11 June 2019

10 Healthy Food Swaps – How to Choose Better Alternatives

Check out my latest video "10 Healthy Food Swaps – How to Choose Better Alternatives." I give you better options for Salt, Pasta, Sugar, Butter, Beef, Chocolate, ...


[Music] up everyone today's video I'm gonna talk about how to swap out those things that are not good for you and choose better alternatives small changes can make a big difference so let's get started number one a simple one is what you drink getting rid of sodas fruit juice and anything with lots of calories and sugar switch to water you know how important water is for hydration if you really need to drink something with taste add a lemon or look for a healthy flavor additive that doesn't have sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin number two we place table salt with Himalayan salt table saw has no minerals can cause high blood pressure and iodine is artificially added while Himalayan saw retains all its essential minerals and electrolytes promotes healthy pH levels in your body contains natural iodine is a good source of magnesium and helps regulate blood sugar levels and just healthier overall number three replace white rice or pasta with brown why it doesn't have much nutritional value needs B vitamins added to provide any nutrition Brown has a lot of nutritional value and is a whole grain

number four replace regular butter or margarine with organic grass-fed butter or ghee butter is basically just milk fat also known as butter fat grass-fed butter contains five times more CLA than butter from grain fed cows butter from grass-fed cows is also much higher in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin k2 number five grass-fed beef anything grass-fed like yogurt milk etc is going to be better grass-fed beef contains B and b12 and beta-carotene rich in improved fatty acids and antioxidants and reduced fat content compared to green fed cattle grass-fed milk has ala in CLA contains more vitamins and beta-carotene and lower ratios of omega-6 to omega-3 fats compared to regular milk number six replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate dark chocolate has fewer carbs half the sugar four times the fiber antioxidants and much higher iron levels dark chocolate that contains at least 50% cocoa can help reduce high blood pressure and bad cholesterol number seven replace all-purpose flour with coconut or almond flour half a cup of coconut flour contains less carbs 24 grams of fiber

compared to one and a half for all-purpose flour it has double the protein in a tea less calories almond flour is incredibly nutritious and provides many potential health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease and improve blood sugar control if you're looking for a low carb flour that's rich in nutrients almond flour is also a great choice number eight we place cooking oils like corn canola vegetable and Pina with avocado virgin coconut or extra virgin olive oil some say canola oil is healthy but most canola crops are genetically modified to improve oil quality and increase plant tolerance to herbicides avocado oil is rich in oleic acid a very healthy fat almost 70% of avocado oil consists a heart-healthy oleic acid a mono saturated omega-9 fatty acid this fatty acid is also the main component of olive oil and believed to be partly responsible for its health benefits number 9 replace regular peanut butter with natural peanut butter natural peanut butter usually contains just one or two ingredients peanuts and salt and you can get salt free conventional peanut butter

includes sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil to ensure that its consistency is not affected by time or temperature so needless to say switch to natural and make sure you check the label that it only has one or two ingredients and last one number ten we placed table sugar with raw honey stevia or coconut sugar refined sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets which are processed to extract the sugar most of the processed foods we eat add calories and sugar with little nutritional value raw honey is a true superfood and one of the best natural sweeteners is packed with enzymes antioxidants iron zinc potassium calcium phosphorus vitamin b6 riboflavin and niacin together these essential nutrients help to neutralize free radicals while promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract stevia supports healthy blood sugar levels and prompts weight loss it's more than 200 times as sweet as sugar it has zero calories zero carbs and none of the nasty side effects of artificial sweeteners making it an ideal natural sweetener it can have an aftertaste though coconut sugar has a low glycemic load and rich mineral

content packed with polyphenols iron zinc calcium potassium antioxidants phosphorus and other phytonutrients so that's it hopefully now you know how to swap out those things that are not good for you and choose better alternatives so don't forget to subscribe like and hit the notification bell so you know where the next video is coming out also please share this with your friends I'm ray Vasquez thanks again for watching