11 March 2019

10 Mins Yogalates + Hiit Workout at Home | Weight loss | Fat Burn | Body Toning | Core & Legs Focus

Time for workout! In this time's PANAZ Home Studio, our fitness instructor, Nessie, brings us for a 10-minute yogalates + HIIT workout that targets our core ...


activate the legs no body stability so what's your calories hit it's basically a combination of yoga and Pilates where you really work on activating the core working your legs we're gonna add just a little bit of hit element at the end to just enhance that extra fat burning effect all right so don't forget to follow Nagas Facebook and Instagram for more home workout videos and if when you're ready do it alright you're gonna step in our process sit back on your heels and slowly reach forward nice lower belly all the way to your thighs quick view but scariest loosen up your body get yourself ready until the cup stick and right hand slide it under your left just to give yourself a good stretch option to start with your left hand round find your right side and release switch slides so left n under your right and circle your right hand round by here at left still you walk your hands back come unit tuck your toes under and straighten it walking your feet all the way to your palms inhale lift and exhale fold now when you're folding here bend your knees so that your tummy is touching your thighs okay

so bend your knees as much as you need to get it coming stretch of thighs hug your arms behind your thighs okay tight keep the keep the tightness between it from being advised peni Jets are slowly likely now straightening out your legs as much as you can just slowly easing to your forward fold down step your right foot back spin your left heel down macho warrior one right into warrior one and make sure that your left knee is 90 degrees right knee is straight square your hips face forward outside your ears that's strong you squeezing the thighs together and as you exhale lean forward 45 degrees keeping the legs in the same position you don't want to move it you wanna move your left knee 90 degrees hold it hold it and inhale come back up exhale open up to origin with a big and even Spain 90 degrees inhale shift forward tremulous come up exhale to mature reverse who are here inhale come back up exhale view forward let's have them inside of your left foot right hand 25 degrees above your head to

a side angle keeping the legs engaged left knee is still a 90 it didn't move and bring your left hand underneath your left side commit your body really working those legs really squeezing the inner thighs using the glutes and exhale release Shh both your pants down step your left foot back let's see a plank maybe give yourself a little slave she can lay down a little bit and that's up your right foot forward in your left you down come up to warrior one on the right side so this time your right knee is 90 degrees let me straight it's a square forward I'm top just beside your ears hold it there let's strong keep squeezing my thigh squeeze those glutes and exhale you forward 45 degrees hold it there strong those legs are really really working hold it hold it come back not to worry too so same thing fix to move your right leg is to a 90 and inhale shift forward on your right come up exhale coming to reverse warrior inhale back up to warrior two exhale deal forward bring the right comment inside of your right foot left hand for attack apiece above your head

again notice your right knee doesn't move it's still a 90 degrees and it's still holding their strong circle you're but I'm under coming to you fine now engage the right thigh is a lot more keep it there keep it steady hold it - and no one with yeah directed back to your plank just shake it out a little bit if you want to push up its up and tear down your dog maybe walk it down with it inhale look up bend your knees hop forward in between your pops and still fall over and I mean he'll sit your hips back lift your chest up into your chair pose alright so in your chart one you really want to sink your hips back as much as you can tummy in open the chest up forward and our ears hold it strong legs and not Hamas's your chest exhale twist to the left side bring your right arm to outside of your network pushing the palms together from and up to same trick it's up that strong it's going to brightstone really starting on us together exhale last one to the right outside of your right foot pops down no legs give it a little shake good job little thank you for it all right right foot back followed my old up still

quit vinyasa so exhale lower down it's up to down to facing dog now walk your feet forward all the way forward all the truth now coming to your city all right now - if it takes a beat-down I'll put you on the map and ask yourself you're going to slowly roll you know what that down squeezing or using your heart and slowly roll your back down vertebrae at a time slow and steady controlled so you're really using a part you're getting your car to control your own movements roll slow and steady all the way down and I bring your arms up just like your ears straighten your legs okay so when you hear notice there's a gap between your lower back and the man you're gonna push your belly down when you squeeze the belly together and make sure that that dad does not exist so there's no more gap between your back in the man hands up next forward inhale and as we exhale let's get a foot up get your hands reach my left foot come on down and up switch sides reach my right foot and back down again up left foot right foot two more sets exhale up right and lots of left space beastly right and okay use DHS rocket suspect

side all right so peeping and even this reversal tabletop position right that almost 90 degrees place your ass just the side of you palms facing down hovering the mat inhale roll it shows up squeeze the cord again pay attention to make sure there's no gap between your lower back and the man alright now here you're just gonna pulse your hands alright pulse ten nine eight seven six five four three two one side when we support a little bit stretching your legs sexy nope roll yourself up back yes a how's your feet stretch out a little bit all right inhale lengthen your arms exhale turn towards the left side right hand to the outside of your left knee left hand back inhale lengthen exhale see we have twist a little bit more just turning and gaze to the back and inhale exhale to the right side so left hand to the outside of your right knee right hand back inhale lengthen please come forward inhale extend your arms up exhale fold forward walking on the spot forward it's time to wiggle up your shoulders your

upper back maybe shows the role that you want beeps or buts or don't worry it's a good sign nice perky but invoice people all right hope you had a good time you see you back at the math homework us video soon [Music]