09 June 2019

10 steps to having a healthy relationship with food

Dieting is proven not to work, so what does? Intuitive Eating. Listen to this blog about how freeing and more mindful intuitive eating can be.

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perspectives 10 steps to having a healthy relationship with food and body over ninety seven percent of women struggle with food eating and body image challenges every single day in fact over 45 million Americans are following a specific or particular diet things like keto or Paleo Weight Watchers South Beach the success rate for dieting is dismal over 95 percent of those who lose weight will gain not only the weight they lost back but additional weight as well and it can cause physical psychological and emotional problems dieting has been offered as the gold standard solution for losing weight for over 50 years and the rates of obesity and diabetes continue to rise and are at an all-time high as a coach a lifestyle strategist and a woman's health and wellness guide I can tell you that diets can't and won't work it's a scientific fact and here's why our metabolism slows down thus the body needs less energy and fewer calories to do what it normally does just to live the hunger driven hormone ghrelin increases so you feel hungrier and end up eating more or feel dizzy unfocused uncomfortable and angry more quickly and more often the fullness

hormone leptin decreases this leaves you feeling unsatisfied and still hungry after eating our stress hormone cortisol increases and this just signals the body to actually hold on to fad for protection and there's a preoccupation with thoughts around food and eating they just seem to increase that's all you can think about leading to an internal drive to cravings and eating even more research has shown that dieting is linked directly to obesity higher BMIs disordered eating and eating is worse so if diets can't and won't work what does where you turn well this is where we're going to talk about intuitive eating intuitive eating was first introduced in 1995 built by Evelyn Tribble and Elyse rish in their groundbreaking Brook book intuitive eating as an alternative to dieting and the unrealistic than ideal since then this mindful based approach to healthy eating and body image has gained popularity and has been proven to work intuitive eating is a non diet lifestyle that teaches individuals to rely on their own internal body cues their hunger and fullness as opposed to

external cues and circumstances things like coping with emotions learned meal timing like it's noontime it's time for lunch peer pressure what what are your friends eating being told when where and what to eat by parents or school systems intuitive eating is based on the idea that our bodies are intuitive and they know what how much and when they need to eat to maintain a healthy weight a positive relationship with food and body and improve health markers and status Tribune riche have identified 10 intuitive eating principles i'm going to list them right here so you can kind of get an idea of what they are rejecting fully rejecting the diet mentality honoring your physical hunger making peace with food challenging the food police those voices in your head or the voices of others respecting your own fullness discovering the satisfaction factor what foods satisfy you honoring your feelings without food instead of turning towards food when you're sad or angry respecting your body exercise it's called exercise and feel the difference so it's just moving the body let's just try to move

the body and honoring your health we women who eat intuitively experience more self-confidence body acceptance and peace around food needing as an example one of my intuitive eating clients went out to dinner with a friend the other night she looked at the menu asked her body what she wanted what would taste good satisfy your hunger feel good in her body later on that night and within minutes she made her choice her fat her friend let's call her Jane on the other hand is following an undisclosed plan to the letter no doubt she pulled out her phone calculator and began calculating carbohydrates and calories to see what she was allowed to eat the conversation and the connection between the two of them was on hold nothing mattered to Jane until she could figure out what she could order what was within her meal plan 20 minutes later bless my friend she made her decision and she ended up ordering the same meal my friend it and when it came my intuitive eating friend enjoyed every bite she slowly taste the food savoring each bite until she was full it was still quite a bit of food left on her plate and that was okay she knew if she

continued to eat she would not feel well later on Jane eat with focused and in a frenzied state now that she had done her homework and now and figured out what she was allowed to eat on her plan she ate with abandon and ate until completion finishing every single ounce on the plate this is a perfect example of how intuitive eating proves to be less stressful more mindful peaceful and freeing to sum it up in the words of Evelyn Triple E the Japanese have the wisdom to keep pleasure as one of their goals of healthy living in our fury to be thin and healthy we often overlook one of the most basic gifts of existence the pleasure and satisfaction that can be found in the eating experience when you eat what you really want in an environment that is inviting the pleasure you derive will be a powerful for and helping you feel satisfied and content by proving this experience for yourself you will find that it takes much less food to decide when you've had enough the goal of intuitive eating is support supportive healthy eating positive body image and it encourages individuals to become more engaged with

their internal body signals and not the numbers on the scale of the dress size your body size and weight does not dictate your health and it does not dictate your worth stop dieting and start living you can claim you're living the diet free lifestyle refrigerator smart cheat right here on this link that will attached to this audio I hope you've enjoyed and learned a little something from these 10 steps to have a healthy relationship with food and body have a great day thanks for listening