10 October 2019


10 WEIGHT LOSS MISTAKES YOU'RE MAKING AFTER 5PM You're working SO hard to achieve your wellness and weight loss goals. You've done all the right ...

I've noticed that a lot of us make

weight-loss mistakes once we actually get back from work and I'm going to be sharing the 10 mistakes that I most often see made after 5:00 p.m. in today's video all right guys if you need my channel and you don't know who I am my name is autumn and I'm a certified clinical nutritionist with my masters nutrition and human performance on my channel I'm typically talking about the science back and holistic ways that you can feel amazing again and part of that is making sure that you aren't making mistakes once you get back from work after trying to do everything right earlier in the day let's jump into the first mistake mistake number one you're eating pasta or a different type of pasta varieties every night or often so pasta in itself is going to have a really big impact on our blood glucose level that's going to cause a big spike in blood glucose and therefore a big release of insulin which is our storing hormone that high amount of insulin can really shift your body out of fat burning that's not what you want especially after working so hard during the day but for some reason a lot of these pasta alternatives get a pass from

a lot of people because it is gluten free but I've haven't seen that most of these actually tend to be worse than the original form of pasta in order for a lot of these alternatives that have like beans or brown rice or some other type of alternative to wheat order for them to make the same type of product or maybe a lot of binaries or different colorings in order to make it look kind of similar to regular pasta or just a highly processed food ingredient in general and it's not to say that you can't ever eat pasta again in fact having one scheduled meal a week of something like pasta could actually help your wellness goals definitely check out that story right here but having it daily isn't going to be something that's in line with your wellness goals especially if weight loss is your goal because of that higher insulin response okay number two eating high fat and high carb together at dinner I was really great that fat is finally not being so demonized that people are realizing that it's something that we actually need in order to feel satiated and just for general health but some problems can come when we do pair high fat and high

carb in fact some researchers are discussing that when you pair the fat with high carbohydrate it has an effect on the human physiology that we weren't really developed to handle now I have a lot of videos on these proper nutrient timing so that you can avoid this you can check out this one right here for more explenation number three watching TV right before bed I used to personally do this all the time because I thought it helped my anxiety but when you are watching TV amid this blue light that actually inhibits melatonin corruption which is your sleep hormone and getting a poor night's sleep is being more and more realized as highly linked to weight loss or rather the inability to lose weight so instead of exposing yourself to these blue lights you could just read before bed or go on a walk or just do your nighttime routine of getting ready for bed that way you can help to stimulate the melatonin and your sleep hormone naturally you get a great night's sleep and help to promote weight loss the next day and speaking of sleep number four drinking a ton of water right before bed water is important we need it we need to

have water in order to have these mechanisms poor fat burning in our body anyway but if you forget to drink water all day and then you have a ton right before bed you're going to really be disturbing your sleep I'm waking up multiple times throughout the night in order to use the restroom and remember having really great sleep is super important for helping from weight loss the next day so instead of having all your water's right before bed you could even try to just make sure about thirty or sixty minutes before bed that you don't really have that much water and have more of your water earlier in the day especially first thing in the morning that's a really great time to have a good amount of water because you wake up in a dehydrated state so you can rehydrate first thing in the morning and then of course all throughout the day but just try and not have a ton of water right before bed so that you're not waking up multiple times in the night okay number five late night snacking this on multiple friends first of all if you're smacking late in the night then it's probably not going to be on something that's helpful for your

wellness goals I mean I don't know anyone who really at 11 p.m. is going to go get a head of broccoli and munch on that but also snacking is going to stop that and then see pathway so it's going to promote bloating also just every time you're eating something especially if it's something not very much in line with your wellness goals like weightings that you're snacking on it's going to cause that spike in insulin which is that storing hormone again opposite of what you're trying to do with fat burning that's why we're always talking about making sure you stick to more of a meal structure rather than snacking throughout the day so your body even has a chance to type in a fat burning number six doing a high-intensity interval training workout right before bed or very close to bed so when you have a type of workout that's going to really increase your heart rate that's also going to increase your cortisol that's your stress hormone another reason why it's increasing your cortisol is just because it's trying to mobilize the blood glucose so you have energy for that hit workout at that higher end but if you have high cortisol right

before bed it effectively shuts off melatonin production and that goes back to the FIFO we really want to opt in my sleep in order to help with weight loss this is where instead you could just shift it to the morning or midday and that'll be more in line with helping you to achieve your wellness goals if you were to do some type of workout and then going on long walk doing some light yoga those types of lower intensity workouts are not going to spike your cortisol and therefore won't have as much an effect on melatonin number seven not eating enough non starchy vegetables at dinner now fiber is one of the main components for helping he be satiated it does that by causing outstretch mechanism in your stomach to signal to your brain that it's full so if you aren't eating enough veggies you might not feel very say she ate it which could lead you to snack later on in the night so loading up your plate with those non starchy veggies like broccoli asparagus artichoke bok choy cauliflower I mean there's so many but loading your plate up with that at least one to two cups will help to provide the fiber to keep you satiated another pro tip here is like a little

bonus tip is you also might want to make sure that these are cooked especially before bed where your digestion is going to be slow too anyway cooking the non starchy veggies can just help with digestion so you don't get bloating the next day alright number eight you're not including a protein source so this is a mistake I mostly see with vegetarians or vegans and you're loading up your plate with a lot of really great stuff you're getting a ton of veggies you're including some healthy starchy carbohydrates other thing I see missing a lot of times is some type of protein source ranek with the vegetables you do get some protein that's absolutely true but you're not really getting a mix of these amino acids or enough and the protein is what's also very important for us to tidy and making sure that you don't snack on things later on so for vegans vegetarians actually have a video that you can check out right here on some of the common mistakes that I see but just making sure that you do include some type of protein source and even if you aren't vegetarian or vegan still making sure you include sub type of protein and it's not just vegetables

I mean vegetables are important but you need to make sure you have protein as well alright number seven you're picking a high sugar dessert again I'm not saying desserts are bad I'm not saying that you can't have dessert I have dessert you just want to make sure it's not one that's going to be a sugar bomb that's going to cause you to be in more of that storing mode from the increased insulin and this is where things like dark chocolate are really great because it is lower in sugar but still satisfy that sweet or the grain-free peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies that I've shared with you guys in the past all my gosh is our soul mate that's I've actually been having that a lot lately but those are going to be lower in sugar so you can satisfy that sweet - but not go overboard on the sugar and cause that high insulin response number 10 here's scrolling through Instagram or whatever social media platform right before bed this is the same concept as watching TV right before bed where it suppresses your melatonin or that sleep hormone and makes it so that you don't get high quality sleep but I really

can't overestimate how important sleep is for weight loss schools in fact I've had clients where they just weren't getting great sleep they're doing everything else right and they still weren't achieving their goals but once we address their sleep with some of these strategies they were finally able to tap in their fat-burning mechanisms so for this just having that designated tech time where you aren't going to have any technology that you're using 60 minutes before bed will help to naturally increase melatonin production so you can get great sleep and then achieve your wellness goals and if weight loss is something that you are looking for make sure you check out this video on the ten smooth the mistakes that you might be making that can cause weight gain also if you're new to my channel and you love this science fact information make sure you subscribe right here come on new videos every Tuesday and Thursday so make sure to hit the notification bell as well you guys thanks so much for tuning in I'll see you in my next video [Music]