01 January 2019

10 Healthy Snack Ideas for the New Year

hey guys I'm Claire welcome back to my

channel today I'm just going to be giving you guys some like healthy suggestions for like when you just want a healthy snack or whatever I'm definitely definitely like it's in a diet video because like I know for me I still need so much junk but these are just the things that like on my go-to when I'm trying to eat healthy so I hope you enjoy okay so number one almonds well pretty much like any kind of nut is good for you but like I prefer almonds and when I do have almonds I only have like a handful because too much food is not good for you so yeah was nuts like I would only have a handful or even number two vegetables so any kind of vegetable is good for you but um I mostly just eat peppers and celery and sometimes carrots even though like carrots tend to have like a lot of natural sugar she doesn't like terrible for you but I do try to avoid it like I'd rather like get my sugar intake from number three fruits so I eat normally just like apples and bananas but any kind of fruit it's good for you obviously so but like I usually just have like a banana in the

morning and then sometimes they'll have an apple for lunch you know just yeah number four are X bars so our X bars are they only have like they don't have a lot of ingredients in them they okay so I was like trying really hard to find like a good like protein bar or whatever that like was healthy because there's so many that have added sugar and like they're good the like I really like our X bars cuz I don't think there's any sugar added and um some people I feel like don't like the texture of them but I mean I think they're good and they're made out of dates which like I feel like scare some people but I don't even like dates and I like rx bars so number five Larabars okay so why are bars I like I kind of switch off between Larabars and rx bars like when I get sick of one I'll eat the other but some people just don't like are experts at all or don't like Laura Mars at all but the like the other bar so those are like two good options like for you to try and then like whichever one you like you can because they're both healthy for you and they both have like so many flavors so I mean there's probably like at least one

flavor that you will like number six rice cakes so rice cakes are like they're so healthy for you and they are like they're really filling just go up on your tiny healthy because like I know for me I'm just like always hungry and I'll eat healthy things I'm like they're not filling me up like I just went eat something else so things like rice or that's filling so rice cakes are good and they're kind of sweet so I feel like it's a good dessert to have instead of like ice cream or something so number seven blue diamond chips um I think they're that's like the brand I think they're called nothing's they're made out of nuts and rice so those are also like pretty filling but I feel like they're a really good alternative to make potato chips any of those flavors of potato chips like Lay's potato chips just because those are so unhealthy and they have so much sodium but like these blue diamond chips they're so good there's different flavors though a blue diamond so if you don't like the kind of idea which is sea salt then there's also like a cheese flavor so you know there's a lot to chips or eight to sweet potatoes so I love like any kind of

potato like yeah I just love potatoes but um sweet potatoes they're supposed to be like really good for you so I usually just like gasps sweet potato heated up in the microwave for like five minutes and like wait till it's soft and then I'll just like eat it um with like a fork and they're really good like I love them so much and sometimes like I'll bring them in for lunch at school and like people look at me like what are you what are you doing but you know that's okay like as long as you're eating up number nine popcorn um so specifically I get a skinny pop because I don't know that's just like my favorite kind of popcorn and I usually just get like the original flavor um there are other flavors on with that too but I feel like just the original is probably the healthiest cuz there's something added to it but I could be number ten okay so this isn't a food but just to drink a lot of water if you're trying to eat healthy like the best thing for you is water most of time when you're hungry like you don't realize it but you actually are really thirsty and so maybe next time you like have the urge to eat something just drink some

water if that doesn't help then go eat but like the reason why I have that in here is just because I feel like so many people forget to drink water and like I do like I know drinking water is healthy but I just forget so maybe like just bring around like a water bottle wherever you go I don't know whatever helps you okay so those are the ten healthy suggestions that I have for you and I hope you enjoyed the video and find it helpful in some way