10 December 2019

10 natural ways to lower blood pressure I Health and Nutrition

This video presents 10 natural ways to lower blood pressure. Do exercise regularly Physical activities play a vital role in reducing your high blood pressure ...

high blood pressure is a common disease

that happens when your blood level reaches an unhealthy level people having high blood pressure not only need medication treatment but also healthy lifestyles this video presents ten natural ways to lower blood pressure one do exercise regularly physical activities play a vital role in reducing your high blood pressure because it strengthens your heart and lowers the pressure in arteries according to the National Walker's Health Study if you do exercise thirty minutes per day or 150 minutes per week your blood pressure can be reduced by five to eight millimeters Hg to reduce your sodium intake sodium which is usually found in salt is an important chemical element for human health however some studies show that salt is associated with high blood pressure and heart diseases in recent years people often eat processed and prepared foods which contain a large amount of salt as a result the number of people having high blood pressure has significantly increased scientists indicate that if you have high blood pressure even a small reduction in your diet sodium will boost your heart health and reduce blood pressure by around five

to six millimeters Hg in general the ideal amount of sodium intake for adults is about 1500 milligrams per day three lower alcohol consumption high blood pressure can be caused by excessive use of alcohol according to several studies women should only consume one drink per day while the number for men is two drinks if you break this limitation your blood pressure will reach unsafe levels besides increasing blood pressure levels alcohol may lessen medications effectiveness of those under high blood pressure treatments for consume more potassium rich foods potassium rich foods like bananas mushrooms oranges and cooked spinach can beneficial for people with high blood pressure because they help eliminate sodium's effects in the body moreover these foods can also reduce your blood vessel pressure and help them work more effectively a healthy diet including whole grains fruits vegetables potassium rich foods can be the key factor for lowering high blood pressure 5 reduce caffeine intake although people drinking coffee daily may remain moderate blood pressure excessive consumption of caffeine can boost your blood pressure up to 10

millimeters Hg the fact remains that those who do not consume caffeine regularly are more likely to be caffeine sensitive if you're sensitive to caffeine you should reduce the amount of coffee and tea to avoid getting high blood pressure 6 manage stress stress can be seen as a key factor of high blood pressure because it makes your heart suffer faster rate and constricts blood vessels stress also leads to unhealthy lifestyles such as eating unhealthy food and drinking alcohol which poses threats to blood pressure to help you reduce stress effectively scientists suggest two methods the first remedy is listening to calm music to relax your nerve system and the other one is reducing work instead of working you can spend time sleeping traveling or learning new things to get rid of stress 7 lose weight high blood pressure can be reduced if you lose weight several studies show that losing weight will make the blood vessels expand and contract better make it pump blood easier for the left ventricle of the heart according to a study after losing 17 pounds the participants systolic blood pressure reduced by about eight

point five millimeters hg8 stop smoking smoking can increase the risk of high blood pressure because the chemicals in tobacco such as nicotine carbon monoxide and acetone have negative impacts on blood vessels therefore quitting smoking will help you remain normal blood pressure as well as a healthy heart 9 try meditation or deep breathing meditation and deep breathing can be helpful for your blood pressure as they activate the parasympathetic nervous system which slows down the heart rate and reduces blood pressure according to one study participants who sit and breathe deeply for the 30s can lower their blood pressure more than those who just sit 10 eat calcium rich foods studies show that people with low calcium intake are more likely to have high blood pressure and calcium rich foods can reduce the risk of hypertension and heart diseases you can get calcium not only from dairy products such as milk and cheese but also from seafood leafy greens and tofu one study indicates that the ideal amount of calcium for adults is one thousand milligrams day you should drink one cup

of milk daily and eat other kinds of calcium rich food which remedies do you use to lower your blood pressure tell us in the comments section below thanks for watching if you find this information useful please give us a thumbs up and share it with your friends [Music]