it's all out there everything's got a product and a price you know Rose actually when you break it down how PG doesn't have to be expensive fruit and veg and just a few basic cooking skills is all you need really you know to just make sure that you're eating in a way that's honoring your health and well-being so you're absolutely right a lot of it is breaking that down for people and and have people got the cooking skills these days or not 50/50 retreats are very much

I guess about getting people to reconnect with food yeah about it kind of works that way but the coaching I think they're so there is a lot of stuff around these days that can help people to be healthy eaters without necessarily having the cooking skills so yeah that's a good thing ya know we you know and if you haven't got cooking skills you shouldn't be put off you know is you know you actually might is about that challenge of getting people over that hurdle and thinking okay yeah healthy eating doesn't necessarily have to be challenging either or take a lot of time that's the other one it can be support that's the next thing I wanted to talk to you about because a lot of my clients either work from home they've got young kids they sit for long periods and maybe get up to go and get a snack or lunch and in bearable I'm assuming here I'm making assumptions but those snacks will be just something they can grab hold of what's your advice or tips to to try and get some healthy snacks some healthy food you know in our yeah yeah I always talk to my clients about the power of prep you know it's absolutely amazing in just a little bit

of time on the weekend doing a little bit of prep can pay huge dividends you know because we are all busy people and it's just one less decision that you have to make if you get into the week and you're in a massive rush you've got all these decisions to make making yourself more comfortable or having one less decision to make about food is a good thing isn't it yeah I sometimes also but people say oh yeah but I haven't got time to plan my food for the whole week absolutely right but you don't necessarily have to you just need to think what am I going to eat the next day yeah and often Monday's a big one because we all have a lovely weekend don't we and we get to Monday and we have to go to work and we're weary and all that stuff and we think I know if they say if you just can do one thing just make sure you've got your stuff together for Monday and then that gets you off on a good foot but yeah a little bit of prep on the weekend or whenever you can fit it in and again busy people that we are one that comes up is I've heard people say yeah I did you know I do my little bit I listen to my podcast wasn't doing it or I do my yeah my

stretches both of them doing it and it's that kind of thing isn't it your tasks but you know bit of crap because it just you know it can make life so much easier during the week now that and that's that's really good and I'd like to say I did it all the time is I have a fairly well stocked country yeah let's get some ingredients out and then and then make something but as I said I love cooking so yeah yeah but you know I do work with a lot of people who don't you know they don't like the cooking thing but again there's so many I was in the other day and you know I was just going up to Luke tail and their lady been asking me I'm going away for East we're gonna be in the car what kind of snacks can I take that are easy and kind of prep time I thought well rather than you know roasting chickpeas all week when you're in the run-up to going on holiday I was in it I was looking at all they're also men more you know healthy snacks of a partner yes like peas for example all of it I just always say just check the label and check the label and and look for the sugars and the salts and if it's looking

pretty good then pop it that's right yeah yeah and I suppose it's weaning us off which I need to do at the moment we need some chocolate especially after Easter but so we're recording this in the week after Easter sister yeah but again I'm so I'm a big believer in balance you know and moderation and because I think restriction can lead to all kinds of negative behaviors very often when we tell ourselves we can't have something what happens you tell like you know we end up wanting it more don't be so I'm also just creating opportunities to make more informed decisions so now I love my chocolate but now I go for the 70% you know I know for the over 70% cocoa solids less sugar in that probably no dairy as well well and it's you know a couple of bits of that of an evening brilliant it gives you yeah yeah no that's perfect so in summary basically we need to spend a little time and I know we haven't got much time as she said but in prepping [Music] yeah I'm really you know prioritizing your health and well-being by doing that kind of stuff is gonna really make me feel so

much better and it's time well spent yeah that's what I was going to say is the so your clients who've been through your programs and your coaching that what's that sort of feeling at the end of it it's the well-being and yeah but also if you're kind of feeling better up here as well then holistically you know you generally going to be better off aren't you yeah that's perfect right well I hope that everyone's got a few tips out of that because of I know I do it sometimes just get up from the desk and find something that's chocolate where it is it is about just a bit of preparation and I'm brilliant brilliant that's a job well done for me there thank you brilliant so as I said before there'll be I will put your links below great thank you yeah thank you very much for joining us on the Pilatus for busy people will you show my pleasure thank you Louise I hope you enjoyed this week's show remember yes it is a lifestyle change to eat healthily and bring regular movement into your book day but it's on your own terms if you have enjoyed this week's show then don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss out

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