20 December 2012


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hello there this is joelito brelian calm I am a health coach and I'm now getting ready for the event on january fifth with the comedian Eddie bro and I received flyers from my school and I thought why not share this with you also on the YouTube I'll be oh well I'll have these fliers there for people who might be interested in to institute for integrative nutrition and you know now if you want to change your career or expand your career or um you know just have a complementary income this school might be just for you and you can get in touch with the admissions department you know we have a recently scholarship I don't know when we're going to have another one but even without the scholarships this is a great deal you can have payment plans or contact me and I'll let you know when the holidays if there's another scholarship but keep this on your eye so you know you can become a certified health coach and make a healthy and young from following your fashion they have different teachers like John dual yard with our Veda geneen roth of emotional eating my human medical consult and we have David cards founder of Yale University's Prevention

Research Center have Andrew well of Integrative Medicine director of the University of Arizona we have david wolfe on roof superfoods now and it's just a fraction there's so many more vegetarian vegan paleo armed people that they are teaching in the school and you can you know if you you can give to you if you have a practice already you you massages or something you can give two flying so much or that they deserve and they want a new expanding into nutrition and two primary food of emotions and eating and healthy living you can make a big difference in the life you know if you have clients you just simple sometimes sentence can change the life in the school school earnest you how to do that and you can also completely change you know or or just learn for yourself you don't have to change your career you can you know create for you your family or friends and what you get with the school is to get your own your own website you have you get involved into movement into vibrant community 90 countries 25,000 students and graduates right now it gets our tip certified you get student materials like books and water bottle of

the cooking DVDs healthy food recipes card business cards there's so much the school gives so much for it up for the pricey little pricey p this is so if you're interested you can order this you can I can send you or you can order from school and it's about the people who graduated and what they are doing right now also online communities information about careers of nutrition and wellness and what the curriculum teaches you can ordered this if you want for free or you can order an online version you know you can order free nutrition look if you subscribe to my blog 2-liter billion calm and it has a nice wheel if you have if you haven't done this wheel and CP happy right now if you're not highly recommend attending the school and getting into bed the school changed my life completely everything my eating mice mind you know I do a lot of things out out of school like I'm interested in to this alive without school I wouldn't have such broad understanding and I couldn't connect well with different people different backgrounds different Dietary Approaches different understanding of healthy you know I

can't talk now to everyone because the school teaches 138 theories and I know where people are coming from and I can you know direct them in the direction that I want them so it really gives a big advantage now do this wheel how in your life you know if it's some good you put clothes a finger to the circle if it's fine it's it's further so joy spirituality creativity finances career education health physical activity home cooking home environment relationship social life so if you see your wheel is like this some things are really good something so bad some things are good you want to have everything good unique bum well it's not always possible with but you want to strive for that and so if you don't have that there's always space for growth so 2013 new resolutions might be a personal might be the time that you need to give yourself a personal attention and to help your family as well maybe there are people who need help in the family and we have studied raddatz like Vanessa Bar rah chocolate we have juice body juice companies also didja knew that the NIP more bar the smaller bore bars also saw our graduate general wellness center

creature we have sprout sprout skincare founder we have what is this woman does I've seen okay she's working with people with emotional or nutrition wellness coach know people you can check their website what they do as people are really launching success successful careers and in different locations different countries so yeah it just wanted to share this because I know it might be helpful for so many people out there and might be interesting thank you for watching more name is Julie degree Liam calm and I hope to become as well do I have a very big plans and I'm starting to fulfill them and this will help me to get there it's a great loan launch pad so if you want it um get in touch with me just subscribe to my blog that's the easiest way or just contact me by my contact form on my website but i highly recommend get in touch by subscribing to my blog and i'll post all of the updates there and also make videos to subscribe to youtube cargo I wish you all the best happiness luck and healthy happy an amazing beautiful bright successful reg 2030 you